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Hose Connection Diameters

Thanks for the quick response. What is the size of the hose connection? and hose size? Kevin

The suction hose you use, that doesn't come with it, fits into a 1-1/2" diameter opening on the separator. The separator comes with a short intake hose that connects to a 1-1/2" intake on a vacuum system.

Separate Lightweight Material?

I am currently attached to dry industrial system. My drop is 2" pipe with flow rate and static suction that are 2-3 times the power of what is measured on a nice, high-powered 6.5hp shop vac, over 180 cfm (flow rate) with static suction somewhere in the 5 in Hg range. Will this separate lighter materials(wire ends, zip ties)? Kevin

Yes, it separates everything from water, tissues, wires and sand.


Physically how large is the unit? Thanks, Doug

Hi Doug, the unit is just over a foot wide and two feet tall. Thanks for asking.

Vacuum Fireplace?

Can this be used to vacuum out a fireplace (cool ashes, of course)...?

Yes, assuming the coals are cold you can use this separator for the fire place.

Workshop, Woodshop, Dust Collection System?

Does anyone ever use a central vac as part of a workshop dust collection system? It would probably work with a dust/chip extractor

Hi, you can use this debris separator to catch the majority of debris and not fill up your vacuum unit. The central vacuum system makes a wonderful workshop vacuum, especially disposable bag type units made by M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. such as SilentMaster.

Cinder Stop or 115SS

Thank you for your answer. I am ready to buy but confused between the models available (115CS or 115SS) I would like to get the squeeggee nozzle for water and make sure that I get all I need for mopping water. Please advise Thanks Yves Duboin

Hello Yves, the CinderStop comes with a lot of extras and the ones you are looking for. The extra hoses are nice too because you don't have to dirty your regular vacuum hose. The 115SS is a better quality, larger bucket and has wheels but comes with nothing other than a short hose to connect to your wall port. You have to use your regular hose or buy a new Basic Hose to use with it and we don't sell the squeegee separately.

Vacuum Water?

can you vacuum water without damaging the central unit? Yves

Hello Yves, yes you can vacuum water with the product without any damage to the vacuum.

Capacity and Internal Filtration

What is it's capacity and does it have an internal filter system?

Hello, the capacity is around 3 gallons and no it does not have an internal filter system. We do have a product called Cinder Stop . It has a smaller capacity, but also has really good filters.

Work with My System?

Will this work with any central vac system?

Yes, this will work with any central vacuum system!