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Pullman 3000 Circuit Board Replacement

Hi there, we have a pullman 3000 installed in our house which we're having a few issues with. I have opened it up & found corroded joints & a blown capacitor in the circuit board. There are no ident numbers on the board for me to order a replacement. I was hoping I would be able to purchase a replacement, can you please advise if you are able to supply this part?

Unfortunately, we do not have cross-reference information available for Pullman 3000 central vacuum systems. You may view our generic circuit boards by clicking of the following link: Generic Central Vacuum Circuit Board Options. Please note that the mini-breaker and low voltage connection tower come with nuts that screw down and secure the board to the outside of the vacuum tank. If these two holes do not align with holes on the vacuum tank a new hole will have to be made.

Replacement Bag For Pullman BIV-105?

I need replacement bags for a Pullman model BIV-105. TX John


Pullman Holt filtration is typically a center weighted cloth filter and a plastic collection bag. Since Pullman no longer produces central vacuums or filtration, we recommend cleaning or washing the cloth filter, being sure it is completely dry before installation. Instead of the plastic bag you can use this elastic top paper bag. It fits like the plastic bag and works just as well.

Bang Unit to Start it - Bad Motor?

Would you have a motor for model number BIV102 ball bearing motor serial number 7178 amp13 volts 115. We have to bang it to start it. Thank you

Yes, we have the motor on this page under the part number It is the complete motor and new. If you have to bang the unit to start it then the motor needs to be replaced.

Electric Nozzle Replacement Needed

I have a Pullman central vacuum and I need an electric beater bar head. Will other brands work,such as Nutone as I like those better. Thanks.

Most likely there are brushes that fit your wand and electrical connection. Note one of them is unique to the brand. Other brands may have been used and can be. There are a few styles and most are represented here If you send a photo of the nozzle and hose connection, and the cord end we can certainly give you your options.

Pullman Never Clog Vacuum Parts

Hi - I have a Pullman BIV Never Clog. I believe it was put into the house in the early '80s and it still works great. I would like to buy a new hose and also need a new hard floor attachment. Do you have parts that will work for me?

We have a lot of options for you. Full hose and tool kits, accessories and more. They are all compatible with your Pullman. Let us know if you have questions. You can get started here

Filter Type?

We just purchased the home and found we have a have a BIV 205.P2. and when i looked in the canister i found a plastic bag (like a trash bag). there must be some paper filter bag or something in there rather than a plastic bag. Can you help? Bob

Hi, the filter used in the Pullman is a center weighted cloth filter that hangs down when not in use. Sometimes there was a plastic bag at the bottom to make emptying easier, but that is not necessary. If your unit is 14 inches wide you can use this filter:

Which Motor is Replacement?

I'm the second owner of a house with a built in pullman vaccuum. The motor is starting to fail (brushes no longer make good contact). How do I find out what I need for a motor. Is there any numbering on the outside of the vaccuum (didn't see any) and if not, will I find what I need on the motor itself when I take it out? Thanks.

Hello, here is a link to our Pullman help page and it has a list of the models and the motors that go in them. Look near the minibreaker for a plate with the model number on it. Also, you can take a look at your motor and compare it with the photographs of the replacements on the Pullman motor section. It will be obvious which it is.

Pullman Model 95 Replacement Motor

Can you replace my Pullman vacuum cleaner motor BIV 95; serial number 427; 115 volt; 6.4 amps; 1 hp? It is a ball-bearing motor.

Yes, we are sure we have the motor you need. Please call us when you are near it so we can ask the right questions to find the right motor.

Replacing Pullman Canister Unit

I just moved into my father in laws home and he has a Pullman BIV30 vacuum for the house. The motor is not sucking like it did 40 years ago. I want to replace it without having to change the piping in the house. Michael New Jersey

Hello Michael, we have a full line of vacuum units that fit right into your existing pipe system. You can start reading about them here They are available through dealers here

Pullman Model 108 Maintenance, Accessories

We inherited a Pullman BIV 108 and not sure about how to maintain the unit. The suction is just ok. We have very old hoses, etc. and probably ought to upgrade the hoses and attachments. Our home is about 3,000 sq. ft and we have combo hardwood floors, area rugs and some wall to wall in the bedrooms. I would appreciate recommendations on how to optimize the machine as well as equipment attachment recommendations. Thanks!

Hello, congratulations on the vacuum. Assuming it is installed in the home already, all the maintenance required is dropping the bottom of it and emtying it. Then shaking the center weighted filter with a plastic bag over it. Yes, a new hose and tool kit will give you a much better performance and a new electric kit will clean the carpet better then ever before. Use the help here and call us if you have questions: If you want to test the system use this guide

Better Filter?

looking for a replacement "never clog" filter for my pullman BIV105??

Hello, we don't know about a perfect filter but we do sell a great replacement here

Replace Vacuum Unit

I have a Pullman Holt 105 2hp central vac. The unit just stopped working and I was looking to replace it. I have learned here that they no longer make these units. What do you recommend as the system is installed throughout the house or are they all made to standard size? Jennifer Great Neck, NY

Hello Jennifer, they are all standard size so you can replace the unit with another brand such as SilentMaster or you can replace the motor in yours. Give us a toll-free call so we can give you your choices.

New Kit for Pullman

Imagine my surprise when I discovered our up-north vacation place has an older Pullman Power Brush Central Vac system installed! The base unit seems fine, but power brush, hose, & attachments appear "tired." I've tried to research on-line when I get home (3 hours away) and keep coming back to The Stealth on your website. How can I be sure to order the correct item? What is your return policy if I were to order the wrong item? Also, our place is closed up for the (Michigan) winter. Should I wait to order until spring when I can test immediately upon receipt?

The Stealth will make all the difference in vacuuming with your Pullman. You have standard inlets so you need a 'corded' Stealth Kit. There is no shipping and a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee (you pay the shipping back). Order the kit when you have that 30 day window open.

Replace BIV 205

I have a Pullman Holt Model BIV 205 Central Vacuum about 15 years old. I want to replace the Power Unit. The product code is;B205200. Do you sell such a unit, what is the cost?

Your model had lots of good CFM, or air flow. We recommend another dual motor system but one that is quieter and has better filtration. The best replacement would be the SilentMaster S2, in our opinion. Please click on the dealer locator on the top of this page and use your zip code to contact a dealer for a price.