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No Suction, How to Unclog.

We have a pullman holt built in central vacuum cleaning system. It has been in the house for 28 years and used to work fine. Now it has little to no suction either in the house of the unit in the garage. Do the pipes under the house need to be cleaned out? If so how do we do that? What other suggestions do you have. We need advise. Thanks.

Please use this troubleshooting guide and pay attention to #3 for solutions to clean out the pipes. First check the intake on the vacuum tank. Many times the clog is there. Let us know how it goes!

New to Central Vac

We moved into a new house with Central Vac Pullman BIV-105. The previous owner left no manuel for it. Does this vac need bags and filter. If so, which ones? We also need a wand for it. We have the nozzel attachment for it. Thank you

Hi, congratulations on the home and central vacuum. Your unit has a permanent center-weighted cloth filter. The bottom of the unit detaches. Empty the bucket and then take a plastic bag and shake cloth filter out while in the unit. Use this guide to do a run through the system We have general wands here but suggest a new air powered or electric powered complete hose and tool kit. They are all directly compatible with your system. Start here to discover what is best for your home and pocket book Let us know if you need more help.

Plastic Bag for Pullman BIV

I am looking for BIV105 or BIV95 bags for our central vacuum system. We used to sell Pullman central vacuum sytems in the seventies

Pullman Holt no longer makes central vacuums or bags, but don't worry. The plastic bag was only there to lessen the mess of emptying it. The bag is not required. If you want to fit a bag of some sort you can but we suggest not using a bag except when emptying. Use a bag to wrap around the unit to clean the filter and to put the receptacle in to dump it.

Sparking Motor

It won't turn on until I tap it. It then sometimes will come to life, other times it will just spark out of the top of the motor. Does this mean I need a new motor or can I take it apart and clean it? If it can be taken apart where do I find detailed instructions? Thank You Stacey Vassar, MI

Hello Stacey, those are the sign of a motor that must be replaced. Once they start that then their life is used up. We have motors ready to ship today.