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JB90R Pullman Vacuum Motor

hi... eric here in vancouver, b.c. my Pullman model jb90r series r13687 115 volt 60 hz 7.3 amps motor needs to be replaced.. could someone help me with that part...thanks

We don't have a cross reference for that model but they basically only used the motors on this page You can match the look and dimensions up and find it easily, or you can reply to us with a photo of the motor.

Filter Change and Maintenance

I have purchased a house with a pullman 3000, I have no instruction manual and don,t know how to empty the unit or check the filter, could you please help with this information. My name is Jill and I live in Mildura in Victoria Australia. Thank you.

Congratulations on the home and central vacuum. There is a filtration note on this Pullman webpage. They no longer make vacuums but we can support you. There is also helpful information on the page as to maintenance and the like.

Parts Needs for Pullman Vac

I have 24 townhouses built in the 90's and each has a central vacuum system marked as Pullman 1500 - Australian made. Any ideas as to the manufacturer? I am seeking a source of advice and spare parts.

Pullman has been out business, from our understanding, for years. Nevertheless, the system, apart from some unique parts on the tank, is completely universal. Motors, valves, electronics, hose, accessories are all available or upgradable. What specific questions do you have? Feel free to write back or give us a call at 800-997-2278.

Lid Gasket Needed

Cliff Appleton, Wi. I think we need a new gasket for the lid of our old Pullman. Replaced the motor many years ago. Sure cleaned up a lot of 'dirt" in our house! Where can I buy one?

Pullman is out of business and we don't know what product is best for a gasket replacement. Do you think some door weather stripping would work? The gasket we use on our top emptying units is here if that helps

Pullman Parts

I have a IV103 system proably purchased in the 80'S It came with the house. I am needing parts The elastic plastic liner and also the hose and cleaning attachment for carpet and hardwoods. Can you help me Am listing all info found on outside of canister. Ball bearing motor - IV103 - Ser-892 Volts 115 60HZ amps-13 Elec inp - 2hp. Can you help me??

Replacement parts for the Pullman systems have not been made in over a decade. For the tools and accessories inside the home, replacement is the only option. Take a look at your options here,

Pullman Accessories

sorry i asked a question earlier and didnt put my email address , i am looking for cleaning heads to fit my biv as the ones i have now just keep falling off and dont seem to belong to this cleaner , edna , tuncurry

It is possible that they don't belong to the system. Over the years it's common for owners to use whatever is around. We do have compatible parts for you system. All of our extension wands, tools and brushes are compatible with a diameter of 1.25". Take a look at your options here

Pullman BIV105 Motors

We have a Pullman BIV 105 - very very noisy - we use it very seldom - it is hung in prime real estate in our home cellar and I am thinking if we are to use it more/keep it here, we ought to consider whether a new motor owuld make the difference - and at what price

If the motors are going out, then new ones may reduce the noise. But central vacuums use very high-powered motors, and at about 19,000 rpm they will generate considerable sound new and old. If you need to reduce the noise, you may want to consider replacing your outdated vacuum with a newer SilentMaster. This line of vacuum comes with sound-dampening material inside that reduce the noise considerably, down to conversation level! Talk to a local dealer for options at

Pullman With No Power

My Pullman central suddenly stopped working there is a hum but no action.

Disconnect the motor wires from the circuit board or relay and connect directly to a 110volt power source. If the motors turn on, then the relay or circuit board need to be replaced. If the motors do not turn on, then the motors need to be replaced.

Cloth Filter

I need a 16" cloth filter bag for my Pullman BIV-102. Thanks.

Hi, we don't know where to get these large diameter cloth filters, but we hope to come across them for customers like you.

Pullman Maid Service Parts

My home has a Pullman Maid Service: Model JB-90. I am looking for replacement Rubber Gaskets and Filters, can you help?

Hi, please call us for direction on obtaining these parts.

Pullman Vacuum Filtration

I bought a home with a Pullman BIV 105 central vac and need help replacing the bag as no instructions were left behind. I think I know how to place the elastic around the bottom of the tank and close the lid, but I have no idea how to replace a metal piece that goes on top of the cloth filter. Does it simply float inside the filter or is there a way to attach it? Many thanks for any assistance as my wife and I have one heckuva mess in light of the fact the previous owners apparently did not change the bag for years and when I opened the canister, the bag was not properly installed and I dust all over my basement. Happy holidays from Gettysburg, PA. Frank

Hi Frank, take the center-weighted cloth filter out to see how to attach the metal part. To remove the filter grab a top side and pull inward flexing the outer rim in so it falls down. You can replace that with another 14 diameter one here: You don't have to use the plastic bags in the bucket if you just want to dump the bucket into a trash bag instead. Hope that helps and we hope you have a really good hose and brush for the carpet. Our electric kits fit right into your system and work fabulously. Check them out here:

Need Bags

I have a Pullman BIV 105 and need new bags. Do you carry a bag that will fit this unit? Thank you David Ellis

Hi, the Pullman system has an inverted permanent cloth filter. There where some that used plastic bags as a bottom liner to make dumping easier. That are not necessary and really any plastic bag can be used. Hope that helps.

Filter Type?

We just purchased the home and found we have a have a BIV 205.P2. and when i looked in the canister i found a plastic bag (like a trash bag). there must be some paper filter bag or something in there rather than a plastic bag. Can you help? Bob

Hi, the filter used in the Pullman is a center weighted cloth filter that hangs down when not in use. Sometimes there was a plastic bag at the bottom to make emptying easier, but that is not necessary. If your unit is 14 inches wide you can use this filter:

Turning On/Off is Messed Up

Hi- we have a Pullman B.I.V that was already installed in the house we bought. I don't see a model number. The problem we are having now is that it won't go on when we plug the hose into the wall. We found that if we unplug the unit from the outlet (near the canister on the wall) then plug it back in, then the vac will work. We have to do that each time we want to use the vac. Is that a motor problem? A relay problem? Or should we just give up on it and get a new system? Thank you, Donna, Hatfield

Hi Donna, first use this to find the exact problem and then call us for further help

Complete Upgrade to System

We installed this vacuum in 1974, and it needs upgrading. We need new wall units, hose etc.

Hi, good news is that this is possible. Start with the inlets at the wall. Read the text here and pick your new faceplates Now based on your flooring you can choose ANY complete kit and it will fit right in. Start here for that: Did you want to replace the vacuum canister in the garage or basement? Please call for information on that and we will get you one that hooks right up.

When to Empty

Pullman 105 BIV. How do you know when it's time to empty it. carla, providence

Hello, you should empty it about every three months or so. It is a timing issue, you just have to remember.

Emptying and Connection

I have a pullman BIV 105 that was already in the house we bought it. How do you empty the system, from the top or the bottom? Also, what the connection with a spring door on its side for? It looks like the connections found on the wall of the individual rooms in which the hose is connected to use the vacuum? Carla, Providence RI

Hello, the Pullman drops the bottom down to empty. Wrap a trash bag over the bottom and grab the weighted cloth filter to shake it out. The connection on the side for the hose is for use at the unit.

Low Suction

I have a pullman biv 105 that was put in so long ago i have forgotten when, but know it's been over 20-yrs. my problem is, there is really low suction, the motor still seams as loud as it has always been today i took it apart but could not see anything wrong have you had any other complaints about low suction, but still a strong motor, exust air is still very strong !! note**all hoses and pipe lines ar clear. the utility inlet valve also is low suction. help ! my wife loves her biv , i need to get it fixed.

Be sure you go through all these steps at Also, take your inverted bag out and see if there is a clog above it just below the motor. Try running the unit without the bag to see what the suction is.

Need Relay

Do you have the low voltage relay or one that will work for the Pullman Holt BIV-105 Central Vacuum? All I have is the unit itself with a cord coming from the unit and missing the low voltage relay. Thanks, Ron

We have relays, transformers, and circuit boards that you may be able to work with.


What sort of periodic maintenance should I be doing on my Pullman BIV 105?

Really simple. Dump your debris and shake the cloth filter out (put a trash bag over the unit before you do this!). That is it.

Pullman Plastic Bags?

I need Plastic replacement bags for my Pullman built-in vacuum system. Do you have these or where can I find them in 02067? Thanks

Pullman Holt no longer makes central vacuums or the bags, but don't worry. The bag was only in there to lessen the mess of emptying it. The bag is not required. If you want to fit a bag of some sort into it you can but we suggest not using a bag except when emptying. Use a bag to wrap around the unit to clean the filter and to put the receptacle in to dump it.