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Color Availability

What colour(s)is this product available in? No colour is mentioned. Lori Bradford

The hose hanger comes in light grey only.

Pointy Part

what is the pointy thing below the hose holder for ?

Great question. We actually don't use it for anything at this time so we don't have a really good answer for you!

Made by Hayden?

Our holder we're trying to replace is made by Hayden and is part #5005. Is yours a Hayden part and does it have a part #?

Hi, this part is made by them and is the most popular hose hanger https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=408NNL

Hold 50-foot hose?

will this hold a 50 foot hose?

Good question. This hanger is optimal for a 30-35 foot hose. If it is hung higher, the 50-foot hose can be hung with the same number of loops and be fine, otherwise it will be difficult keeping the new hose on this hanger.


what are the dimensions of this? specifically front to back?

Thanks for asking. This hose hanger is 6-5/8 wide, 6-1/4 tall (back side), and 4-1/8 deep (from back to front plastic outer edges).

Made of What?

What is the hanger made of?