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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums Q&A

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Questions & Answers

40ft Hose by Two 20ft

If I need two 20ft. hoses, could I cut one 40ft. hose and add hose ends? Do you sell the ends? Mike in Tempe

Hello Mike, the only hose you can do that with is the Basic Hose and you can find the hose coupler in the Parts/Hose Parts section under Products.

Beam Compatible?

I have the Beam vacuum cleaner system does it fit this power outlet?

Yes, the Quick Clean Kit fits perfectly into all Beam Central Vacuum System wall vacuum inlets.

Beater Brush?

Thanks for the info on the Electrolux compatibility. I was wondering if you might sell a "quick clean" hose (of short length, any brand) that would have a beater brush on it. I could install the appropriate inlet in my mud room area and splice it into my electrolux pipes and electricity in the basement for that and only use it there. I installed my central vac when I built the house and I would imagine that the 110 volts would work for any brand. The idea of vacuuming up the dirt as it enters the house will keep it from spreading. I would appreciate any ideas! Thanks, Dana

Hello Dana, great ideas and all very doable. T into the existing pipe and low voltage wire bringing it to a SuperValve and then tie it into electrical as well. Then you can use the EdgeLift or Stealth (with correct extension wands) and a short electrical hose. We sell 15ft versions and a 30ft that comes apart at 20ft. It would be best if you'd call us for details and help deciding the best route to go on the hose, etc.

Brand Compatibility

I have an older VacuMaid unit (D110). Will this fit the outlets? Thanks.

The hose will fit any inlet 1.5" in diameter opening for the hose.

Broan Compatible?

We have Broan Central Cleaning System. Model #CV30, Volts - 120, Hz - 60, Amps - 11.0. Previous owner did not leave us any hoses nor any attachments. Will Quick Clean Kit fit our system? Sincerely, Vaida, Palos Park, IL

Hello Vailda, the Quick Clean Kit will fit and if you have inlet faceplates that are square or wider than tall you will also need this part It is pushed on to the wall end of the Stretch Hose.

Budd Compatible?

I have a Budd vacuum. Will the quick clean kit work with that brand

Hello, typically Budd central vacuum has smaller 1-1/4" diameter inlets so you'd need to buy this part and insert it into the Stretch Hose end. That will work fine! Enjoy!

Compatible Inlets

I have a new installation in an existing kitchen, what inlet would you recommend from your stock that is compatible? I actually plan on installing under the floor cabinet through the toe kick.

Hi, hoping we understand your question correctly, you are asking what inlet you should put in so you can use the Quick Clean Kit. That answer is simple. Use any tall rectangle shaped inlet here along with backing plate #517. You can put that on it's side, down low, or up high. If you have more questions please let us know.

Difference Between 410Q and 410QP?

what is the difference between the Quick Clean Kit and the Quick Clean Kit for pets? Can I groom my dog with it?

No, we do not recommend that you groom your pet with the floor attachement included in the Quick Clean Kit For Pets (#410QP). The floor attachment in this kit makes it easier for your to vacuum up pet hair from your floors due it's "castle cut" design bristles. You can use our Pet Shet Eliminator Kit (#410SE) which combines central vacuum suction and professional tools to groom your pet with NO MESS.

Electrolux Outlets Compatible?

Will the Stretch Hose fit my Electrolux outlets?

Hi, yes, the Stretch Hose and Quick Clean Kit will fit all Electrolux central vacuum wall outlets. They are standard inlets as in nearly all other brand installations.

Fasco Compatible?

I have a fasco central vac, will this hose fit my inlets and will it automatically turn on when plugged in? Mainly I want to use it for vacuuming out the lint trap of my clothes dryer and I actually only need a 10 foot hose, but if this works with my system I will get it as it looks like it will come in handy for touch ups. Also how much does this hose weigh?

Hello, yes this working fine with your Fasco and the wall inlets and would be perfect for vacuuming the lint trap on the dryer.

For Regular Carpets?

Is this Quick Clean Kit (Part #410Q) good for the regular carpet cleaning or it only good for small area cleaning? Thank you. Sincerely yours, Grace Lee

We don't suggest using this for regular vacuuming of carpets. Use an electric or non-electric vacuum kit, they have a beater brush for excellent grooming. The Quick Clean Kit has no beater brush.

Galaxy Compatible?

I have a Galaxy GA-100. Is the Quick Clean Kit compatible? Al, Williamsburg, MI

Yes, the Stretch Hose and Quick Clean Kits are compatible with all Galaxy Systems.

Hardwood Floors? Attach to Current Hose?

Do you recommend Quick Clean brush for hardwood floors? Also, can the Q C hose be attached to the normal 20 foot hose if needed, or it needs to go directly in the wall recepticle? Thank You, Marica

Hello Marica, yes you can certainly use it for hardwood floors. You can also attach it to the end of your current hose to make a very long hose when needed! Great questions.

Hayden 110 volt Inlets Compatible?

I have an 8 year old hayden central vac system with inlets that are electrical. Will the stretch hose for sure work with this? It's hard for me to tell from the picture how it will start the suction. Also, will the Hayden accessories, e.g. crevice cleaner, upholstery brush, also work with this hose? My biggest complaint with the central vac system is carrying the heavy 35-ft. hose around (3 floors to vacuum). Thanks! Joanne

Hi Joanne, excellent questions. Yes, the Stretch Hose will fit right into the electrified inlet but will not be using the electric connection holes above or below the main suction hole. As soon as the Stretch Hose is inserted into the inlet the metal ring on the hose end will touch the little contacts inside the suction hole and start the suction. For those whose suction starts when the lid is lifted it will work fine as well. The Stretch Hose will not work with your electric attachment for the carpet but will work with all your other attachments such as dusting brush, wands, hard floor tools, etc. You may want to pick up a new wand such as two plastic ones (#406P) or a telescopic one (#406T).

Hoover Compatible?

This sounds like a lifesaver. Will it fit my Hoover Model S5630 (399A)?

Hi, yes, the Stretch Hose fits all Hoover Central Vacuum Systems. In fact, it fits all central vacuum systems. There are a couple that need an adapter such as Budd, Kenmore, and some Nutone. The adapter tab makes on the Stretch Hose page makes it all easy to figure out, but for your Hoover there are no connection issues at all.

Hoover Compatible?

does this brush work in a hoover model f5865-900?

Yes, the Quick Clean Kit fits all Hoover Central Vacuum wall inlets.

Hose Sock for Stretch Hose

Does the hose have a sock on it to protect my walls at the corners? Denise in Baltimore

Hi, there is not a sock for the stretch hose because there are no socks that scretch. The hose is not very long so you will not be going around many corners. A stretch hose different it that is expands as you go, you are not dragging a hose.

Hose Sold Seperately?

Is the Quick Clean Kit compatable with any beater brush sold seperatly? If it is which one? Thanks. Lynn Middletown

Hello Lynn, yes the hose is sold separately here It is compatible with all vacuum attachments so long as they don't have an electrical cord. The hose is best for infrequent use and can get really loud when stretched (depending on the suction of your system).

Hose Weighs 5lbs.

How much does the Stretch Hose weigh?

Hi, the Stretch Hose only weighs 5 pounds.

How Suction Starts with no On-Off Switch

I have a BEAM Serenity 2250 central vac system. I am interested in the 6' stretch hose and quick clean kit #410Q. First of all, will this work with my system? Secondly, the hose information does not indicate that the hose comes with an on/off switch. Therefore, how is the power turned on when using the stretch hose?

Yes, the Quick Clean Kit is compatible with all Beam systems. The hose starts the vacuum as soon as it inserted into the wall valve. The metal around the hose end triggers the contacts inside the wall valve. Pull the hose out of the valve and the suction stops. The Stretch Hose cannot be used with an electric brush, only none electric attachments. The two prongs are for electricity in electrified hoses and have nothing to do with the suction turning on. Look inside the main hole on your wall valve. You will see two tiny metal contact points at the top or bottom. When touched together the suction starts. The electrified hose keeps those contacts apart via a wire that runs to the hose handle switch, but the Stretch hose causes them to touch upon insertion and the suction starts right away.

Is Brush the Deluxe 402D?

Is the brush on the Quick Clean Kit the same as the 12" horsehair brush that is sold as a separate product? If not, what are the differences?

Yes, the brush in the kit is the same high quality and highly rated #402D Deluxe 12 floor brush.

Kenmore Compatible?

Will it fit on older Kenmore Central Vac (model 116.4053280)? Mary / Westford, VT

Hello Mary, Kenmore central vacs had both 1.5 diameter wall inlet holes and 1.25 . If yours are 1.5 then it fits. If it is the smaller size ten you need this to put into the end of the hose and it will fit perfectly. Enjoy!

Longer Stretch Hose

Is there a way to connect 2 stretch hoses together so you can have it longer? Help! We have one stretch hose already plus 2 more hoses for the interior, which we would prefer not getting "that" dirty in the garage. There are a lot of us out there with 3 car garages. Any chance of getting the hose "Guru's" to invent a 40-50 foot stretch hose, or is that too much of a "stretch"?

Good humor. But you really ought to buy a 50ft Basic Hose. It is of much higher quality than the stretch hose - especially for garages. You can easily cut the 50ft hose to the exact length you want and reattach the hose end.

Longer, or Two Linked?

Can two of the stretch hoses be linked to make a longer more relaxed hose? Will the hose fit a vac-u-flo and/or an electrolux central system?

The Stretch Hose should not be longer or linked because it will decrease the suction. Though the hose is very convenient for quick clean ups, it has a lot of air turbulence internally and the longer it is the less the air flows. Can you put two together? Yes, but the suction will be weaker. Too weak? That depends on the vacuum model you have. A Vacuflo has a lot of waterlift or sealed suction so it will do better then units with lower sealed suction. The Electrolux has less of this suction then Vacuflo so it will not perform as well. What is it you are going to vacuum? If you plan on using an air powered carpet nozzle with spinning brush, do NOT use any Stretch Hose. This hose is best for quick clean ups on hard surfaces.

Need Replacement Handle for Stretch Hose

The plastic hose end of my quick clean hose has broken. Can I replace just that part or do I need to get a whole new hose? Thanks! Rebecca