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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums Q&A

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Nutone Compatibility

This would be wonderful for my entryway and laudry room. Will this hose work with my NuTone Model VX550 system or do I need the adaptor and do I need the kit or will the attachments that came with my system work? Judging from some of the other Q/A, I think I will be okay, but I just want to be sure. Thank you. Mary, Champaign, IL

The hose will work with all industry standard inlets. If you have the Nutone inlets that measure 3" by 3.5" square inlets, then it will not work as they are a different size. No adapters are available due to the type of material the body of the hose is constructed with.

Nutone Compatible?

I have a Nutone system in the house we just moved into and this product looks great. Will it fit in my wall sockets? I have the approx. 3"x5" rectangular ones with a flip cover. Thanks. Asheesh -Chicago-

Hi Asheesh, congratulations on the new home and the central vac - which is the only way to clean! Yes, your Nutone system has the standard size inlet so the Quick Clean Kit will fit right in and work perfectly for those quick clean-ups. There are some Nutone inlets that are a little wider then they are tall which need an adapter for the Stretch Hose. That adapter is here and is pushed onto the end of the hose

Nutone Compatible?

Would the Quick Clean Kit work on Nutone Model 350? It seems as if it might. thanks jwn

Hi, yes it does fit, only look at the Nutone adapter, that some homes need, depending if a certain style wall plate was installed in your home. Click here to see the adapter and the type of wall plate

Nutone Compatible?

Hi I want the stretch hose and the flexible crevice tool---I bought my replacement unit from you within the last year, but I have nutone outlets. PLease advise!! Cindy

Cindy, if you have square Nutone inlets then you need this adapter that slides over the wall end of the Stretch Hose If you have taller rectangle inlets then you don't need any adapters.

Nutone Compatible?

will this kit work with my nutone central vaccum cu353w without any additional attachment. amy columbus ohio

Hi Amy, if your inlets are tall rectangles then this fits right in but if they are a bit wider then tall you will need this adaptor Just push the entire adaptor on to the end of the Stretch Hose.

Nutone Compatible? CentraMop too?

I have a Nutone Central Vacuum model # CV 450W with a 30' hose that contains electric wires. Will the Quick Clean Kit work in my wall's vacuum outlets? Is the CentraMop Vacuum Accessory Part # 402CM compatible with my hose? Thank you. Nancy Litchfield

Hello Nancy, yes, the Quick Clean Kit will fit your vacuum ports and the CentraMop will fit all the hoses you will have.

On - Off Swith Version?

Glenn Luse, Williamsport, PA Do you have anything like this with an on/off switch?

Hi, sorry, no one has invented the stretch hose with on/off switch yet. The one we offer is worth the convenience, even without the switch, though.

Original Hose has on/off Switch

Hi, I have a flo-master where you have to turn the hose on and off on the wand - will this quick clean kit work for my system? Thanks, Nadine, Boston

Hi, yes this will work. When you plug it into the inlet it will start automatically. There is a metal ring all the way around the hose end that makes contact with the two small metal balls just inside the inlet hole at the top or bottom. The kit is really useful.

Pet Grooming Brush for Stretch Hose?

Do you have or know of a small pet (dog) attachment that can be used with the stretch hose?

Hi, the PetVac tool comes with a hose but the tool can be used with your stretch hose. We have other tools linked from this page as well that fit the vacuum hose If you are using a central vacuum you will have to "bleed" off some of the suction by opening another valve a bit or something like that.

Ports with Electricity

Add'l question to my inquiry about the Nutone Model CV 450W central vacuum with 30' hose that contains electric wires. I want to be sure that the Quick Clean Kit will operate if I connect it directly into my wall ports. I'm not looking to connect it to my 30' hose. Does your Quick Clean Kit come with electric wires in the hose? I'm unsure as to what the difference between hoses with electric wires and those without. Nancy in Litchfield

Hello Nancy, the Stretch Hose fits into all electric style vacuum ports and its metal band engages the two small metal nipples with the main vacuum hole, thus turning on the suction. There is not any connection made with the two holes for electricity because it is not needed to run the suction for the Quick Clean Kit.

RittenHouse House Keeper Compatible?

Is this compatible with Housekeeper (by Rittenhouse)?

Yes, the Quick Clean Kits are compatible with your, and all, Rittenhouse Central Vacuum Systems. Thanks for asking.

Safe for Existing Home Installation Inlets?

Is this hose compatible with an AirVac system? Also, does the hose place a significant amount of stress on the inlets as it stretches. My system was installed in the house post construction and the inlets are not nailed to the studs. I just want to make sure it will not rip the inlets out of the sheetrock! Thanks, Billy - NY

Yes, the Stretch Hose fits all AirVac Systems. Inlets installed after the home was built are more than sturdy enough to handle this hose. Several of the employees here have the same set up and there are no issues whatsoever. AirVac inlets are the same universal inlets and backing plates we use.

Second Accessory Set

I have a Beam central vacuum system, I am interested in the Quick clean hose and attachment kit for my downstairs which is tile and wood. My current vacuum has an on/off switch does this have a switch or does it go on when plugged in? I would like to keep my current vacuum upstairs where there is carpeting, could you recommend the best attachment for the vacuum for pet hair? Thank you! Jennifer Meehan

Hi Jennifer, yes, this will be perfect for your ideas. The brush that comes with it great for pet hair removal of hard floor surfaces. If you are looking for removal from fabric furniture then also get the Lint Brush #403LB. All these vacuum parts with with all Beam Central Vacuums as well as 99% of all the other brands. Enjoy!

SilentMaster? Bird Cage? Kitchen? Daily Use?

I have a silent master, will it work with that? Plus, I need to use it daily to clean small messes around a bird cage and was thinking of getting a smaller hand held model, except now that I have seen this, it might be a better bet. I am having to keep my huge hose out to do quick kitchen clean ups. Will this be able to do the job as well? Kitchen Floor as well. Thanks AH NY

Yes, this fits all SilentMaster vacuums. If fits ALL vacuums without any adapters if the wall inlet hole is about 1-1/2" diameter. And yes, use around the bird cage and kitchen on a daily basis is a perfect fit for the Stretch Hose or Quick Clean Kit.

Size and Length of Hose

Your product shows a 6' - 22' stretch hose. When I go to order, all I see is a 9' - 27' hose. Are both available?

Hello, we get this hose from various vendors and right now it is longer. In the future in will be shorter. If it is too long for your needs you can unscrew an end and cut the hose.

Slinky Type?

Our vacuum guy told us we needed a "slinky" type hose for easy clean and storage. Is the quick clean kit the same? We have a hayden unit.

Hello, yes the hose is just like a slinky . This hose and the attachments fit your Hayden Vacuum System, as well as 99% of all other systems.

Small Accessories Fit?

Can you attach the small Beam brushes to the Quick Clean for inside the car Sandra.....Waterloo Ontario

Hello, if the accessories fit your Beam hose then they will fit the Stretch Hose perfectly.

Stealth II Compatible?

Will this hose work with the Stealth II accessories and system?

Hi, yes, the Stretch Hose and Kits will work with all vacuum systems that have Stealth vacuums, any version.

Stretch Hose Fit Accessories

I have a fasco unit. Will this hose fit my horse hair brush? Also will this hose fit the rugrat head. I want to buy that for stairs and use this hose.

Yes, the Stretch Hose will fit the tools you have and any sold on Enjoy!

Suction Not Coming On

the suction does not come on when I plug the hose into the system. am i doing something wrong- no instructions cane with the stretch hose. thank you. margaret in maine

Assuming your system is not an AirForce system (see label on main unit), be sure you are inserting the hose far enough into the valve so that the metal ring is making contact with the metal nubs inside. If you have Vacuflo, Vacumaid, or Nutone you may have one of their odd sized valves and we have adapters for them. Please call us.

Suction Starts when Inserted into Wall?

I have a Beam system with the on/off switch at the end of the hose before the wand. Will this hose turn on the system as soon as it is plugged into the wall recepticle?

Yes, the suction will start when the hose is inserted and stop when taken out.

Use as Extension?

I was wondering if this can be used as an extension for a vacu-maid unit? I'd like to add it to the end of my 30 footer for use with my non-power head. Steve Park City

Hello Steve, your metal hose end will fit into the wall end of the Stretch Hose so you can use it as an extension hose for your central vacuum. However, it would be best used infrequently. If you want a more permanent long-term fix then buy a longer hose which is available here. But if you need it just to get one area of your home then go for it.

Use Wand with other Hoses?

Can I use the wand from this QC hose on my regular long hose? My current plastic one is broken and I need to replace it, so I'm thinking while I'm at it I could get this handy-sounding QC set and use the new wand on both.

Hi, yes, this wand will be compatible with 99% of hoses out there in use with central vacuums.

Vacuflo Compatible?

is the hose compatible with vac-u-flo outlets and attatchments. joe green ohio

Good Morning JoeYes, this hose is compatible with your Vacuflo Inlet Valves.

Vacuflo Compatible?

I have a Vacuflo system. Will your stretch hose fit that system and wall unit?

Our 7-30 foot long Stretch Hose fits all Vacuflo inlets without any adapter. When this hose is sold out we are going to carry a smaller Stretch Hose that will need an adapter to fit the proprietary 4940 Vacuflo inlets. The adpater is called the Nutone adapter here