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Quick Clean Kit for Central Vacuums Q&A

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Vacuflo Compatible? Work without Electricity?

I have a Vacuflow system that is now 21 years old. The inlets are not electrified but the system is turned on when the inlet is opened. Will this hose work without the electricity?

Hi, the Stretch Hose doesn't need electricity. For inlets that start when opened this hose works fine. The issue with some Vacuflo systems is these type of inlets are a tad narrower so the hose will not go in far. On the adapters page, when viewing the Stretch Hose, you will find a Nutone adapter. Use this adapter for Vacuflo inlets that start when opened.

Vacuflo Proprietary Inlets?

I'm sorry, could you clarify what the proprietary 4940 Vacuflo inlets are? Is this the inlet out in the garage that comes off the canister where you can plug in the hose? When I open that inlet the unit automatically starts without the hose in it, unlike the inlets in the house (I have to attach the hose first for unit to turn on).

The proprietary inlets refer only to the Vacuflo inlets in the home. You know you have them for a couple of reasons. The hose end that plugs into them has two metal numbs that stick out and plug into two holes above the main suction hole. These inlets do not always start when the door is opened before the hose is inserted. They also have the number 4940 on the proprietary inlets. If you have these inlets then you need the Vacuflo/Nutone adapter which will allow you to use the Stretch Hose.

Weight of Hose

hello, could you please tell me how much just the hose weighs? thanks

Hello, the Stretch Hose alone weighs 5 lbs.

What size inlets?

What size of the wall outlets (inlets) fit this Quick Clean Kit? Thank you.

This kit fits all standard inlets (about 99% of all systems). Standard inlets have a 1-7/16 to 1-1/2 inch diameter hole.

Work with My Inlets?

I have a Signature 500 system. Will the stretch hose work with my wall outlets? Thank you, Sally from New London, NH

Hi Sally, yes the Stretch Hose will fit directly into your inlets. Signature used the standard inlets, the kind you can see here They are 1-1/2 inches in diameter for the hose connection.

Work with Powered Inlets?

I have the Electrolux powered outlets. Will this hose work with that?

Hello, yes the Stretch Hose works with all powered inlets - all inlets that have 110 volts (though it doesn't utilize that voltage) and all non-voltage inlets. The two tiny metal contacts inside the larger hole are triggered to turn the suction on.