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Alutron LV 9 Compatible?

Will this fob work with an Alutron LV 9? Thanks! Karen, Douglasville

The LV 9 and LV 11 are not compatible. But instead of replacing only the remote clicker you can buy the complete kit and it will work fine. Plug in a new receiver, connect the low voltage wires at the unit, and then you'll be back up running again using a key fob.

RFX Witeless 169 Compatible?

I have a AirVac ARV7500 (two years old). The remote button that I glued to the hose handle has fallen apart. We have to manually turn the unit on & off. I had written down the following: RFX Witeless 169 - Key Fob 1969. Will your "Remote Clicker Key Fob" work on my model? Do I need those numbers to program your "Remote Clicker Key Fob"?

This is not compatible and as far as we know nothing is. However, you can buy the entire wireless kit here and make it work with your system. It is our part #145.

What is the Cost?

I have this exact clicker and it is not working. The new battery didn't help either. I have to manually plug in and unlpug the vacuum now for it to work. I have a vacu-maid system. Should I buy another one of these and can I program it myself? How much does it cost? Nancy in Hopewell


Hi, they are quite expensive but can be programmed. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=145KT.

Megacode Compatible?

I have an AirVac system that is about 13 years old. The button on the remote clicker has worn out, Basically, it fell apart. The receiover is a Megacode Radio Receiver. It has a program button on it. I noticed that this clicker will search codes on a receiver and will program. If I bought this clicker, could I program it to the Megacode receiver?

Sorry, but this will not work with your Megacode remote.