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Available Filters For Electrolux E130G

Electrolux E130G. Can a different type of filter be used, like one used for the Hayden?

We carry two filters for Electrolux Model E130G: 6" x 6" Foam Filter #730EXF and 8" x 7" Ridged Foam Filter #730EXFL.

CentraLux E130J Compatible?

will this fit a centralux model E130J

Yes, this filter fits the E130J.

Electrolux E130G Filter?

Is this the proper filter for E130g What Are the spec's

According to http://builtinvacuum.com/help/electrolux/motor.html your unit takes this larger filter or the smaller 6x6 inch. By determining the size of your last filter you will know the proper replacement. One is 6" wide, the other 8" wide.

Electrolux Filter

Will this filter fit an Electrolux Model E130A or should I order the smaller 6x6 foam filter? There is a pleated paper filter in the unit now. Barb, Garnavillo

The filter you need depends on the length of the central post inside the vacuum. You will need to measure it and choose the appropiate size.

Electrolux filters

Do we only wash the exterior of the E130J or do we also wash the filter's central cylinder? Is there a user manual for my central vac and from where can I download it ? Thank you. Jean Lafontaine email: emcs.jean@videotron.ca

The foam filters can be brushes clean, washing can damage the spaces inside the filter. They should be replaced when they get too clogged. You can try to locate the user manual from the manufacturer.

Filter Retainer Available?

Can I purchase the tightener that holds the filter in place? This is all I need. Dave

Actually we do not sell the retainer. You can buy a wide washer and wingnut from a hardware store to try to replace it.

How to Wash

How do we wash the filter.

You can use soap of any kid and water. Rinse and air dry completely.

Instead of 6x6?

I have an Electrolux 1590. The motor number in the unit is Lamb 6765-07. Can this filter (#730EXFL 8"x7") be used for that model and motor number? Most importantly, would there be any problem in using the larger filter in this unit? The machine was in the house when I bought it and the original filter seemed more consistant with your #730EXF filter, the 6"x6". Also, I would like to confirm the correct replacement motor. Thanks.

You should use the 6x6 inch filter since that is what the unit was designed for. The correct motor replacement is http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=199.

Machine Washable?

what cycle should I use in the washing machine to wash it?

Typically these are only hand washed. If you'd like to try the washing machine you may at your own risk. Use the delicate setting.

Paper Version Replacement?

I have a Centralux E130A. Is this the filter that I use? The one that is in it is paper but looks similar.

Yes, the foam replaces the paper version. Thank you for asking.