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Replacement Brush Roller

Hi MD, I have had the Stealth for 8 years now. The unit has held up well. I am thinking about replacing the roller. Does the replacement roller have a different brush height?

The height is the same, but you may notice a difference in the brush length from the older one. Over the years, the ends of the brush bristles can get worn down.

PB130 Needed

The Vac Shop which was located in our area (03581) has recently closed. We need part #PB130 for our Stealth powerhead. Can we get this part directly from you. Thanks for your help. Andrea

You can purchase the #PB130 part from us directly.

Stealth Intermittent Power

My Stealth head works intermittently (suction is always good). It stops when I turn it to some angles. It only runs continuously if I keep it in an almost upright position. Is there a short in the wiring that would cause this --- or??? J.Friday

Most likely you have a broken wire in the neck that only connects at certain angles. Replacing the neck should solve the issue.

Stealth Shaft

How can we purchase part #PB130 (brush shaft with insert) for our Stealth powerbrush? Thanks for any help you can give me. Andrea, Berlin, NH

You can purchase the part from the website here Just click Add To Cart.

Replace Honeywell BM1393 or Fix?

I own a honeywell BM1393 type A power brush. The brush has started working for a few seconds and stops until you lift up the rear until the wheel are off the floor. Any suggestions?

Sounds like the cog on the motor is sheared off and you'll need another brush. We suggest a new complete electric kit because the BM1393 (same as Beam Rugmaster) is outdated technology and very expensive for what it is. A new kit will fit directly into your system as is and work very well. Start here for a new kit

Replace BM1393

Question: Currently I own a Frigidaire Gallery Electric Powerbrush, Model BM1393. When using the powerbrush it's "bouncing" on the carpet regardless of the heighth and/or density. Brushes are spinning and there seems to be plenty of suction but it's not picking up the pile; which to me says it's not doing a good job of cleaning. Our central vac system is about 4 year old - is it time for a new powerbrush? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you for your time and response. Pam, Madera CA

Hi, we do recommend a new power brush and hose kit such as Stealth or BlackHawk. The bouncing shows the brush is getting old. The replacement we have for you includes the entire kit and can be found here:

Stops Immediately

I have a Stealth 14" electric power brush vacuum head. Today, we noticed that the beater brush only comes on for about 3 seconds and then shuts off. I cleaned out all the dust and hair around it I could find but it still stops spinning after about three seconds. The green light on the top switches to red when the spinning stops. Any suggestions? Thanks! Kevin, Fort Mill SC

If the red light stays on then lift out the roller opposite the belt and pull the metal end off and clean it there. If the red light stays off, no lights on, then there is an electrical issue.

Replace Patton Central Vacuum Brush Nozzle?

I have an eight year old Patton central vacuum system which came with two electric carpet brushes, household type BM 1 193B. The motor on one died and the local dealer sold me a BM1393 type A-1 as a replacement, which has now also died. What do you carry that is a good/better/best replacement, preferably without having to replace hoses etc. Eric, Flat Rock, NC

Hello Eric, the best thing to do is call us when you are at home. These electric older systems have several ways to connect to power and it is best to go over that together. We help a lot of homeowners figure these complicated issues out and get them the product they need. We'll simply provide your options.

When to Replace

I own the Silent Master model S2 with the Stealth power head. I am sure when I first used it years ago, the roller would acutually pull across the carpet on it's own. Do I need a new brush roller? How do i know when I would need to replace the brush roller? My parts list says roller # PB 12e. Thank you, Linda Bremerton, WA

Hello Linda, here is a photo of the Stealth Brush. It should be replaced when the brushes are worn.

For All Stealths?

Is this the correct roller brush replacement for ALL power heads that have "stealth" written on them ?? My model is "PB 14E

Hello, no, this one is for the type that doesn't slide in and out of the brush head. But the ones that say Stealth on them don't slide in and out. If ours does please let us know.

Work with Frigidaire?

Can I use this replacement roller for a Frigidaire Gallery Electric Powerbrush. These are the numbers on the bottom of the power tool. BM1193B E10071 8379 Thank you for your assistance. Mary

Sorry, that will not work. Please call us for more help.

Replace White Part of Roller End

I have the same question that was asked by Jackie Fredericks. There is a white, round plastic piece that has a pin that goes into it that goes onto one end of the rod. I am looking for a replacement for this round white plastic piece. Thank You, Seth Blackford.