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Round Dusting Brush Q&A

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Surface Use

Is this suitable for Piano surface? Thanks. Anthony. Parsippany,NJ

The soft bristles should perform well on your piano.

Button-lock Hole?

My black n decker 200W vacuum cleaner has buttons and holes to connect all parts. Does this brush have a hole in it???! I couldn't see one in the picture. Vyvienne Dublin

The Round Dusting Brush does not have a hole for button-lock hoses; however, it will fit onto the hose end. You will just need to push down on the button for it to stay snug in place, and when you want to take it off just slightly twist and pull the dusting brush off.

Does The Brush Fit Canister Vacuums?

Does this fit Miele canister? What is the diameter of the brush? and length of the hairs? Elaine, Richmond

All of our products are designed to fit central vacuum units and hoses. The dust brush will fit any wand that is 1.25 inches in diameter. The hairs are about 1.5 inches long.

Nutone Compatible?

will this brush fit a Nutone system? patti, naples

Yes, it will fit all Nutone Central Vacuum Systems.

Oreck Compatible?

can this fit on Oreck hose? measures 1 3/16 " O.D.

That sounds really close, too close actually. The plastic on the brush gives a bit, buy maybe not enough. Too bad we can't test it!

Fit Beam?

THE beam catalog only mentions square brushes for upholstery and blinds. will your brushes fit my Model BM1393.

Hi, yes, all our tools fit your Beam BM1393 vacuum hose.

Fit TurboCat Hose?

Will this attach to my TurboCat T-210 attachment kit/hose? Thanks Ann- Bartlett Il

Hi Ann, yes this and all the accessories will fit all hoses that work with the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom nozzle.

Fit Kenmore?

will it attach to the kenmore modle 116.347204400

Hi, yes this brush and all our accessories fit your Kenmore and all Kenmore Central Vacuums.

Fit Galaxie?

Will this fit with a vacuum Galaxie system?

Hello, yes this fits the Galaxie system.

Work with Beam Vacuum?

Will this work on a Beam central vac system? thanks..

Hi, yes this will work with all Beam Central Vacuums.

Horse Hair?

Are the bristle horsehair? And will the brush fit a hose end that is 1 1/2 inchs OD? Thanks, Dave

Hello Dave, yes it is horse hair and yes it is 1.5 diameter.


Can this attach to my 353 Nutone? Thanks, Barbara, La Conner, WA

Hello Barbara, central vacuum canisters and the hose that is used inside are not a matched pair. Any standard hose can be used with any system. Yours is standard so this and the other accessories will fit your central vacuum hose.

Soft Plastic?

My original horse hair bush is made from a soft, flexible plastic or vinyl that provides both a tight fit to the Nutone central vacuum hose and is very forgiving of furniture and floors if accidentally dropped. How about this one?

Yes, this plastic is soft. There are firmer and softer ones than this but it is considered soft.

Horse Hair?

Is this brush made of horse hair?

Yes, it is made of trimmed hair from horses.

Fit Canister or Portable Vacuum?

Can this brush attach to a Kenmore upright Grab 'n Go Pro vacuum?

Yes, if the male end of your vacuum is round and 1-1/4 diameter.