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Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Airflo Compatible?

Will this fit the airflo model CFM -2. The metal wand the brush would attach to has raised rings that the old brush would secure to so it would not fall off. It would all you to rotate the head to get into hard to reach place. Renee

Good Day Renee, Thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing! This tool is "friction fit" and will fit all plastic/metal wands that measure 1.25" in diameter.

Beam Compatible?

Will this tool fit on a Beam central vacuum system?

Hello, yes this tool work great with all Beam systems.

Best for Carpet?

Crystal, Somerset Can you recommend the correct attachment for carper cleaning...I have a Brute Cleaning System and my home is fully carpeted...I already have the hose with only the nozzle, I'm not sure which attachement would be best and most convenient...please help....

Hello Crystal, we highly recommend an electric attachment kit such as the Stealth or EdgeLift. It fits right into your system and cleans so well that you will never look back. Start here or give us a call, we are ready to assist you

Canister Compatible?

does this work with Kenmore Magic Blue 24195 Canister Cleaner??

Yes, this is compatible with your canister vacuum, as is all our tools. As long as the outer diameter of the part it is connecting to is 1-1/8 to 1-1/4" outer diameter you are good to go.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Will it work on my Kenmore Magic Blue Canister Vacuum, Mfr Model#24195 Metal Wand that has a metal button to press when changing cleaning heads?

Yes, this works great with canister vacuums, as well as with all the hard floors tools on this website. Depress your button lock with inserting. It will hold in place perfectly even though the tool doesn't have a hole for the button.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

will this item fit a kenmore 25513 progressive canister vacuum. thanks

Yes, this tool fits 99% of canisters.

Come in Black?

I need to replace a worn combo tool that came with my Broan accessory kit 15 years ago. The old one is black. Does the new one come in black?

Sorry this is not available in black.

Electrolux Aerus Centralux Hose Compatible?

i have a electrolux model 1561 and was wandering if this is the proper attachment, we have just purchased a house with this vac system in and are missing all attachments except for the hose please advise

Yes, it will work as long as your hose doesn't say Electrolux on it. If it does, you are stuck with contacting them and using their tools only. We highly suggest buying any new tool kit sold here. The new kit will fit your vacuum wall inlets perfectly.

Electrolux Compatible?

Will this fit the 2100 electrolux floor & rug

This tool may fit but you'll need this adapter if your setup requires a snap in connection The adapter allows the connection to be a proper friction only connection.

Fit My System?

Will this fit my Fasco central vac system hose?

It fits all systems except for most Electrolux.

Fit My Vacuum System?

will this work with my soluvac

Yes, this fits all systems except some Electrolux and Hoover central vacuums.

Fit My Vacuum?

Will it fit in my silent master built-in vacuum cleaning system?

Yes, it fits all vacuums, even portables, except no Electrolux vacuums.

Good for Wool Carpets?

Is this good for wool carpets? I need something without a beater brush and something that won't increase the piling.

Hi, I would use this The wheels allow you to glide easier and not over agitate the carpet.

Husky Compatible?

Will fit a 6 gallon Husky.

Yes, this will fit your Husky.

Is the Wheeled Version Better?

What is the intended purpose and what would be gained by using the wheeled version? Scott Colorado Springs, CO

It is more a matter of preference. Some users prefer the way the floor brush moves with wheels attached and others feel that the movement is sufficient without wheels on the floor brush.

Low Voltage Hose Compatible?

will this work with a low voltage friction fit hose?

Yes it is made to fit the Basic, Low Voltage, and Electric Hoses.


what is the neck diameter. please specify inner or outer diameter thank you

I.D. 1-1/4 O.D. 1-9/16

Nutone Compatible?

I have a NuTone Central Vac. Model CV450C. My wand end has a metal push button release where this combo tool attaches to it. I checked the picture and I do not see a hole in the combo tool to accommodate the push button. Will this tool fit my wand? Tim In Nipigon, Ontario, Canada........Thanks

Hello Tim. No, our this tool is "friction fit". Chances are that this tool will fall off your button lock wand. You can purchase standard friction fit wands for $4.00 a piece by clicking here which will allow you to use this Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool. Please feel free to contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Pick Up Hair on Carpet?

Does the Rug and Floor Central Vac combo tool work with the AirVac525A central vacuum system. My old tool is okay on the floors but does not pick up dog hair and such on my rugs Thanks Carmen

Hi Carmen, this brush will not effectively groom your carpet. It has no beater brush, nothing spins in it. It will fit your system though. These products will also fit right in and actually groom your carpets,440. We highly suggest using one of them. If you want to spend the big bucks, your system will also support any of our complete electric grooming kits. They clean the best.

Replace Wheeled Brush?

I hv a Astro Vac ( central-vac) and the brush w/ wheels is damaged. Do you recommend this to be a good replacement. victor-orangeburg,ny.

Hi, you may want to use this popular wheeled brush, it is better.

Replacement Bristles?

What about a replacement Bristle assembly? It's not reasonable to replace the entire Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool Part#409 when the issue is simply that the bristles are worn down. The Combo Tool is easily dis-assembled and replacement of the Bristle assembly would be about a 3 minute procedure. IE: We don't replace automobiles simply because the ash trays are full. Tom in Salt Lake City.

Tom, we agree, the parts for this would be good to have but the overseas manufacturer doesn't provide them to any vacuum reseller.

Replacement Lint Pads?

Can the red lint brush pads be purchased separately?

Sorry they are not available. You may want to try sticker felt from a hardware store.

Shag Carpet Tool Available?

I need something to work better on Shag carpet. The air powered head does okay but doesn't get deep down. I need something that sort of rakes the carpet to get into the fibers. Is this a good product for that?

The shag carpet tool that we offer works excellent and can be seen here, . This tool has the carpet rakes needed for shag carpets.

Shag Rug Tool?

I need a vac head that can be used on a shag rug. Its dense, with different fiber kinds of fiber. I need a carpet head without brushes.

The best tool for shag carpet is our Rug Tool with Tines (Item #402P). You may view this tool here: Item #402P.

Shop Vac Compatible?

Will this work with the plastic wand from a shop vac?

Hello, this is not compatible. Shop Vac's have a much larger diameter connection. Please try WalMart in the hardware department.