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Hose Needed Too? Kit Available?

We have the Eureka Powerhead E1383 and need to replace it. I see you recommend the Rugmaster, as we also need a new hose is there a kit available?

The Eureka/Rugmaster vacuum head is quite dated and there have been other heads such at the Ace (by Panasonic) that work better and last just as long. The Stealth (by Lindhaus in Italy) is the king of cleaning and longevity. Since you need a hose as well, you have the option of buying any of complete kit. They are 100% compatible with your vacuum system, tank, wall outlets, etc. Take a moment to look at your options here. You save money buying a complete kit and you get a lot of new accessories as well. Having said that, if you want to stick with the Eureka, they buy this hose, wand, and the head replacement here,482,406ST. If you have any questions please let us know.

BM1393 Replacement

My Beam Rugmaster Plus model#BM1393 works for a while then shuts off and only hear air, no suction. After it sits for awhile it turns on again and works. Service people said it's the hose and to get a new one. Noticed today after vacuuming for about ten minutes that the roller on the left was very hot while the roller on the right was cool. Do you think it's the hose or maybe the Rugmaster that needs replacing? It's 12 years old. Thank you. Kathy, Rocky Hill

The vacuum head needs to be replaced not the hose. The motor is about dead and overheating. With the age of the unit we suggest replacing the entire head. We have the replacement here

Beam Power Head Model No.1240 BE

I have a Beam Power head Model No.1240 BE. The motor is bad so I believe it is time to replace the head. It has already been converted to a 2 pin head when the hose went bad.What head to I need to replace? Steve from Jefferson City, Mo.

The power brush link on this page has the Rugmaster replacement. You'll need that replacement or upgrade to a new complete hose and tool kit. Let us know if you have any questions.

Fasco Master Vac 860EB Replacement?

I have a Master Vac II by Fasco (Head Model No. 860EB) will this head fit this unit. If not do you have one that will?

The neck on this brush fit a 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" metal tube. There should be a nipple lock on the metal tube. The cord on this brush ends in two pins (not two slats). If that works for you then this is a great replacement brush.

Brush Roll Replacement?

I have a Beam Rugmaster beater bar. E1362. Serial # 9926003111. The brush is worn out. Would you know where I could get a replacement?

We sell a lot of parts to vacuums but don't know where to find the brush roll for this part. Sorry.

Eureka Model E1383 Replacement

I am searching for a replacement for my Eureka Model E1383 power vacuum head (2-pin direct connect). Any suggestions? Thanks! Jamie in Peapack

The Rugmaster product on this page should be a fit. It is a Eureka product, just take a close look at the cord end. It is two pins but the shape may be different, if that matters.

SA 2DDD Vacuum Head Replacement

Hi: I have a Smart Advantage head Model SA 2DDD that is the original Beam Condo Vac. It suddenly just stopped working. What would the replacement head be for this. It is electric with cord. I am Judy, from Canada

Smart is made by Eureka/Electrolux and the one replacement we have is called Rugmaster on this page. Be sure to read about the cord type. We have other options on that page too but please call us so we get you the right one for your hose.

Replace BM 1372

I have a Beam central vac system in my house that I installed in 1992. Over the years, I have had repairs made to most parts in the system. Now the power head (Model BM 1372) doesn't work and, rather than fix it, I'd like to replace it with a new one that would interchange. The hose is fine, but what power head would you recommend? Tom Poundstone Hoschton, Ga.

We have a solution for you but it would be best if you called in because there are a couple differences the brush had that can make a replacement difference. One issue is whether the cord has two or three prongs.

RugMaster Melted - Replacements Needed

I have a Beam RugMaster Plus and my plug into the handle caught on fire and melted. How can I get cord replaced on the unit? James Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

You should replace the cord and hose handle connection (comes as a complete wiring harness). To get parts that fit your setup you should go through a good dealer at Most likely they will only want to sell you the entire kit or hose and brush. Our parts will not fit perfectly with your setup unless you also replace the hose handle carcass (it does fit your hose). Ultimately, we suggest replacing the brush, wand, and handle carcass for a good upgrade. The parts you'd need from us are,406HSP,406SU,352GH

Beam 192 Compatible Carpet Brush

i have a beam central vac - model 192 - serial - 8840689 - need power head

We have a selection of carpet brushes compatible with Beam systems. You can find both air-powered and electric carpet brushes here, Air-powered brushes fit any attachment tube with a 1.25" diameter. Electric brushes connect with a standard 2-pin connection to the hose.

Beam Brush Diagram

Kevin from Bellingham, WA asks: Is there a procedure or a diagram available for how to get the brush roller out of the Beam Advocate AP900 head so I can replace the belt? Thanks in advance, and regards.

For a diagram specific to your Beam Advocate brush, try the Beam website at

Beam Replacement Kits

We have a Beam Central vacuum Model number199F Serial NO.10014133302 on canister. Need to replace hose And Rug master plus vacuum wand. Hose number AB27 Wand Number BM1393 Can you tell me the model numbers I need to order Thank You Arnold

To replace all those parts, we recommend just going with a kit. When all the parts are included, there are no concerns for compatibility between the different pieces. Take a look at your options here,

Beam Replacement Brush

I have a Beam Serenity Plus SP800 powerhead that needs to be replaced. Where can I find that part? Raleigh, NC

We don't stock that powerhead. Any of our brushes will be a great replacement for your current Beam brush. Take a look to compare here,

Rugmaster Replacement

I have a Beam 199D with a Rugmaster 1372AA. I recently replaced the roller brush, now the motor starts and stops when vacuuming. Do I need to replace the powerhead motor? If so, where? Or do I need to replace the entire unit. Thank you

At this point it would be best to just replace the brush with a new one. You can keep replacing parts or pay a repairman to fix it for you, but in the end it may cost you less to just replace the whole thing.

Beam Advocate AP900 Making Noise

I have a beam advocate ap-900 that makes a horrible noise when being used. Its about 5 years old. Used only on a small carpet and hardwood floor. thanks

You could have a belt that is skipping, or bad bearings in the brush roller. Take a look at the belt for wear marks or frayed sections.

Rugmaster Upgrade Replacement

I have a Beam RugMaster Plus BM1393 (9yrs old), 2 prong plug, round pipe end.....what would be a replacement or upgrade that is compatible - would like to just purchase the replacement power brush - was never really happy with performance...Stan, Hartford CT

For the best performance, take a look at our Stealth brush at This brush comes with the highest quality construction and is circuit board controlled for extra protection. This also comes with a telescoping wand to adjust to the perfect height for every use.

Replacement Beam Carpet Brush

I have a central vacuum SMART model, came with Beam Model E1Z40FB, 120VAC electric powerhead (2 pin); I need only a new electric powerhead and wonder which one is comparable or closest to mine. Ilike the on/off swtch on the powerhead also. I would like it to be an indentical fit as the one we have bought. Give me your price deivered to Edmonton, Alberta total taxes and shipping and all. Thanks, Steve

The closest to what you have, with the power button on the brush, would be the BlackHawk Shipping cost with taxes is live-updated at checkout prior to payment, just click on the Canada Checkout Only option in the shopping cart.

Rugmaster Replacement For Low Shag

I have a RugMaster Plus power head on my vac system. I recently installed new carpet that is like a low shag. The power head that I have (Model # BM 1393) will not move forward in the carpet. I was told that I need to purchase a new kit (hose and powerhead). What do you recommend? Will the RugMaster Vacuum Replacement Part #482 work with my system?

You would be happier with a brush that has height adjustment. We offer two that will work with your system, the Stealth and the Ace. You can compare both here,

Beam AP900 Replacement

I have a Beam model AP900 and I am in need of a replacement carpet attachment Model AP900. Pat Annessa 703-898-3368

This should work fine you. Compare the 2 prong cord end to be sure it will match to your hose correctly to be sure.

Vacuum Head Replacement

need replacement powerhead Sweep and Groom Model Number E 1386 for Eureka CV1801 G

This is the Eureka/Beam/Rugmaster replacement. Please not the cord end though for compatibility. If you have a three pin they are no longer supported. The shape of the two pin cord end is beveled or tapered. This on is beveled, which matters if you are going to put it into where a tapered one fits. Last straw can be removing the cord from the old head and putting it into the new head.

RugMaster Plus 045-322

Hi-I have a Beam RugMasterPlus Electric Brush, Model 045-322 which I purchased in 1998. Would your Rugmaster Vacuum Replacement work with my system? Thanks Deb from Buffalo, NY

The replacement brush will connect to the metal tubes but the question is the cord end. Ours is two pin and has a particular shaped end. Three pin are no longer supported, but you could remove the two pin cord and put in your cord and be up and running for sure.

Smart SA2000 Neck

I have a Smart Advantage powerbrush SA2000 used in a Beam central vac system. The joint/elbow is now broken. Can I use this as a replacement unit? Thanks. Albert - Vancouver, Canada.

Most likely it is a Beam product so finding a "RugMaster" neck should work. In fact that brush is also a Eureka. Look in your area in Canada for vacuum providers and you should find it. Try the other websites as well.

3 Prong Cord

I have a Beam rugmaster from 1996. It has the 3 prong system. Must I purchase a complete hose for connection? Lynda, St. Marys

The three prong is obsolete. What do you need to replace? The hose or the vacuum head? If the hose then buy our Electric Hose for Beam, it has the proper adapters. If the head brush then replace the hose as well by buying a complete new electric kit such as Stealth or Ace - they but fit into your system as is.

Beam 371, Shipping to Canada

I have a central vacuum Beam model 371 i bought in 1992; I need only a new electric powerhead and wonder which one is comparable or closest to mine. Ilike the on/off swtch on the powerhead also. I would like it to be an indentical fit as the one we have is still like new and has been indispensible since we bought it. Give me your price deivered to sarnia ontario total taxes and shipping and all. Thanks; dan.

We have the replacement vacuum head here We also have very good shipping into Canada via UPS with all the fees paid up front, guaranteed. But you'll need to load the product into the cart, choose the last option which is Canada Only, type in your complete address, and then see the inclusive price. May seem like too much work but we promise you will be happily surprised.

Beam Replacement Hose

Marsha, Norwalk I purchased my Beam central vac in 1996 and will be needing to replace the hose. How do I know which one is for my vac. I was told the model # is 012004 and the style is Rugmaster. Thank you.

Replacement hoses for Beam systems can be ordered viewed and ordered from here, We stock both electric, low voltage, and basic hoses for whatever need you may have.

Neck Replacement?

Hi I have a BM1393 power head which looks the same as the rugmaster 482 and the Plastic "T" neck broke at the swivel where the Steel handle inserts into the power head, where can I get that part as the rest of the power head works fine. Steve in southern MN

We don't sell that part or know if it is available; but would love get you into a new power brush. If you can't find that part elsewhere please let us know.

Thick Pile Carpet Issues

I recently installed new carpet with a thick pile. My 12 year old Beam power head gets bogged down in it unless I lower the handle close to the floor. It acts like the automatically adjusting height feature cannot accommodate the longer, thicker pile. Any suggestions? We have a Beam electric powerhead, but it is difficult to push over our new carpet and sounds like it is having to work hard to beat the longer pile. What can we do to improve Beam central vacuuum's performance? Thanks! Linda from Dallas, TX

Linda, be sure you know what the carpet manufacturer recommends cleaning with as well. If a rotating brush is allowed then you will most likely need to buy a new vacuum and possibly a new hose too, all in a complete kit. The highest adjusting vacuum is the Ace and it comes alone or in a complete kit. Please call us if you have any questions.

Replace the Main Unit?

This a follow-up to my original question; You state "without changing a thing to our system", yet you list the entire system I will have to replace. What's left after "new hose, wands, and vacuum"? Does 'vacuum' mean the system in the basement? Also, our house is mostly hardwood floors, with throw rugs. Would a 'vacuum' rug power head be a more cost efficient option vs the electric power head? Thanks Rich~Haddam, CT

Thanks Rich, let us clarify. Your main unit, pipes and inlets are all fine and do not need replacing. Our recommendation is to replace the hose and accessories with a kit. Because your home has so few carpets you should consider saving money with a "air" or "vacuum" powered kit. You can compare them here. Only the first three have a rotating brush for the carpet.

Upgrade to Electric Brush and Hose

I have a Beam Central Vac Sys., model 2100A, approx 7 years old, but do not have a rug power head and would like to add one to my vac. What is required to accomplish this? Thanks Rich ~ Haddam, CT

Hi Rich, you can certainly upgrade to an Electric Kit without changing a thing on your system. All our Electric Kits are compatible. You will need a new hose, wands, and vacuum so you might as well save money and get some extras in a complete kit. Here are some basic answers for how it works And then you can choose from any of these kits Let us know if you have any questions.

Vibra Groomer III

I have a 15 year old Eureka Boss Central Vacuum CV 1801 A. I need to replace the electric power carpet attachment called the Vibra groomer III. Will this item replace that item effectively? Will it fit my old wands and hose? Will the electric cord slide into the slot on my old hose? My old model does have the pigtail to connect to power for the carpet attachment. It is not direct connect.

Hello, the vacuum to hose connection usually has a 3-prong fit. This is an obsolete vacuum and hose. The three prong connection has been out of use for some time now. Sorry to say, for your pocket book, that you need a new hose and tool set. But on the flip side we are happy to tell you that you will have more power with the new product and your home should be cleaner then ever. Take a look at the kits available for your system that will plug right in a work. Be sure to be the pigtail corded version of any electric vacuum accessory kit.

Beam Rug-Master Belt

I have the Beam Rug Master Plus central vac system. I need a belt for it and can't seem to be able to find it. I think it is a E51550 series . Where can I get one. Thanks Gloria Johnson, St Paul, MN

We have the Rug-Master and belt replacement here,48201.