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Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Beam Solaire Compatibility

I purchased a RugRat and when it arrived, it won't fit the end of my vacuum hose. I have a Beam Solaire system inside the house. The end of my hose is oval shaped and the end of the RugRat is round. This is advertised to fit any system -- is there an adapter? Thanks.

Unfortunately, you have a proprietary system that can only use tools from Beam designed specifically for your hose and no other. There are a limited number of systems such as yours that are designed to not fit any other company's products. For all standard sized vacuum systems, our tools will fit fine. A standard system uses all round connections.

Double Brush Row?

I need a double row brush roll for the RugRat. Is there a double-row brush roll available?

Sorry, that is not available at this time.

Jammed, Not Spinning

our rugrat suddenly stopped working. we have taken it apart but can not find a reason why it suddenly is not spinning - suction has not changed, belt not broken, gear spins, only single crack in one of the turbine blades (but not bad) ... it just suddenly won't go. Any suggestions?

Hi, if you cannot turn it by hand then something is jammed in the belt/cogs or in the turbine.

Electric Version Available?

Is the electric version available yet? Will it be good for removing pet hair from upholstery?

Hi, the electric one is due here the end of this month (August 2009). We will send an informational email out at that time and it will be featured on our homepage. It is awesome, it cleans pet hair off furniture better then anything we have seen. And it is incredible quiet and gets into a lot of tight spaces.

Replacement RugRat?

I would like a replacement Rugrat for my Vacuflo model 560 please help. Thanks,

Hi, this RugRat here is the correct replacement.

Great for Cars...Not Long Carpet

I have this unit and it worked well until I had new shaggier carpet installed. I have also been looking for an electric one. Please put my email address on your list. BTW, this unit works wonders on my cars carpets. Thanks. Rob in Bismarck

Hi, hopefully in Summer 2009 we will have the small electric brush. You will need an electric hose to operate it though unless you want to use your hose and a long extension cord. Stay tuned....

Electric Version? Pet Hair?

Please let me know when you get this in an electric version. Will this be a good tool for removing pet hair from soft upholstery or would you recommend something different?

Hi, we are hoping for the electric version by mid-2009. Yes it will be really good for hair on soft upholstery.

Electric Version?

Please contact me when you have an electric version of the rugrat! When do you think this will be coming out? Also..will the electric version fit a NuTone central vac?

Hi, yes there will be an electric version. We have manufacturers working on it now. We expect it by the first of the year 2009. It will fit the Electric Hose.

Suction Equals Brush Power

I ordered and received the Rugrat mini vacuum accessory. I was initially disappointed with the unit because the slightest pressure would stop the brush. I learned how to use the unit without stopping the brush and was starting to think that, with limitations, it was a fairly uesful tool. Now the brush will not rotate at all or, if it does, then very slowly. This is with no load on the unit. What do you suggest?

How well the brush works depends directly on the suction available. Please beat out or change your filter and reach up into the vacuum and remove any small secondary filters or scrape any screens clean. This should help a lot. Also, if your hose is 10 years old it needs to be replaced. Tiny air leaks rob the suction. Let us know how it goes.

Electric Version?

i am looking for an electric version of this product.

Hi, there used to be one in our industry years ago. We have been told that a new one is coming out soon though. We have your email and will let you know. If you have more questions please let us know.

Electric Version?


Excellent question. Your timing is good because we will be releasing an electric version in the next few months! We will email you when it comes out.

Purchase Finned Wheel?

Can you purchase the inside finned wheel as mine has pieces chipped off. Ann

Hello. Sorry, but we do not sell that piece separately.

Fit My System? Air Only?

Does this work with any central vac system? Does it use the power supplied by the central vac system, or is it just air driven?

It works with all systems except most Electrolux. Yes, only the air is what powers it to spin.

Replacement Parts?

The plastic bottom plate on my rugrat is broken. Do you have this part available?

We really wish it would be available to us but it is not, sorry.

Replace Roller

I need to purchase the roller mechanism within the Rugrat. It is locked up and will not move at all. Can I buy that part separately?

Many times the brush locks up because of a pepple stuck in the turbine. Please be sure this is not the case by opening the RugRat up. The roller is not available separately, sorry.

Replacement Cover?

the cover came off the end of my rug rat. Do i need to purchase the whole accessory or just that part?? thank you Lynette

We carry the belt and swivel neck for the Rugrat, thats all, sorry.