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Miele Compatible?

Is the deep carpet brush compatible with miele vacuums?

Yes, this fits Miele Vacuum Cleaner wands.

Tool Compatibility

I just bought a long-hair Flokati Shag rug. I have a dyson dc23 vacuum. Are the attachments you recommend (I saw http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=404,402W recommended in an earlier post) compatible with my vacuum? Thanks, Alexa

Our tools are designed and intended for central vacuum systems. However, if the connecting tubes on your vacuum are round, and 1.25" in diameter, then they will be compatible.

Beam Compatible

Does this attachment work with the Beam Butler? Thanks.

This tool will work with any attachment tube with a diameter of 1.25" and round in shape.

Removable Neck

I read in a former post that this tool is packaged in three pieces and needs to be snapped together. Does that mean that the portion of the tube that curves upward is detachable? Please say yes. I have a Rainbow vacuum and love it, but I've been raking 3" long shag, THEN vacuuming it on my hands and knees with the upholstery tool for about a year now. Needless to say, I'm desperately in need of a new back or a shag attachment. If that little curved piece of tubing is optional, then I think this would probably work. ~ Bev - San Diego

The 3-pieces refers to the main brush body, and the two rows of brush tines. The neck is not removable and comes preassembled by the manufacturer. The neck will fit any standard wand and has a 1.25 inch opening.

Shag Carpet Tool

What are the tines made of and how rigid are they? Will this tool leave the raked look after passing over the carpet?

The tines are plastic and faily rigid to help fluff up the long fibers of a shag carpet. If the tool is only dragged across the carpet, it will leave the fibers all facing in one direction.

Pet Hair?

Will this rug attachment work with short haired rugs and pick up the cat and dog hairs? Diane, Rhode Island

This is not a good brush for pet hair. Since you have a short fiber rug the best way to clean it is with an electric carpet brush and hose.

How to Vacuum Long Shag Rugs

can you recommend specific vacuums for long shag rugs? A central vac isn't possible in our apartment? Erin in Los Angeles

You need a vacuum with an attached hose. The best way to vacuum is direct suction to the carpet, not using any vacuum beater brush. Use an attachment such as one of these https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=404,402W or use this long shag brush here. It all depends on the carpet, suction power, strength of the person vacuum, etc.

Dyson Compatible?

We have two gorgeous long shag rugs from West Elm -- love the feel, hate cleaning them. We are thinking about replacing our old hoover with a Dyson vac. Can your shag attachment be used with that manufacturer's vacuums? What would you recommend? A central vac isn't possible in our apartment? Erin in Los Angeles

This product can be used if the wand it attaches to is the standard size. That is a diameter of 1-1/8" to 1-1/4".

Shaw Deep Carpet Care

Hi Im Dennis in Port Alberni British Columbia Canada.....We have just purchased new Shaw carpet 1" deep, have been told ok to use power head but afraid it will start to "fuzz up" if we continue...do you think your shag rug tool #402P? would work??

Dennis, one inch is not too deep and Shaw know what they are talking about. The carpet will be cleaner and last longer if you use a beater brush. The Ace we sell goes up the highest and works with your system as is. This long shag tool is really good for 1-1/2 inch or longer carpet. But remember that it is all manual labor with this tool.

DEL MAR Carpet Cleaning Issues

From: Dennis - Agoura Hills, CA 91301 I have a modern day built-in vac and use an "ultra tp210" beater brush head. I have a high pile Frabrica (style = DEL MAR) rug (not quite a shag) but it is somewhat shaggy. The head I have seems to dig into the carpet and cause "ruts" ruining the look and probably shredding the carpet. I looked into the 402P tool but it seems not appropriate for this carpet which is not really a shag...but tighter. Any ideas. The carpet is one year old and quite expenseive and starting to show the effects of the beater brush rutting and shredding it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The manufacturer does not have a recommendation for me, unfortunately. Thanks, Dennis Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Hi Dennis, interesting that they don't help you get ideas on how to clean the carpet. They should be the expert. We provide only the 402P (and it may be running out of stock in 2009), and we don't advocate any beater brush on this type of carpet. You can try the 402W, 12 inch brush with side wheels, for manual aggitation of the carpet.

Why Such Long Carpet?

WHY in the world are people purchasing the 'freize' carpets-there will NEVER be a way to efficiently/thoroughly clean them-the ultimate results in wanting this soft barefootin' carpet will be that we see it all matted over and suffering from a very INelegant mange problem!

The carpet is popular mainly as an accent - in a place without much traffic. What is overlooked is the issue of cleaning it well. Thankfully this tool helps.

How to Assemble

Order arrived, how do I put the tool together, it came in three pieces?

You will notice they are different sizes correlating to the different openings. The units snap into the openings. Nothing is removed as you mentioned. They go in at an angle then snap into place.

Cleaning Shaw Shag

I just purchased a long shag area rug made by Shaw. I have an upright vacuum, but the instructions say the rug should not be vacuumed. Will your attachment clean and lift the shag? Thank you.

Hello, this brush was invented for this type of carpet with 1.5 long fibers or longer. Does it lift and clean the carpet? Well, it does help accomplish that and we do sell a lot of them. Hopefully your expectations are close to the performance of the tool. Thanks for asking.

Compatible With My Canister Vac?

Does it fit on sanitiare canister vacuum? Thanks, Kristin Gilbert

Hello Kristin, Thank you for visiting www.centralvacuum.com! Yes, this tool will work great with your vacuum if your wands measure 1.25 . Have a Great Day!

Kenmore, Flokati, Shag

Will this work with an (electric) upright Kenmore Progressive? on a 4000 gr/cm flokati rug? and on a deep, dense shag? Any other suggestions for a flokati rug? June

The tool fits on all vacuum hoses and will work great on the dense carpet. It does require manual labor and lots of suction for best results.

Loose Shag - No Electric Cleaning

I have new loose shag carpeting that is quite 'deep'. It has some loops as well. Manf suggests NO brushes. We have children and pets and need a way to best clean this one room! We have Electrolux central vac that is in working order but the power head is not adjustable and is not suitable for this carpet. Help????

Hello, we are so glad you heard that from your manufacturer, many don't. The Tine Brush is made for manual aggitation of shag carpets. Here it is https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=402P

Work on Thick Carpets?

I have just replaced carpet with a high density pile carpet and my heads won't clean it. Not supposed to use rotator brush, yet flat suction brush just flips up and won't clean either. The power brush to my central vac just clogs and turns off. Any suggestions? Will the rug tool with tines work in my thick carpets?

Hello, you have nice carpet for sure, but it is going to take work to clean it. This tool is design for loose shag type of carpets, not dense thick carpets. It does work and it is work to make it work! We do sell a lot of them for homeowners in your situation.

Work with Canister Vacuums?

I have the long haired shaggy loose carpet you reference on your site. Will the "rug tool with tines" product you sell work with my vacuum. It's a Kenmore Progressive canister vac. Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, it will work with canister vacuums. Most all of them have a 1.25 diameter metal or plastic tube connection end.

Need Accessory Kit for Electrolux

Need a floor/carpet brush for electrolux central vacuum cleaner. Please advise btorina@optonline.net

We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. It fits right into your wall vacuum inlets. Read all about it and what our customers are saying at www.builtinvacuum.com/stealth-kit/.

Fit all Vacs?

Does it fit any central vacumn system? Electrified of course?

This tool fits all vacuums except Electrolux.

Come in Black?

does it come in black?

Sorry, only grey.