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No Suction Switch in II Right Position

When I turn on the power to my vacuum at the hose handle, I can't get suction to the power head when the carpet attachment/brush is working. Seems to be a faulty electrical connection in the handle? This has a rocker switch: right side works suction and the brush and left just runs suction. (model #485 Signature Central vac)

The switch is bad or corroded. You may be able to use a sharp tool to pop the switch out to clean it. If not then replace the hose wiring assembly with

No Power at Canister Tank

I have a Signature 472 central vac. No power when I plug hose into wall. I pressed the reset button that is on the canister, but no go. There is a green light below the reset button that is on. I reset the circuit breaker, but no go. I ren a circuit test on the vacuum outlets throught the house, but seems to be no current coming out of them? What are your thoughts??? Thanks for any info you can give me.

Please run through this guide to see if it shows where the issue is Let us know what you find.

Signature 465 Filter

Is the filter replaceable on the signature model 465? if so what is the replacement part # and do you sell it?

We don't carry replacments for the Signature series. You can remove the bag and wash it in mild detergent. Just be sure that it is completely dry before reinserting.

Low Suction

i have a signature model 465. It seems to have lost a fair amount of suction. I do not have a manual, how do I service this thing? Is there a filter that I can/should check and replace? If so where do I find it? I have emptied the canister on the bottom and that did not help. Suggestions also, is there a way for me to do a suction test? The problem seems to be from every outlet.

Use this guide for help The filter is a center weighted cloth filter that comes out by pulling a side of it inward.

Dirt Inside Cloth Filter?

I just emptied my Signature 465, but there seems to be a lot of material INSIDE the permanent filter bag. How do I remove the bag and clean out the contents?

Hi, debris gets in between the two layers, that is normal. There is also a center weighted part that feels likes rocks inside but that is supposed to be there to help the bag fall into the off position.

Who Makes This Unit?

Who makes signature vacuums? I can't find the company. John, Shelton CT

Hi, they actually look like old Beam Vacuum units. Singature vacuum headquartered on the East Coast.

TDSAC 20 Bag Replacement

I have a Signature 500 Central Vac that I am having a hard time finding a replacement bag for. The number on the bag is TDSAC 20. Can you tell me what replacement bag is needed for this. Thanks, Steven Bristol, CT

Hi, we have great success with individuals who match their old bag to the closest one on this page

Removing Buttom

We've recently purchased a home with a Signature system (model #465) and no manuels were left behind on how to clean out the contents. I've unlatched the 2 side latches and the bottom does not come off. Any chance you could help me? Cynthia, Monroe CT

Hello, the buttom is stuck. Carefully twist and pull to release it.

Replacement Bags for Signature

I need to find replacement bags for the vacuum. Do you sell them or know where I may purchase them?

Motor for Signature Model 472

I need a motor for a # 472 central vac system

Please call us regarding the motor so we can determine what you need. Please have the motor in front of you when you call. Thanks.