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Bag and Secondary Filters

We just purchased a home built in 1999 that has a Silent Master central vac system. It's model # is S2. We do not have an owner's manual. What replacement bag would I order. Is there also a filter that needs to be changed? Rosemary - Carmel


As the manufacturer of SilentMaster we look forward to helping you. Yes there is a bag, support bag, and secondary filter that can be changed. You can find them here,711,740. You can view the owner's manual here

Beam Vacuum Replacement

We have a 25 year old Beam central vac and it does not seem to be very efficient as the suction seems weak. We are thinking of replacing it with a SilentMaster. We have a 5,200 sft home. What do you recommend? Chris

SilentMaster is an excellent replacement for Beam vacuums. For your size home we recommend the SilentMaster S5 if you have a 240 volt plug or large 30 amp plug. If not then the S44 is a great replacement.

Rusted Tank - Warranty

We recently purchased a home that has a very old Silent Master central vac. It actually says "Patent Pending" on the cannister. I am guessing some time mid-80's. The van still works, but the bottom of the cannister is rusted out and needs to be replaced. Can you give me an idea of how much it would cost to replace it so I can decide if it is something we can afford to do right now? Jennifer, Hendersonville, TN

Thank you for writing in Jennifer. After all these years your vacuum is still working but the tank is rusting, right? It has a life-time warranty that we'd like to honor for you. Let's begin the process with some photos or a return authorization. Please give us a call and we'd be glad to help you.

Inlet Door Broken

One of my clients that I clean for has a SilentMaster central vac. By accident I broke one of the inlet covers. The round enclosure that the metal bar and spring are attatched to broke. Does my client, or I have to replace the whole inlet, or can the cover alone be replaced. Huge price differnce. Thank you for your help! Sandy, I reside in the town or Irasburg, Vermont

The door of the inlet is attached by the manufacturer and is not sold seperately. Replacing the inlet is the only option if broken.

Mini Electric Tool Requires Electric Hose

We have a regular Silent Master hose and I just bought the mini electric attachment for my car and furniture. I did not realize that my system had to be electric (with the two prong plug) to use it. Is there a hose I can buy so that I am able to use this attachment, or am I better off just returning it for something else? Thank you.

Hi, the Mini Electric is a great tool but it does require any 110 volt electrified hose (hoses with a 2-pin connection at the hose handle). If buying an electric hose is too expensive (around $200), we suggest the air powered RugRat. Please call us for more help.

New to Central Vac

I just moved to a house that has a silent master central vac S4. which bags and filters or other items should I get? it does have all the hoses and brushes. thank-you Susan, San Diego


Hi Susan, congratulations on the home and central vac! We made this vacuum here in California. The paper bag is put over a cloth bag and there will be one to three filters at the bottom of the unit. That is all that is needed for the unit. We have a ton of accessories and great enhancements for you. Be sure you have a power nozzle that has an electric cord coming out the back. If not you are really missing out and need one for the best carpet cleaning available. Here are the filtration supplies,740,711&title=Bags+and+filters+for+Silent+Master. You can find tons of helpful accessories and electric vacuum kits on our site as well.

Adding a Garage Kit

I own a Silent Master S5 and would like a garage kit. I do not see where and low voltage or outside hookups are on my unit. The literature from the unit is not detailed on this matter. Could you recommend a garage kit that is applicable? Thanks Karl BP Washington


The Silent Master has a switch on the back right bottom side. Plug any of the garage kits into the valve at the top front of the can and then toggle the vacuum unit on. Hope that helps and here are the Garage Kits that you can use with your system.

Replacing Bottom Emptying Central Vacuum Such as Beam

I currently have a Beam central vacuum and I am considering replacing the power unit with a SilentMaster. However, I need the specifications to determine if this can be done


Silent Master is a great choice, but our Air Master Models fit directly in place of any Beam model and are a great choice for all bottom emptying power units.

Changing from Beam to SilentMaster

If i change from a beam to a silentmaster can I use my low voltage or can i just use the power from the cord on the stealth?


Upgrading the main power unit in the garage or basement: Use the same electrical wall socket for power and also plug the existing low voltage wire into the SilentMaster. Upgrading the hose and power nozzle: The Stealth Kit plugs directly into all Beam wall inlets. The kit comes with either a direct connect 110 pin hose or a pigtail corded 110 volt version (to plug into a nearby electrical wall outlet).

New Homeowner with SilentMaster

We bought our house - with this wonderful built-in Silent Master S2 vacuum system - about a year ago, but I have no instruction manual. I used the one replacement bag the sellers left, so I'm ordering the 721 bags. The Q&A above helped with how to deal with the cloth filter and all, but I'm not clear about anything else that needs changing or other maintenance I should be doing. Is a manual available? I do notice that the rubber gasket on the canister cover is coming loose and allowing air leakage. Can I get a replacement gasket? John Phillips Camarillo, CA


Congratulations on the new home and owning a SilentMaster. You bought the correct bags, the #721H-5 (now replaced by 720HF-5). Here are some resources for you: Silent Master Manual, accessories, replacement parts and upgrades, replacement lid gasket. If you need anything else please let us know. The system is really easy to take care of - just replace the bag!

Compare to Beam...Only Need Stealth?

How do you feel that your product compares to beam? I'm thinking about replacing my old unit and i want to get something that will work better than the beam unit that I have. Will I be happy just buying the new stealth unit to go with my beam or would i be better off buying a new silent master also? I have about 2000 sq ft


Starting off with the Stealth Kit is a great way to go and less expensive than replacing a functioning vacuum. When the Beam dies consider the Silent Master for its filtration, quietness, power, and quality.

Quote for 4300 sqft Home

My home is approximately 4300sf. - Which Model Silent Master do you recommend? How much current is needed 110v or 220v? What is the cost? - What home accessory package do you recommend? - I have wood floors and tile. - I have window blinds and ceiling fans. - I have pets - I also would like the car kit. Could you give me a list with prices of the items listed above. Thank You

Hello, thank you for considering the SilentMaster Central Vacuum! Please call us for list prices on vacuum units. We'd rather not put that here, plus the prices may change but this posting will not so we have to be general. Nevertheless we will answer your questions. You have the choice of voltage, we make the unit in both. For that size home we recommend the model S4 or S2, but lean towards the S4 for it powerful suction over super high air movement. When it comes the kit you need, if you have any carpeting (especially with pets), the best solution is the electric powered kits, and the best one is the Stealth Kit. It sells for around $550 and includes what you need for the items to be cleaned in your home. We do make some specialty items but you have to get these right away. The car, or garage, kit comes in original and ultimate and cost from around $100 to $200.

Replace Existing Central Vacuum with SilentMaster

we currently have a 13 year old fx500 can we update to the new silent master without any major problems


There will be no major problems replacing any central vacuum with a Silent Master. You will hang the SilentvMaster on its own bracket, use the existing wire and use the pipe (and you may have to add to or take away pipe for it to fit).