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Valve Air Leak Fix

One of my inlet is escaping air how can I close it off as I dont use that one

There is not a way to cap a central vacuum inlet valve, but you can stop the leak with some black tape and adjustments. Here is a video to explain how

Wiring Diagram


Take a look at the information and wiring diagram links on the bottom right of this page

Will Not Shut-off

We have owned a Silent Master for 10 years and love it! However, we are not able to turn it off! We have to go out to the main unit and pull the plug to turn it off! Help!!

Hi, use this easy troubleshooting guide It is the relay or a short in the wiring in the home.

Leaving Hose Plugged In

Does it matter if I leave the suction hose plugged in when not in use? Jan

Hello Jan, you can leave the hose plugged into the wall port, but if the pressure where your unit is becomes greater than in your home then air will flow from the dirty vacuum into your home via the hose. That's not a good thought.

Powerful Suction Now Weaker

As a handyman, I have a client with the Silent Master central vacuum, installed 6 yrs. ago. They are not happy with the suction, and would like to upgrade to a more powerful unit. Can you suggest a replacement? Thanks! Neal


We usually find that there is another issue when someone states that about their central vacuum. For instance, on two motors systems, one motor may be out. Or they are developing a clog. Try using the troubleshooting chart. Go through all the steps so you do a complete test of everything.

Install into Existing Homes?

We've had a Silent Master for 10 years and just love it. We are getting ready to move to a smaller home and it doesn't have a central vac. Can a Silent Master be added to an existing home? I don't think I could go back to a regular vacuum cleaner again. Patti

Yes, the SilentMaster can be added to an existing home without opening up any walls. Pipes are ran into the wall from below or above and then to the garage or basement where the Silent Master is located.