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Exhaust Cover

i need a replacement cover for the exhaust outlet. See inlet valves listed but no exhaust


Low Suction S200

we have a singer model S200 that came with our house...has suction but not good enough to clean carpets(barely wood floors)wondering if it has had it's time or something we can do to improve on the suction power.Could it be too small of unit for here? (1700 sq ft bungalow/full basement) Jocelyne/North Bay,On

The suction should be plenty fine for vacuuming all surfaces. Take a moment to run through this troubleshooing guide to see if something is wrong.

Need New Hose and Attachments

I have a Singer S200 central vacuum low voltage system. My hose is shot and most of my attachments are gone. In terms of replacing the hose and attachments -- based on what I have read, I assume I can go with either a power hose with an 8' power cord and associated attachments or stick with my low voltage hose and attachments. Is my assumption correct and what options do I have. I have hardwood floors/tile on the first floor of my home and carpet on the second floor. I am thinking a low voltage hose and attachments for the first floor and a high voltage hose and attachments for the second floor. Thanks Jim S.

Hello Jim, your research has lead you to the correct decisions. To save money though you may want to buy an electric kit with corded hose and use it up and down stairs.

Replacing A Power Unit

I have a singer central vac system that came with the house. It is 30 years old about and does not work. Can I replace the system with a new one and keep the piping and outlets that are installed?

The unit can easily be switched out with a modern one without having to change anything inside the home. The piping, your hose and all the accessories will still work with your system.

S200 Filter

I have a Singer S200 central vac system that came with the house. Does it need a cloth bag or filter of any kind cause it doesn't have any. The plastic screen inside was full of dust and broken. I didn't find owner's or maintenance manual on the web. Thanks for your time. Etienne St-Georges de Beauce,Québec,Canada

We show the Singer S200 takes a paper bag as seen on the linked page. Please let us know if there is a connection pipe or such inside the tank to slide a vacuum bag over. Thank you.

Singer S250 Transformer

I have a Singer S-250 central vacuum with low voltage (24vac) control system. We recently experienced a power surge and the transformer primary burned out. Which of of the transformers (110vac/24vac) you have listed would be the one recommended for my unit. Also what is the amperage rating for it. thanks. Elmer E, Vancouver BC Canada

For your system you can use our transformer found here,