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Corded vs Non-Corded Hose

If I have had a "corded" unit previously, would a "direct connect" unit work? Why would anyone want an extra cord? Martha Perth, NB

A "Direct Connect" hose would only work in an inlet valve that had the matching receptable (two pin holes 5/8" apart above or below the main suction hole) that provides 110V power through the cord. A person may want a corded hose so that they can bypass the need for changing all of their basic inlet valves to electric inlet valves as this can be a costly endeavor.

Filter Help

I have a smart presidents 2000 model. Is there more than one filter to change. Itdoes not have alot of suckion and it is not plugged

There is usually only one main filter and then a secondary catch such as foam or a screen. Remove the main filter and take a look. This can usually be washed and completely dried, or just beat out.

Foul Odor Solution

Lately I notice a foul odor in the room where we store the SMART Central Vacuum HOSE only. The hose itself has an odor; how can we clean the hose or should we replace it?

We recommend that you purchase our hose and pipe maintenance cloths that should help eliminate the foul odor. It is best to run at least one cloth at each inlet valve through your hose which will clean both your hose and piping system. You may view the cloths by clicking on the following link:

Blue Sparks, Motor Not Working

We have a smart classic model 371. This model is twenty years old. It stopped working. I took the motor out and put it back after a few days and after reading Q and A section. When I went to turn it on the motor did start. I turned it off and turned it on and I notice a blue spark on the initial start up. Should the motor be replaced? The motor serial number is 9409108. Thanks, craig

Replace the motor. It is working at times because you mess with it but when it is working there are a lot of blue sparks (more than 1/2 inch trail of sparks).

Kits and Parts for Smart

Hi I have just moved into a house with a Smart Vacuum Model 353. Do you sell replacement hose kits with a on/off switch. I also need some spare bags Thanks Max

We have a variety of electric kits that all fit your Smart system. The #723 bag is also available on the motor page. Start here for Kits and Parts for Smart Central Vacuums.

12 Amp Breaker?

Scott Harrow Ontario. Unable to find part number for 12 amp circuit breaker / relay. Smart model 361

Sorry, we don't carry a 12 amp breaker. Please look up Smart in Canada (or Electrolux).

Burning Smell at Unit

my smart central vac smells like there is a burning belt but they have no belts on the vac unit [just on the power nozzle}. I emptied the cannister and cleaned the filter but it still smells after use.i opened up the top and sucked up all the dust in the motor compartment. any suggestions.

When the vacuum motor starts to go bad is does have a smell, something like burning electrical. If is okay to use it until it fails.

Smart Replacement Parts

We have a 361 unit that needs the intake replacement parts that are attached to the vacuum, Where would we find those parts?

If the parts are components of the main unit, you will need to contact the manufacturer at

Smart 353 Turns Off With Burning Smell

I have a smart central vacuum 353 and when I start immediately shuts off. I went to the unit and turned it on from there and again it shut off. There was a burning smell. Could the motor be gone? Andy Berlin NH

Yes, the motor is bad and needs to be replaced. You can find your replacement motor here,

Smart 251 Not Turning On At The Inlets

I have a Smart #251 that came with the house. It has never kicked on when I attach a hose to any of the outlets automatically... If I go down to the central unit and flip the switch I can use it but I think that's not how it's supposed to work. Is there a control missing or something?

A central vacuum uses thin wires running from the unit to each inlet to activate the vacuum. Ensure that the wires are attached to the vacuum unit. We also provide a troubleshooting guide to help narrow down the issue at

Smart Manual

Adrienne from New Zealand. We have a smart model 251, and are trying to get hold of a manual for it. Did you know where we could get hold of or download one? Kind Regards.. Adrienne

You will need to contact the manufacturer at

Unit Not Turning On

i have the same problem as a previous poster. i adopted an eighteen year old smart central vac, model 251 when we moved into our current home. every has been working fine and then all of a sudden the motor stopped working when i tried to move the hose to a different connection in the house. i went back and tried the one i was just using and it no longer worked. i don't hear a click when i plug the hose into any connections in the house. what should i be looking for. i already tested the 120V plug and it is still hot. any ideas would be appreciated.

At 18 years old, the motor may be done. There could also be a problem with the hose, or the lines in the wall. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Clog Removal

We have a smart central vac and there is no suction at all. If there is a blockage, how would we go about moving it?

To remove a clog you will need to snake out the line. A central vacuum technician can do this for you safely so as not to damage the pipes. Your local repairman can be located here,

Smart Filter Removal

Hi, I just bought a house with a Smart Vac 500 central vac system. How do I clean or replace the internal filter located in the bottom of the vac? Thanks Steve Cary NC

The cloth bag you see hanging down has a flexible metal band around the rim. Pull the fabric near the edge towards the center and it will become loose, then just pull down. It can be inserted the same way, just reverse the process. To clean use warm water and a mild detergent. Just be sure the cloth is COMPLETELY dry before reinserting to avoid water damage.

Replacement Belt

We recently moved into a house with a Smart central vacuum system bought by the previous owner in 1992. How can I find a compatible replacement BELT for the powerhead? I believe the model is 361. Thanks, Dawn from Clemson, SC

We have no listing for Smart 361 Brush. Please look at the belts we offer and compare the dimensions to the belt you have at

Smart 200 Replacement Bags

I have a Presidents Edition 200 Smart House Vacuum and need a bag, filter ect. Model Number is 372 PE Serial Number is 9141649. Karen

We do offer the replacement bags for your Smart system. They can be found here,

Motor Not Working

I have owned a Smart 251 for 18 years, it just started not working properly. When I plug in my vac hose the motor does not start. My manual under trouble shooting says its the low volt transformer. Do you sell the low volt transformer.

It may not be the transformer. It is most likely the motor. If you hear a click at the main unit when you try to start it then the motor needs to be replaced. The transformer and relay are working properly if you hear a click. If you don't then try this guide for help first

Replacement Unit

Hi I have a smart system in my home now for almost 12yrs and I think the motor has gone as it makes a really loud rattling noise and theres sparks.It Says on it model Pu-355-19 and 1000 watts and 240 volts. I have 2 outlets in my house. What kind of price would it be to replace the whole unit and is it a straight forward job to do. Kind regards Lisa.

Hello Lisa, we recommend a different brand, the SilentMaster Model S44. It is a disposable bag type and top emptying. It holds a lot more trash and is much less dusty to clean. You will have no trouble using the new mounting bracket or hooking it up to your pipe and wire. We sell them through our dealers at You can also buy a new Smart system by doing another Google search for them directly.

SB 7001 Replacement

WE have a Smart Model #371 central vac that is approx. 10 years old. We need to replace the SB 7001 powerhead and have been unable to locate a replacement. Do you know if the SB 7001 is still available? We would really prefer to replace with the same powerhead. Mike Mooresville, NC

Hi, please call us for direction with this question.

Smart Central Vacuum

I have a smart model #353, it is over 10 years old. I have look all over for the replacement brush for the motor. The brush is broken. Til this date I haven't found one yet. None of the vacuum place I go to knows anything about a smart vac. Help. Nina Clearfield UT.

The brush in question is very much outdated, and will be difficult to repair. Purchasing an new electric kit will give you up to 25% more air flow and suction while optimizing the grooming and cleaning capabilities of your power head. Please review Electric Kits for Smart central vacuum systems here.

Switch for Hose

I have a Smart Central Vac, Model 371 that has a bad rocker on/off switch. Do you have replacement switches for these?

Smart Central Vacuum 500

I have a Smart model 500 and I need a replacement hose. Is the model 500 sufficient for a 3000 sq ft house?

Hi, yes that is a good model for your home size. You would probably benefit though by changing the center weighted filter. Or remove it and test the suction to see if it is better. To remove, grab a top edge and pull inward. The rim flexes and the filter falls out. We have two diameter sizes to replace yours, hopefully,,710b. For the hose, we have replacements but it depends on the carpet nozzle you have (that model used several). Please give us the information on the sticker under the nozzle.

Smart 371 Motor

Hello, We have a Smart Model 371 approximately 10 years old. Could you tell us about a replacement motor for this unit? The motor sounds very rough with excessive sparking. It also shuts off by itself. Scott South Portland, ME

Smart Vacuum - No Filters?

We have a smart central vac model 361 that is about 15 years old. We just use a basic hose attachment. It works OK but not great. I have been told that there are units available that supplement the suction. What type of end attachment systems do you have to improve this system. The house is about 3000 sq. feet. 1/2 hard wood and half carpet. The outlets currently do not have power to them just the low voltage signal wire that activates the power unit in the basement. Also the unit in the basement is just a motor and container. No filter of any kind is in it. Is this proper? Kristen Utica, NY

Hello Kristen, sounds like the problem here is your filtration. There is something that should be there. If there isn't anything there now then reach up and scrape all the junk off the protection screen protecting the motor. Your suction will increase! Most likely there should be a cloth filter that hangs down and then up when the unit is on. is probably what you need. It snaps into place within an indented band around the middle section of the unit.

SB7001 Parts

I have a SMART central vac system. I need to replace the plug-in and 2 prong male plug on the handle which supplies power to the power head. It is a 3 position vertical switch. The current plug has arced and I believe it does not make constant contact, causing the motor in the power head to turn off and on. What parts do I need to repair this problem. The powerhead is a SB7001. Kent North Carolina

Hello Kent, typically the distance from the female plug-in on the hose handle to the pop-up metal nipple is 2-inches. If it is on yours then we have the parts you need,352S,352GS. If the switch rock front to back then we don't have what you need. Consider upgrading to a new powerful kit such as Stealth or EdgeLift.