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Special Short 90 for 2x3in walls Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Tee Available?

Do you make a tee like this so 1 pipe can run up a 2x3 closet wall and pick up a valve as it passes by?

Sorry, there is not a fitting like that. We don't recommend that because the airflow in it is so bad. Use a 45-Wye, 45, and a 90 to make the connection.

Use for VacPans

This is an ideal fitting for Vacpans when used under cabinetry. Jay

Thanks Jay, a great tip!

Difference Between Short 90 #501

what is the difference between this product and the short 90 (part number 501? thanks matt eatonville

Hello Matt, this fitting has shorter cuffs on it so it takes up less space horizontally. It doesn't need a long lip or pipe to connect to, thus saving you space. It and the 501 should only be used behind the vacuum ports in the wall, no where else. They have to much drag, but are important to have there to keep long objects from being suctioned in.