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Square Door Basic Wall Central Vacuum Inlet Q&A

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Questions & Answers

All Screws Included?

Does the faceplate come with matching screws?


Yes, all inlets sold here include screws with the matching color head.

Kenmore Wall Inlet with Smaller Diameter

I am looking for an wall inlet for Sears central vac that has diameter of 1-1/4" tube. I am told they aren't sold anymore and that I will have to adapt what I have to 1-1/2" tube. True.

That is the sad truth. The Kenmore 1-1/4" diameter inlets are no longer available. Read the text at the top of this page to get a good understanding of your options And let us know if you have questions.

Vacumaid Inlet Replacement

I have an old (1980s) VacuMaid system and I need to replace an inlet door. It is low voltage with one contact point in the inlet tube. The dimensions of the inlet door are 3 3/4" by 5 3/4" and the tube opening is just a tad under 1 1/2". The inlet door screws into the mount through two screws located directly above and below the inlet tube. The distance between the screws is 3 3/8" on center. Can you recommend a replacement part? Thanks, Bob from Plainville, MA

Those inlets are not available any longer. You may be able to use industry standard basic inlets if you can do two things. First, the two screw holes are 4" apart instead of 3-3/8" so you'll have to be able to screw into your backing plate about 5/16" further apart. Second, the round opening in the backing plate has to be around 1-5/8" wide for the new inlet to fit into. If you have these two things then use any of our Basic Inlets.

Which Inlet To Use

hi i have a beam vaccum model # 178. i am wondering what kind of inlet i need as i bought this vacuum used and it is 17 years old? the receptical that plugs to the inlet reads LR44129 120 V. AC, 2.5A, 60HZ THANKS, LISA

If the hose you are using has two metal prongs on the wall end that insert directly into the inlet, then use an electric valve. A hose with a cord, or no prongs, will use a basic valve.

Wiggle to Work? Replace Inlet?

My house was built in 1989 and has a VacuMaid central vac installed with the power unit in the garage. I have full face cover style inlets and you need to plug into a regular electrical outlet to supply power to my Stealth II carpet brush. One inlet in the bedroom that is above the three car garage has a short. You have to wiggle the tube in the outlet to get the power to come on for suction. Do I need to replace the inlet? The opening that accepts the hose is 1.5 inches in diameter. If replacement is necessary, which inlet do I need? Thanks, Marcia L. Yakima, Washington

Yes, replace the inlet with the full face basic inlet. Or you can try turning the hose 180-degrees. The metal plates on the hose end may like that fit better.

Electrolux Inlet?

I need some inlets and other accessories for the Electrolux Central Vacuum (Model E117A) in my house. Is this inlet compatible with mine? How about other accessories? Thanks!

Electrolux used standard inlets, either low voltage or low voltage and high voltage. The replacements we have here are the same standard ones All our hoses and kits fit these inlets. Start here to determine what you'd like in your home that is best for cleaning and your budget

2x3 Wall Installation

Soon Rockville MD Hi, I have walls with studs that are 2"x3". Will the pipes/connectors/inlets fit?

Yes, you can use the following backing plate and tight 90 along with regular pipe and fittings. This will allow you to put a Basic Inlet into a 2x3 wall. Thanks for asking,511SN.

Tight Hose into Inlet, Hard to Start Suction

Hi there, terrific that you have this service. I did the 2 test on the wall valve. Connect the wires in the back and tin foil on the inside 2 contacts. Both cause the unit to start sucking. The two contacts seem like they are "stiff". If I really push in the hose and wiggle it may start. Anything I can do to loosen these, or other thoughts. thanks alisons from avon CT

The metal nubs should be stiff. It sounds like the hose is too tight. Is it new? If it has two metal plates vs a metal ring, you can shave a bit of plastic off the hose end to get a better fit. If you need more help give us a call.

No Suction One Inlet

I have the Air Vac type model AV3500 house system. The inlets say MS on them. One of my inlets no longer sucks. What are the steps I should take to resolve what the problems could be?

All inlets have small low voltage wires connected to the back of them. When they are touched together the suction should start. Inside the 1-1/2" diameter suction hole are two metal contacts that when touched together with foil start the suction. If neither of these start the suction then the wire in the wall may have been cut. Hung any pictures lately?

Magivac Inlet Replacement?

Hi, we built our house in 1969 with a built in Vacuum system. I have to replace a magivac inlet and wonder whether one of your newer models can be installed without a problem?

Please read the text on the Basic Inlet page to understand if a modern valve will fit or not. Please see

Suction Turns On, Off

George in Hillsborough, NC Question: I have a AiRVac whole house system less then 3 years old. When plugging in the hose, the floor sunction/vac keeps turning off and on, as if electrical contact is lost. Thoughts?

Is it the suction or an electric head that is intermitent? If the suction then it is a low voltage issue you have to trace. If electric then there is a short somewhere. Call us if you can't find it.

Must Have Electric Accessories, but How?

Our house is equipped with inlet covers that have NO electrical connections. Only when you push in the hose does the unit start in the garage. We want to upgrade to an electric beater brush so as not to lose air suction with a air driven unit. Is it as easy as replacing the wall covers? Is there a power sourse already in our old wall plugs? It's an older Flo-master unit in a house that was built in the early 80's. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

You do not need to change your inlets. All our electric kits come ready to be used as your system stands. Take a look at this photograph and explanation. All our electric kits come with direct connect or corded hoses You simply need the corded version of an electric kit. You don't drag around any cords, the wires are in the lightweight hose. Just plug the hose into the vacuum port and the cord into a nearby electrical outlet. It is that easy. A whole lot easier than what you'd have to do to make your inlets direct connect (opening the walls up .... not fun or easy). We are glad you asked this question because many homeowners need to learn about this super easy option for a much cleaner home! Here are the kits that fit your system, and all systems with 1-1/2 inch diameter, non electric inlets, in any brand

Electric and Low Voltage Connection?

It looks like I can just punch out the high-voltage port of and snap the existing high voltage plug into to "punch out". Then just wire the low voltage wires to the low voltage tap screws. Will this work with these covers. Side Note: The installer who put mine in installed them all upside down with the flap opening down. Maybe this was intentionally maybe not. I going to go flip the remaining unbroken covers. Thanks for the tip. Greg Warren Medina, Tennessee

Use the full face doors and buy the Electric Valve, SuperValve so they are a direct replacement. The full face will hinge all the way so it will not snap.,663HA,663HI. It comes as a full kit, sorry, but you only need the faceplate and this is how it is sold.

Gasket Sold Alone?

Do you sell the round sealing gaskets that go on the back of older outlets? Mine is a Vent-a-Vac from about 1990. The outlets still work but the gaskets wearing out.

Sorry, the gaskets are not available to us for any parts sales.

Broan Compatible?

My house was built in the mid 1980's and has a Central Vacuum "Broan model CV20 120 volts 60 HZ and 10 Amps. We're remodeling the house and want to change out the vacuum inlet to a white one. The vacuum starts as soon as you plug the hose in the inlet. I would like to know which inlet models are compatible to my system (I prefer full door pvc in white) Thanks for your time and help in this matter. Hector from Hicksville, NY

Please read the text at the top of this page. If the backing plate behind the face plate fits the description then you can use any of the rectangle footprint inlets on the page Broan systems used a couple types of wall mounts but usually they used the standard ones so you have a lot of choices.

861P1 Vacuum Faceplate

I need to replace an automatic face plate, part No.861P1 which fits the hose I have. Is that part still available? I was not able to get it at the electric supplier. Thanks. Joe Moore, Jonesborough, TN.

We don't have a cross reference for that. Please send us the brand of the vacuum or a photo and we'll let you know where to go. Hopefully it is still available. Many times older inlets can be replaced with new ones. Read the text at the top of the page here to see if that is an option

Plastic Hose End - New Inlet

I have valves that start the suction as soon as the flap is opened. The end of the hose that plugs into the outlet is plastic. Will the plastic end start the suction if I replace it with an outlet that has two metal contacts inside? Or should I get a replacement hose of some type?

You can put the Hose Cuff with Metal Ring on the end of your existing hose and use it in the new inlets. It is here It is reverse threaded on the hose and may have some glue so pull hard and twist yours off, or cut the hose at the cuff and put on the new one. OR you can buy any of our hoses and or kits.

Hayden Inlets with Four Screws

I bought a modular home equipped with Hayden inlets. The inlets are cracked/broken and need to be replaced. The inlets have four mounting screws around the hose hole. I did not see similar outlets in your selection. Does Hayden make them? Thanks, Carl, Maynard, Ma.

That is interesting. The way Hayden has four screws. You will have to take one off and see if there is a place to put two screws four inches apart and that the intake hole in the backing plate is 1-5/8" wide. Then you can use the Basic Inlets sold here.

Single Trigger Inlet Replacement

russ, brigantine. i have an older vacuum system that has one ball that turns the vacuum on when the hose is inserted. which inlet cover do i need for replacement? this is a low voltage system.thanks, russ.

Usually those are replaced with any of these The only issue is the 4 inches between the two screws. If you have 4 inches then you are good to go! The wire used for the old inlet is used for the new. The hose for the new inlets has to have metal on the end to work. All our hoses and kits fit your inlet and the new ones.

Screws - Longer Ones Needed

I have a vacumaid system and none of the inlet covers are attached by screws. This is frustrating as it takes a good pull to remove the hose, which pulls the cover off. I have tried to find the right screws in length and width at Home Depot, but they don't seem to work. Any suggestions?

The regular screws are 1/8 Ovalhead Phillips screws 1.25 long. You may need them 2 long or longer. Be careful they are not too long or they will go past the backing plate and into the piping. If the head of the screw is showing on the front of the faceplate you can use nail polish or spray paint to color it the same as the valve.

How to Replace

I just purchased a brand new home. After my wife finished vacuuming for the first time she removed the hose from the inlet. Unfortunately the spring has sprung and now the door will not stay closed. Do I have to replace the whole inlet cover? It looks like the one shown above. Is there a link that shows how to replace them if that is the case? I.E. power off? Remove anything besides the two screws? Thanks!

If you have a Basic Inlet (no small HOLES above or below the main suction hole) then all you need to do is unplug the vacuum unit and remove the two screws on the inlet faceplate and pull/twist the faceplate off. The faceplate backside has two wires (like speaker wires) attached to screws. You will see how easy they connect and reconnect to the new faceplate. Which is, by the way, the only way to fix one that is sprung or looses its gasket. And you do have choices. All the Basic inlets will fit your wall connection. So pick the style and color that may compliment your home better.

Near Beach, Inlet Contacts Corrode

Hi, I have a relatively new system (2004) with several Hayden Basic low voltage inlets. The small spring loaded pin contacts seem to be corroding and don't make reliable contact. I have removed the inlets and have removed the electrical screws, springs and copper pins and cleaned them with contact cleaner and an eraser. However, after a year or two I have the same situation again. Are stainless contacts available? Is there any solution or grease that can be applied to prevent the oxidation and still preserve electrical contact? Was there a plating on the pins that has worn off? Would appreciate your opinions and suggestions. Thank you, Marshall, Newport Beach, Ca.

Excellent question. You will have to apply something to the pins such as white lithium, WD40, or the stuff you'd put on car battery terminals. Something like that should do the trick. The inlets all have the same brass contacts.

Nutone 360 Inlets

I need to replace several NuTone 360W inlets in my home. Do you sell them?

Single Wire, Two Contacts?

I moved into a new house with the tube and a single wire for the low contacts. I am installing the inlet ports. There are two screws on the inlet port. I would assume I would need two wires. How do I connect the single wire to the two contacts - thank you, Erwin from Montreal

The single wire should have a pair of leads in it like a speaker wire has two wires in one. Separate the wires and attach one to each screw on the inlet. You don't have to worry about keeping any pattern for each inlet, just make sure the wire ends don't touch each other at the inlets when you put them on the screws.

AirVac Outlet Red Light

I have an Air Vac Gold series which was installed in 2005. There are 7 hose outlets. One of the outlets shows red on the LED and produces no power when I insert the hose. All the rest are are green and work properly. I have recently changed the bag and checked that the wire are all secure. Will a new inlet solve the problem?

Remove the outlet faceplate and touch the low voltage wires together. If it starts then replace the outlet. If it doesn't start it is possible that wire has been compromised, may have been detached somewhere along the line.

Kenmore Vacuum Outlet, Unit Replacement

Hi, I have a Kenmore 500 central vac system circa 1965 and I want to replace the outlets. My outlets have an on/off touch plate. My transfomer is also bad. Can I upgrade my system?

Out of the multitude of inlets on the market you have the hardest to work with. The intake hole for the faceplate neck in the wall is not the standard 1-5/8 inch diameter. Plus, if you where to go into the wall to put new backing plates you probably have the non-standard diameter pipe. We have adaptors to bring it up to 2 inch OD but working in the wall is a real mess. If you only have a couple inlets you may be "crazy" enough to retrofit a tight 90 standard fitting over a freshly cut old 90 just under the sleeve where the old pipe was glued. Call us for more information. For the vacuum unit, yes you can easily replace it with any of our central vacuums. We recommend the SilentMaster S44. We have adaptors to mate standard central vacuum PVC to the smaller version in Kenmore installs. Please contact us or a local dealer for the new power unit and if you have any questions please call us directly.

110-volt Application Compatible?

I have a 1750 inlet with a broken door. Can I put the 110 volt connector on your 652HW inlet?

Sorry, you need to buy a complete electric faceplate and backing plate. There is not a connection on any basic inlet for the electricity to plug into. You will need one of these

Budd Inlets Ports Replacement?

I have Budd Central vacum cleaner with old inlets activating system when opened its covers. Is it possible to replace inlets allowing use od hose with switch on and off on handle?

Remove one of the inlets from the wall and measure the diameter of the hole the inlet goes into. If it is 1-5/8" then you can replace it with any of our rectangle Basic Inlets. You will be able to use a new hose and control the suction - which is so convenient.

Fasco Compatible?

we have a fasco 852svdm central system- I purchased a nutone basic inlet and the opening is too small for our metal hose. The part number in the fasco book is 861PI- Will yours replace this part number ?? We also need a combination floor /rug tool fasco # 862 FT -- Our hose will not work on the nutone we purchased. Will it work on yours ??? We would like to order both of these soon. Thanks, Gene Counard, Scottsburg, In

Yes you need the taller inlet valves for the hose you have. Here is an example and the combo tool.,409. You know you have all your options open to you for a new hose, even an electric vacuum accessory kit such as Stealth, Ace, or BlackHawk. They fit right into these inlets and then into a nearby electrical outlet. The hose is electrified and provides awesome carpet grooming! Get all you can out of your vacuum system. Start here if you'd like:

Will Not Shut Off

I have an M&S central system that doesn't shut off when the hose is removed from the wall outlet. Is there a fuse in the system or????

Use this guide to find the issue and solution

Series X Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE Hose Inlet

Hi, I have a Series X Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE Pigtail Hose. What type of inlet valve do I need? Thanks! Viki

Since your hose is corded at the end then it takes any of these rectangular inlets here

Contacts and Wire Replacements Needed

I need the pair of contacts on my inlet together with the attached leads. Can I get these from you? Bill Watertown, Mass.

There were older valves with wires attached to the two contacts in the vacuum hole, these wires are not replaceable. There are 110 volt valves with wires attached to two thin holes above the main hole, these wires are not replaceable. However you can replace the entire inlet itself in most cases. Read the text header in the Basic and Electric Inlets pages.

Metal Covers Needed

Maggie, Loma We have an existing system, around 30 years old. The inlets are made of metal and have 2 wires in the back. I see a white plastic one in your products, but wonder if we can replace the existing floor ones, with metal. Thanks

We have the metal ones here, about half way down the page/

Single Contact Older Inlets Replacements

I am trying to replace some older, discolored valves...I see only one contact inside. Will the valves you sell work? I believe existing valves are original making them about 20yrs old. Thanks Susan Charlotte

Yes, you can replace them but first read the text on the top of this page and second you will need a new hose end (they twist on and off) here

Maximum Thickness of Walls

John - San Diego - What is the maximum drywall thickness supported by the inlet value, assuming the inlet valve is nailed to the 2x4 stud. There is no documentation explaining how to install inlet values when the thickness of the wall exceeds this thickness and when the inlet value is nailed to the stud.

There really is not a maximum because you can use these extenders as needed, even cutting them down to fit.

VacuFlo Hose Fit and Trigger Suction?

I have a Vacuflo system installed. The current Vacuflo inlets turn the vacuum unit on when the door to the inlet is opened. I am expanding and putting two more inlets in my basement. Do I have to get propietary Vacuflo inlets or will something else work? I just want to make sure my existing Vacuflo hose will fit and that the unit turns on.

The vacuum hose will fit the newer inlets but the end is all plastic which will not trigger the metal contacts to start the suction. If your hose has an on/off switch then you need to use the proprietary inlets or convert them all the the standard ones.

VacuMaid Compatible?

Hi! I have vacumaid central system. I need new wall inlet connections. What can you recommend?

Please read the information at the top of this page and determine if the industry standard inlets will fit. They usually do with Vacumaid. Let us know if you have more questions.

Beam Compatible Inlets

I have a Beam. The Utility inlet door on the unit broke off. Is there a replacement part? Jeff Wilton, NY

Yes, Beam used industry standard inlets and they are available here

1750 Inlets Replacements?

The broken (Hayden) inlet plate that I am trying to replace for my NuTone Central Vac looks just like your Part#652HW. BUT on the inside of the door it is stamped "Inlet Valve Assembly Model 1750. Use Only With Superhose I or II" There is also a number LR 61865 above that. Is your Part #652HW the correct one? You state it replaces Hayden 1700. But what about this 1750? Thank you.

The 1750 have 110 volts going to them. You need a SuperValve and we have a bunch of them. Any of these listed here will fit your system

Lost Suction After Replacing Inlet Cover

HellO: I have a Smart central vac. I was painting the wall and I removed the cover off one of the wall outlets and when I put back in it to vacuum up after it has lost the vacuum suction? What do I do - is there something can be done to reset? Thanks Elizabeth Jones

There is a gasket where the faceplate neck inserts into the backing plate hole. There has to be rubber of some sort there. Put a wrap and a half of black electrical tape on the neck and reinsert. Also, listen for a leak. Open, turn the system on for a couple minutes, and listen for the leak. If the inlet was screwed down too far then the door may be bowed out and letting air in.

Beam Compatible?

Does it work with Beam serenity plus vacuum systems?

Yes all the Basic Inlets are compatible with Beam Vacuum. The SuperValve electric ones are too when needed for replacements.

What Backing Plate?

I ordered 2 652ha units, but it does not include a backing plate. What backing plate is required for this?

The backing plate to use when installing this inlet or ones like it in new construction or existing homes is #517

Electrolux Compatible?

Will these inlets fit an Electrolux system?

Yes these inlet covers were used on some Electrolux Central Vacuums. It was either this basic type or the electric type that where used. Decide which you have and then you can use any style of the one type with your system.

Install in Floor?

Is it possible to install the inlets in the floor instead of in the wall? We have an existing house over a full basement, and it seems that it would be an easier installation if the inlets could be placed in the floor, rather than in the walls. Lauri, MO

Yes you can put the inlets into the floor. Use metal ones for durability. Cut the floor to the exact dimensions of the ridge on a 517 backing plate. There are some instructions in the installation manual here

What Hose Fits?

which nutone hose model number works with this type of outlet. i would like to replace the original i have with the same....mine has an on/off switch on the handle. i have the cv450w model power unit

All the hoses we sell fit this inlet valve. If your hose connected to a power nozzle with an electric cord then you need the Electric Hose, otherwise you need the Low Voltage Hose.

Wooden Vacuum Wallplate Covers

I am looking for wooden wallplate covers for the inlet valve. Kimberly Graves, G2 Equipment Company/Sales

Your best bet is to paint the Fullface inlet style doors to look like wood. No one has made them in wood or fake wood at this time.

Mighty Maid Central Vacuum Inlet

Our Townhouse is from 1987 and has a central vacuum system. The name on the plastic pipe into the canister states "Mighty Maid". A need a new inlet for in the house but also there is a outlet on the outside wall of the house. The outside plate is broken and I need to replace it. Air blows out of it when using the vacuum; the moveable plate" broke off. What parts will fit this system? Thank you, Marcel, Wayne NJ

Since we hear so little about Mighty Maid Central Vacuum we can offer you our helpful, yet general assistance. Basically, the inlets you see are the ones used in 99% of all central vacuums ever. So if your inlet looks like what you see on line then that is it. There were not variations of these.

Any Inlets with On/off Switch?

I have a central vac system that uses the low voltage wire and have an inlet in the garage. I was wondering if there are any inlets that have a switch that would allow me to turn the unit on and off without removing the hose from the wall. I will use the hose in that area for vacuming the garage and the cars and it seems like a hassle to continue to disconnect the hose each time I want to pause vacuming. Also any reccomendations on garage kits are welcome! I debated on ordering a hose with a switch but It seemed like these were not as durable. thanks, Dan Hanover, PA

Sorry there are no such inlets on the market. Interesting that you got the feeling that on/off hoses with a switch are not durable. Customers who are used to old technology bulky hoses often say that but are always surprised to see them be durable, lightweight and last a long time. The last decade has produced fantastic plastic rubbers and our industry uses this better technology now. Our advise is to try the new hose!

Fasco Inlets Replacements

hello, we just bought a house that was built in 1974 and it has a fasco model 851DM. I would like to replace the inlets and wanted to know if this model would work

Yes, these inlets replace the Fasco ones. Be sure to read the text at the top of this page, but we are confident that they do.

Fasco Compatible?

We have a Fasco central vacuum that was installed when our home was built in 1976. We purchased the house in 1998 and need to replace the inlets. We bought some locally and they were too large. The gentleman at the local vac store told us that we could no longer buy the old ones. He said we would have to upgrade. The system works fine so we would prefer not to. I see by the other questions that your inlets may work. Are there indeed new inlets that are larger? How do I be sure to get the correct size. Thanks, Cathy Hagerstown MD

It is our understanding that the Basic Inlets will fit. Please read the text on the top of the Basic Inlet page here If you need a larger footprint on your wall you can use a trimplate lower on the same page.

Two Screws on Back of Faceplate

my unit has two screws protruding from the nozzle on back of inlet cover - they attach to 2 power lines.

The two screws on the back of inlets are for low voltage wire, not 110 volt. Every central vacuum except AirForce needs these two wires connected to the low voltage wire coming from/going to the actual vacuum unit.

4,758,170 Patent Inlets

I have Hayden us pat no 4,758,170. It has power to it, but i assume low voltage? is this it?

That patent number is for both Hayden electric and low voltage only inlets. If your inlet has two small holes above the large hole it is electric (it will also say something to this effect), if not two holes then it is this inlet in question.


I have a NuTone CV-352 central vacuum system. Several of the wall connections around the house are broken (mostly missing the covers). Which one of the various plates that you carry will work? Thanks.

Nutone used a variety of inlets. Basically if it looks like yours then it is because there are only so many made. Be sure to look at this page and ones at the bottom of the page as well that where only specific to Nutone


what is the diameter of the opening on the 1700 replacement ???? thank you

The diameter of the hose insertion hole is a hair under 1.5 .

Single Trigger Inlets Replacements?

My Astro-Vac valve has a piston type device inside the inlet. When I plug the vacuum hose into the inlet, it depresses the piston which completes the circuit and engages the vacuum. The piston broke and I need to replace the inlet. Can I use the inlet with the two metal contacts to replace the current one?

Yes, if your hose end is metal into the wall inlet you can use our Basic Inlets.

Nutone Outlet / Inlet


If your inlet is wider than tall we will stock that inlet shortly. If taller than wide, you can use any Basic Inlet

Inlet Replacement

My housekeeper broke the round cover off of a square inlet piece. The Beam system is about 6 years old -- the cover has a fluted plastic facade and yours appear to be flat (with the rounded piece latching down) -- will your inlet piece fit the wall and my vacuum hose?

Unplug the unit from the wall. You need to unscrew the two screws on the inlet backside, detach the thin wire. (If you have another wire set not going to the screws then you have 110 volt inlets and need to shut off your electricity in the house.) Put a new Basic Inlet on the wall. You can use any inlet on the Basic Inlet page, except for the odd shaped ones at the bottom.

Vacuflo Compatible?


If your Vacuflo inlet INSIDE the main hole has two small metal contacts, then you can use this inlet for the replacement (or any Basic Inlet). If not, you need to contact Vacuflo for the proprietary inlet. If you don't want to do that you can buy adaptors to install standard Basic Inlets. View this page to read about the adaptors

Parts for Basic Inlets?

May I order only the white plastic plug (about the size of a quarter) which holds the rubber gasket onto the lid of the valve covering?

We'd love to sell that if we could get it from our supplier but they only sell the inlet as a whole. Sorry!

Trim Out Vacuflo Installation

My house was plumbed for a vac system. I need to trim it out. I already have the power unit and a vacuflow turbo cat hose. But the hose plugs into a Nutone trim what do you have that will trim my house out and be compatable with my hose and still fit the vacuflow rough in. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have a Vacuflo Hose with two metal prongs on the wall end you will need proprietary Vacuflow inlets. if the hose doesn't and has a metal cuff on the wall end then universal Nutone or any Basic Inlets should work The issue will be the screw holes to the backing plate. If you have Vacuflo backing plates you will need to buy our Vacuflo conversion kits that are really easy to use You don't have to remove anything that is already installed.