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Button Lock Available

Can you buy the product with a button lock? Lance, Youngstown, NY


This kit has a friction fit hose and wands but you can but the kit without the hose and buy the rest of the parts to complete it. Here are the parts you'd need to make what you want,382BL,383BL,406TB

Can I Use An Extension Hose WIth This Kit?

Can I add an extension hose to the standard kit? AirVac Model AV525


Yes, you can add our 12' Extension Hose to the basic hose included in the Standard Kit.

Compatible with Broan?

Will this kit work with a Broan CV110 system? Do any of these attachments do tile floor? Thank you!

This kit will work with all brands (including Broan) as long as the inlet valves in your wall measure 1.5" in diameter and also have two round, metal contact points inside of the opening. All other inlets with smaller or larger diameters will require a hose adaptor.

Compatible with Electrolux?

Is this kit compatible with Electrolux 1590 central vac system. thanks Richard Danzig

Yes the hose will fit into your inlet valves on your wall. The accessories in this kit fit the hose in the kit but not your electrolux electric hose.

Compatible with My System?

Does this work with Fasco model 852SVDM? It is a system where you just put in the hose and there is no eletric pluge to the vaccum.

Hello, this is compatible with all systems with a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet hole. The Fasco is industry standard unless for some reason they used a different non-standard wall inlet, but that is really rare.

Do I Need An Adapter For 1.25" Inlets?

Do you need an adapter to fit the 1.25" vacuum inlet hole of a Kenmore Cyclone 600 system?

Yes, you will need a Reduced Tapered Cuff #302-1.25A for Kenmore systems with 1.25" diameter inlet valves.

Electrolux Compatible

Is this compatible with a electrolux

Hi, yes this kit is compatible with Electrolux Central Vacuums. The hose will fit the wall inlets and work with the system. The accessories work with the included hose.

Electrolux E130A Compatible?

I have an Elecrolux model E130A. Will this Standard Acc. Kit fit this central vac unit?

Yes, this kit fits your model and all Electrolux Central Vacuum models. Thanks for asking.

Fasco Compatible?

I purchased a home with a Master Vac II by Fasco. The installer never used it, there is no hose or attachments. I want to purchase the standard accessory kit. Will it fit? Joan, Monticello, NY

Hi Joan, yes, the Standard Kit will fit right in. Thanks for asking. In fact, all the kits, air and electric, fit that system.

Fasco Compatible?


Hi Ruth, yes, they will fit right in. In fact, you have the option of getting any new attachment kit, even the electric ones with pigtail 8ft cord which are awesome on carpet.

Friction or Button Lock?

Does this have a button or friction connection? We have an existing system with the hose and no accessories. It is a button connection. Will these tools/brushes work with that hose?

The product in question comes with a hose that is friction fit. But yes, your button lock hose will work with modern friction fit accessories. Simply put the accessories on over the button lock.

Hoover Compatible, Longer Hose?

Hi: I have an hoover ovation from 25 yrs ago and the hose and wand clips are shot will this work with my system and can I get a 35 ft hose. Pennie

Hi Pennie, you can buy the kit without the hose and buy a longer hose separately. Here is a link for that,303,383. There are two hose options and all this will work with your Hoover. The second hose option is a lot better then the first. It has an on/off switch on the handle for controlling the suction and it kinks less.

How Long is Hose? Use Other Hose?

How long is the hose with this kit? Greg Voorhees, NJ

Hi, the hose is 30ft long. You can buy the Basic Kit without hose and add any length Low Voltage or Basic Hose and they will work with all the parts of the kit.

Just Hard Floor Tool

I woul like to know if you have avalible the brush for vacun the wood flour thank. gloria fron houston tx

Hi, take a look at the #402D and #402W here They are the most popular for the hard floor.

M & S Compatible?

is this compatible with music and sound

Yes, all our air driven and electric kits are compatible with all M&S systems, all their models and wall inlet ports.

Modern Day Tool Kit

Just recently bought a house that has a Modern Day Built in Vac. There is no hose and accessories. The house was built in 1991 but I can't find a model no. Would the Standard Accessory Kit work with the unit? It is going to be a rental house so I am just looking for the basics.

Our hoses and tool kits will work with any system that has 1.5" opening in the wall inlets.

Nutone Compatible?

will it be compatable with nutone?

Hello, yes it is compatible with Nutone. Older Nutone inlets where just under industry standard diameter so you may have to remove your old hose end to put it on the new hose. They are reversed thread by the way.

Older AirVac

We just moved and the system we inherited is very old. It is an airvac 525. M&S no longer manufactures them. I measured the inlet valve and it seems to be between 1.5 and 1 and 3/8. Will this system work or do I need an adapter

Hi, yes, this kit (and all our kits) will fit the AirVac inlets no matter the age or the system base unit.

Older Filtex Compatible?

I just bought a house with a central vac, it apprears to be older. It is a Filtex SB-300-L. Would this work with it? Thank you! Jeannie

Hi, are your inlet valves metal with the word Filtex on the front? Then they are slightly oversized and you need a basic hose with tapered cuff. See here to buy the right hose They buy a kit without the hose from here If your inlets are not these metal ones then you are fine.

Permavac Power-Cleaning Systems Central Vacuum

Just bought a house (built around 1950) with a Permavac PowerCleaning Systems central vac (Natter Manufacturing Corporation is indicated on the unit). We found the hose but none of the original attachments remain. Is this kit compatible? Have not been able to find info online on our central vac model. Thanks Thomas (West Hartford, CT)

Wow, that is a unique one! The Natter part does help though. They used industry standard wall valves so all the hoses and accessories are complatible. For those that read this and have an electric hose and corded vacuum brush and are looking for replacements, a complete new electric kit will have to be bought. If you don't have an electric kit you can have one or an air kit such as this Standard Kit. If you need any help, please call us.

Pullman Vacuum Upgrade?

We have a pullman b.l.v model Blv 105 serial number 9443. Can we buy replacement accessories for this. House built in 1976 and still have some of the original brushes, etc. I have replaced hose once But would like to have all new tools and brushes. Thanks Ellen Biglerville

Yes, your system, though old, has universal inlets which means any of the complete attachment kits for Pullman here will fit. If you have carpet we recommend the Stealth or Ace (buy it with the corded hose). If you have any questions please let us know.

Replace T21 Head?

is this kit compatible with beam 193 t 21 carpet head nellie

Hi, yes, this kit will replace your T21 kit and fit perfectly with your system.

Standard or Deluxe?

We have an old system with the friction regular size inlet outlet valve but my air driven carpet brush is shot. What all comes with this and will it work? Thanks Marcia , Huntsville, Al.

Hi, you will be happier with the Deluxe Kit because it has a rotating better brush that is better then the one in the Standard Kit. Here is the Deluxe, but you can use either.

Vacumaid with Single Outlet Contact

i have an early 80's vacu-maid system with the single ball in the 1 1/2 dia. inlet. is this the proper hose kit for this application?

Hello, yes this kit will work fine with your inlets. Really any kit will work, even the high-end electric ones. The diameter of the inlet is standard and all the hoses here will trip the contact in the inlet. As usual you will not have control over the suction, but you can if you change your inlet to any of our Basic Inlets, which is not too difficult. Enjoy!

Work with Fasco?

Will this work with a Fasco 851? Serial # 109238. It's an older low voltage system. Sonja in Upstate NY.

Hi Sonja, yes this will work directly with your Fasco Central Vacuum. Thanks for asking.

Work with Vacu-Maid?

30ft Standard Kit with TT27 Brush Part#416S. I have Vacu Maid P225 central vaccum system. Will this work with it. I have mainly hardwood floor throughout the house. THanks, Hamesh Ocean, NJ

Hi Hamesh, yes this kit will work with your system and fit into the inlets on your wall. When you get it, if you have any difficulty inserting it into the wall port then let us know and we'll gladly send you a fix.