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Star Power CV #99026 Replacement Filter Bags

Looking for bags for Star Power Systems Model #99026 Ser# 64027.


The replacement filter bags for your Star Power Model #99026 are our Hyperflow Paper Bags #720HF-5.

Remove Dust Bucket

Do you know how to get change the bag on the Optima by power star central vac. I can get the clips unlatched but can not get the bottom canister off. Also what is the best attachment to use on tile floors.

After you undo the latches you need to twist, thump, and pull the bottom off. Inside it may have a paper bag or permanent cloth filter with a center-weight. For the tile floors we suggest the Axis or two other brushes below the Axis on this page

Mini Breaker Bad on Newer Unit?

Hi, I have a Power Star #99175. It runs for a while then trips breaker on unit. Has good vacuum, no plugged lines. I crossed switch at unit and watched it run. The motor doesn't get hot or smell overheated, and there is very little blue flash from the brush assemblies. I pulled them out and there is lots of length left on the brushes tho they were hot when I took them out but not discolored. Neither the reset switch nor other transformer get hot. Unit is 10 years old but hasn't been used much because cleaning service uses their own vacs. Any ideas? If brushes are bad, do you sell just the brushes? Thanks.. Paul in Wisconsin

It could be a bad mini breaker. That is rare but completely possible. If it is on a board or stand alone you can get the parts here. The top board is the one you want and the stand alone is down the page depending on the amps you need.

Will Not Shut Off

The unit will not shut off when I remove the hose. How can I correct it. Jack, Hillsborough, NJ

Please use this guide for help and solutions. Let us know if you need more help.

99026 Filter Bag Check and Change

I have the 99026 model and without owners manual don't know how to check/change filters. thanks for any help.

It looks like it is top emptying which means you simply lift the lid off the unit and take a look at the dirt level. The bag is open and is wrapped around a support bag. To remove it grap both from a top edge and pull up. If it has been a while since the last change it may be really heavy. Dispose the paper bag and put a new one in place.

Power Star Optima Plus and Utopia Light Indicators

Our optima plus and utopia models have blinking lights. Can you tell me what they mean? How do you reset them?

Excellent questions. First understand that these lights turn on based on the hours of use and do not indicate there is actually any issues or maintenance needed. Blicking Green Light = change bag or empty trash bin (filtration). Blinking Amber Light = change carbon dust filter and check to filtration AND consider an authorized service. Blink Red Light = check filtration and it is time to have authorized service. Blinking Green/Amber/Red = requires service. To reset the lights hold the reset switch for 10 seconds.

Brute Replacment Filter

The built in vaccum is a Brute, at least 20 years old. The diameter of the canister is 14 inches and is 27 inches high. We have not been able to find replacement filters here in Colorado Springs, CO Thanks, Pat

You can find the compatible products we offer listed by model number here,

Relay Needed


We highly recommend using this circuit board to replace all the electrical components. Your electrician can retrofit it in less than an hour. Use the large photo as the wiring guide. All new vacs use a board. You save money and no longer have the problem of finding parts.

KB12880 Vacuum Questions

Another question for you. I checked my unit Brute Power System Model KB12880 in the condo I am purchasing and cannot figure out how to clean the canister. The lid does not come off and it did not look like we could take the bottom off. You mentioned I should purchase filter bags but I have no idea how I would open the unit to put them in. There seems to be a nozzle hole in the unit on the side towards the top. I am not sure what that is for.

Please call us when you are near the system and we can help you figure this out, thanks.

New Home with Central Vac

Hello: I am purchasing a home that has the Brute Power System Model KB12880. There are not accessories for it. I am assuming I need bags and would like suggestions on the unit that might work best for me. The house has hard wood floors and ceramic tile. I will also have area rugs. The house is about 20 years old and the current owner never used the unit. Am I going to need to get it serviced? It is working. If do I find someone in my area? Thank you Leslee, Basking Ridge, NJ

Congratulations on the new home and the central vac. If it is running then you are all set, there is no maintenance other then the filtration. All the hoses and accessories on the website fit the system and with your flooring you can save money and get an air-driven kit such as the TurboCat Deluxe Kit The replacement paper bag is the #723

Star Power System Central Vacuum Model #99225 Replacement Bag

I have a Star Power System Central Vacuum Model # 99225. Where do I buy replacement bags for this system.

Hi, the bag is here It is in stock ready to ship today.

Upgrade Attachment Kit?

I need a new hose, but perhaps should look at a new power kit replacement. I want to see what is available. Susan

Hi Susan, you have all your options for a new power kit for your Star system because you have standard wall ports for the vacuum hose. If you go with an Electric Kit (such as Stealth) be sure to buy the kit with the "8ft cord" that comes out the wall end of the hose and plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The wires are then hidden in the lightweight hose for the 30 or 35-feet. You can start here and let us know if you need more help. By the way, Electric Kits are THE best for any carpeting and of course work on all hard floors too.

Troubleshoot Star Vacuum

Do you have a troubleshooter link that I can check to find out why by Brute 12334 won't reset or work. I've check electric power and breakers, they are OK

Hi, please use this guide

Star A4 Vacuum Bag Filter

I have a Star central vacuum system model A4. I need to order replacement bags but am having trouble locating what I need. The bag I will be replacing has a number (TDSAC20) on and is blue. Can you help me locate the bags I need. Thank you Janet,Dade City,FL

Hi, the Star Vacuum Model A4 (small condo central vac) takes this replacement bag

Accessories and Filter

Just bought this house with a STAR Model 99026 and two hoses. Looking for accessories for tile - wood floor and filter bags. The existing one is cloth and seems pretty skanky

Hi, the filter is probably one of these. Measure the diameter of the unit and then take a look at,710B. All the accessories sold here fit your vacuum system. We have some wonderful ones such as the Manta, CentraMop, and 12-inch brushes here

Star 4-Gallon Bag

My customer has a Optima Star Model 99191 with a 4 Gallon Capacity. The bag fits on a #726 Sealed Bag Adaptor. The installer left an 8 Gallon bag,which is way too large for this unit. Can you recommend a better fitting bag for this application? Thanks, Chuck Ritchie

Hello Chuck, here is a perfect 5-gallon bag for your application.

Brute # XB12119 Bags

I have a central which is no longer manufactured. The replacement bag for this system that I see advertised on various web sites does not appear to be the one that willfit my system. The one that I see advertised has the top of the bag open so vacuum refuse just falls into it. This type of bag will not work in my system because I have an intake pipe approximately 8" down the front side of the tank. The top of my tank is just a flat (with a lip) removable cover. The replacement bags I have tried so far just end up splitting and making a mess (Nutone which doesn't fit very well). Can you help me out? Mark Acushnet, MA.

Hello Mark, you'll need a bag like the Nutone one you used before but one that is stronger. And usually there is a supporting cloth below it so the bag doesn't rip as it fills up. If the diameter of the tank is 14 inches then you can use this support cloth along with this bag.,711

99226 Star Cloth Filter

I have Star Power #99226 and I need to know what model number to replace the cloth filtration bag. Thanks RMyers

Hello, we have two diamensions of cloth bags. 11.5 and 14 . If your unit measures that diameter then we have your bag.,710AV

Star Power Vacuum System Bags

I moved into a home with a Star Power System model # 99226. I am assuming this is the original system from when the house was built 14 years ago. I need bags for it. Can you please tell me which ones to buy from you? Thank you!!

Need Owner's Manual

I have star power central vacume system. Model number is 99226 and I need owner's manual. can you please guide

That is one of the hardest brands to get any help on. We don't have a manual for Star. Central Vacs are, in most ways, all the same. The filtration method differs the most. We have a reference for it on the Star Help Page . There is no maintenance on these systems except for changing the bag or cleaning the filter.