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Length and Weight

What is the width measurement of the 15" length Stealth power attachment, and how much does it weigh?

The overall measurements are 15" x 8-3/4" and it weighs six pounds. Stealth is an industrial grade power head build with the finest materials. It doesn't snap together or use screws that seat in plastic holes. It is the best constructed power head on the market.

Corded or Direct Connect - Inlet has Two Contacts in Hole

I have a Model V20C Broan system. The power beater has a 2 prong plug and the electrical cord is incorporated into the hose. You recommended replacement with a 423NY35 or 423NYC35 Stealth Kit with a 12" head. HOWEVER, in selecting the option of the DIRECT CONNECT or CORDED, I am confused as to whether the CORDED will work with our wall outlets. Ours have 2 little ball bearing type connectors inside the main vac hole, not 2 prongs visible on the outside face of the wall outlet. Please tell me which option will work with existing outlets or a workable alternative. Carolyn Kehl

Thank you for the questions. The option that you need is the "corded" kit. The hose works with the two metal contacts inside the valve and then the cord plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The cord is integrated into the hose. The direct connect version works with the same inlet that also as two small holes for pins to slide into. The two holes are above or below the main suction hole.

Nutone Replacement Hose And Tools

I have an older (2000) Nutone central Vac hose handle gas pump style that the tip broke off of. Are there still parts available to repair this handle? I was thinking maybe it's time to retire the old thing anyway. Which kits would work with my system? I've had Hayden before in an older home and liked it better than the Nutone. I also hear Stealth has a good kit. My garage unit is MD and the hose is a 35' Direct Connect Nutone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nutone offers different handle styles, some of which are not supported anymore so it may be hard to find the right part. Our Stealth kit will fit your system and have great reviews and long life. We also offer the kits with the Direct Connect hose and in 35' lengths.

Stealth Head on Old Electric Hose

I have a 15 year old MD cental vacuum system that has worked well all these years. Two weeks ago I broke the power head. Can I just order a new Stealth power head and use it on my old powered hose system???

Yes, you can use the Stealth vacuum head with your old electric vacuum hose. Just double check the key measurement on the hose handle end. That there is 2 inches between the metal nipple and the plastic handle housing. To see this measurement look at the bottom right photo here

Plush Frasse Carpet

We love our Stealth attachment on our central vac, but we recently replaced our carpet in the bedroom with a super plush frasse twist carpet and can't vacuum without the red light coming on. We've raised the height all the way and opened the bleeder all the way, but it still bogs down so much that we can't vacuum. Is there anything else we can try? Connie from Springfield, IL

Hi, actually, you want to check with the carpet manufacturer. May times they have strict guidelines on vacuuming these carpets. We recommend not vacuuming until you are clear on the guidelines. There is a way to get a bit more height on the Stealth. Take off the top cover an snip the plastic tab that stops the height knob from rotating further.

Electrolux Nozzle Replacement?

I am looking for a replacement power nozzle to an Electrolux central vac system N Series, ECV 1590A. The nozzle is model number N109D. Also, is it posible the existing nozzle could be repaired? Thanks

Hi, it may be possible to repair. If you end up needing a new kit, the Stealth Kit is the way to go. It plugs right into your system and can use any attachments sold here since the connections on it are standard verses Electrolux which are proprietary.

Beam Compatible with Stealth Nozzle?

I have a 23+ year old Beam system w/separate cord on the hose that plugs into an ordinary outlet. The hose is fine but the carpet brush (electric) needs replacing. We have pets (bad shedders), Berber carpet & hardwoods. I don't need anything except the carpet attachment. What do you recommend?

Hello, we highly recommend replacing your Beam power head and the hose, etc. with the Stealth Kit or other Electric Kit. It is a better quality vacuum and comes with a hose that provides you 27% more suction. Just the sound of the air rushing into the new hose will excite you! The RugMaster connection to the hose you have is not standard so replacing the hose and vacuum, in our opinion, is the best decision. New kits fit right into your wall ports and work with your system without a hitch. Thanks for asking.

RugMaster Vacuum Replacement?

Ben from Columbia. I have a beam system and a rugmaster plus. I need a new power head the motor is dead. Do I need to replace the hose and the power head? It has worked great for 10 years and would like to get another 10 years form the new one. The only time I have had trouble is when we had a x-mas tree and vacuumed up the needles it clogged the line. I have allergies and love the fact that I can vacuum up cat hair and dust and the exhaust is in the garage. Thanks for your help.

Hello Ben, the Stealth is a far superior product and offers as much or more years of service. We wish for you to test it, and you can for 30-days! The bad news is the Stealth will not fit your older hose. In fact, if the cord on yours has three pins it is completely obsolete. There are some RugMasters with two pin cords available for around $200 elsewhere but we recommend a complete upgrade. The new hose in the Stealth attachment kit, for instance, gives a solid 27% more vacuum power! The Stealth Kits and other Electric Kits fit right into your vacuum system. Take a minute to read the comments and please consider the upgrade.

Whirlpool Central Vac with 1-1/2 inch Inlets

I have a Whirlpool model fb9900 xso 11 amps installed in 1989, with a 1.5 inch inlet opening. Will the stealth brush kit for Kenmore whole house vacuums work for me? I have a 30 ft hose, but would like to get a 35 ft hose if possible. Do I need an adapter to fit the 1.5 inch inlet opening? Don

Hello, the Stealth will be an awesome addition to your system. Since you have the normal size inlets you can get the regular corded Stealth Kit with 35ft hose. Here it is, enjoy!

Sequoia Upgrade?

I have a Sequoia in-wall central vac system. Our house was built in the early 70's. I need to replace the hose/power nozzle/attachments......will your stealth system be compatable? Presently I have a corded 8' pigtail....can it be converted to a direct connect?

Hello, the Stealth is an excellent product for all Sequoia models and it fits right in. You'll have to buy the corded version of the Stealth Kit if you don't have two small holes above the main suction port hole at the wall. There really is not an easy way to add the 110 voltage to the inlets, but if you want to see if it is at all possible with yours then remove the faceplate and see if the backing plate is 1) plastic, and 2) has holes, gaps, beween the intake hole and the top of edge. If so, give us a call for more information.

Pullman Vacuum Compatible?

I have a Pullman-Holt system. The hose "plug" end measures app. 7/8" deep to metal band and the band is 3/8" wide. The diameter at the metal band is 1.55" dia. Will the Stealth unit work? Thanks, George Flew Jackson, TN

Hello George, yes the Stealth Kit and the hose will work extremely well in your Pullman System. Pullman used the industry standard vacuum inlets as seen on this page, so you know it will fit. Purchase the 8ft cord version of the kit to get the electricity into the vacuum hose. The wires are hidden in the hose so you only have to move the hose, no cords, around when vacuuming. We can't wait to hear how your carpets look after using the Stealth! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Fasco System Compatible?

My name is Dewayne Shouse form Buckhorn, KY. My office has a Fasco vacume system installed with an old T210 twelve inch cleaning head and hose kit. The T210 has never cleaned very well and both it and the hose are in bad condition and need replaced. Will a new Stealth work for us? If so, which kit would be our best value?

Hello Dewayne, the Stealth and other Electric Kits fit into your older system and into the wall ports you have. They will all clean your office very well. The Stealth is built more industrial and is quieter. All of them have auto-shutdown and vacuum up just about everything they come in contact with. Buy an 8ft cord version. The cord plugs into an electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum port. The wires are hidden in the hose for the 30 or 35ft so you don't have to worry about dragging around any cords. Let us know if you have any more questions. Enjoy the product!

Nutone Older System Compatible?

I have a Nutone 398 NE system - very old (1980's) and the power head still works but the hose piece that connects to the handle and powerhead has developed a crack - do I need to replace the whole powerhead or can I just get the piece of hose - also what power head would work - My hose has the power cord that attaches. Carol Ste Genevieve, Missouri

Hi Carol, any of our Stealth or Electric Kits will fit your older Nutone. If you want to replace just the hose then you need our Electric Hose. If you want to replace the vacuum you can use the Stealth or BlackHawk power heads. If you have any more questions please let us know. Oh, the old wall ports you have may be a smidge too small so simply scrape a bit of plastic off the two hose ridges. Easy to do, you will see exactly what to do when you get the hose or new complete kit. Enjoy!

VacuMaid, Compare with TurboCat

I have a Vacu-maid system installed in our home about 8 years ago. The T21 turbo head never worked very well and frequently jammed. We had it fixed several times, but it never worked well. We have cat and dog hair and a lot of dust out in the county (rugs, carpet, and tile). Will an electric head fit directly into the system? In other words, can I use my existing hose? Do I need any conversion parts??? Also, the price difference between the Tubocat PB-490BLV or the electric head is significant ($150 vs. $500). What is the primary reason? Which would you recommend? Thanks.

Hello, the T21 used a hose that didn't have 110 volts in it so you will have to buy a complete new kit with hose if you upgrade to electric. That will be more money, but your home will be a lot cleaner, fresher, and your carpets will look great. The Stealth and other electric nozzles and the hose will fit into your existing system. Stealth is bullet-proof . The Turbocat is a lot like your old T21. It is air powered so you can use your existing hose, but your carpets will not be nearly as happy with it. The price difference is big now but over time is well worth the initial investment. Your home and household will appreciate and feel the difference.

Electrolux Central Vac Hose and Vacuum Replacements?

Monette from Alpharetta, GA. We have a Beam Model 397C with Electrolux pig-tailed attachment kit. We need to replace the kit due to wear. What Stealth kit is compatible with this configuration?

Hello, yes the complete Stealth Kit with 8ft cord hose will fit directly into your system and it is a direct replacement for your worn Electrolux hose and vacuum. Enjoy!

VacuQueen Compatible?

Anne, Raleigh, NC Hi there! We have what looks like an old Vacu-Queen V3000 unit in our house and the motorized unit doesn't have hardly any suction. The hose has lots of duck tape as well, in short, probably needs to be replaced. It appears that it is a 'basic' hose system, ie just plug into the wall and that's it, no prongs or cords or switches. The Stealth models don't appear to be compatible, but I did note in your text that you could upgrade - could you describe how this works? Is there anything else on the main system in the garage that needs maintenance - owners didn't leave any original docs. Thanks very much!

Hello Anne, congratulations on the home and the central vac. You can begin to systematically test the system using this guide You really do want to get a new hose - duct tape means loss of suction and a less clean home. Yes, the Stealth and other kits will fit your system. The electric Stealth Kit plugs into your wall receptacle and the 8ft cord that comes out the wall end of the hose gets plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. If you order a electric kit buy the one with the 8ft cord in the description. You are not limited to 8ft, the wires are hidden in the long hose and come out the end of the hose into a cord. For the maintenance of the system it is really simple. Lift up the top of the vacuum unit and you will find a cone shape coffee-like filter. Did they leave any of those for you? Change that every few months and you will be go to go! Happy vacuuming!

Kenmore - Replacing Power Brush, Hose, and Attachments.

kathy kingman kansas I have a kenmore model 116.57181 with a 1.5in opening in the wall. the exisitng unit has a pigtail for the powerbrush. I would like to replace the hose powerbrush and attachments. which of your products do i need? thanks

Hello Kathy, good question, you did your homework. You have a couple options and none require any change to your system. The Stealth is a powerful high-end kit and we have other electric kits as well. If you want Stealth be sure to buy on with 8ft cord . Stealth has incredible cleaning, shuts-down automatically saving the belt from every breaking, and is quiet. The Stealth is adjustable, durable, and wide. All the kits come with the hose and attachments. Compare them here

M&S Hose - Need Powered Brush

I have an Air Vac system and hose. My M & S Power Brush needs to be replaced. I orderd the Hayden SuperPack Delux but it doesn't connect to my hose, model #BCF 27 BCE, Series xy. Is there a power head with wand that will work with my direct connect hose? Thank you. Jacquie Byrne in Seattle, WA

Hello Jackquie, there were a lot of varieties of hoses they used. The best thing to do - next to replacing it with a complete new electric kit - is take it to a central vacuum store. Call them first to see if they have a variety of brushes and one that may fit your hose. Please use the dealer locator here or your phone book under vacuum systems . The Stealth is an awesome brush, best on the market, but will not fit your hose, sorry!

Beam B1500 - Stealth Replacement?

I purchased a beam system in early 2002. I have a b1500 power head.This head has been very unreliable.I have had several wire connections burn out,or break.head light will flicker at best. I have now gone through my second motor in power head. The dealer who I bought unit from said last motor was new style upgraded model.This one lasted about two years. Dealer is telling me, what I need is newer style power head!!!! System is flawless except this MAJOR problem!!!!! Can you give any direction?


We feel your frustration. Fortunately, we have a GREAT upgrade for you! Our Stealth Power Brush is highly rated by our customers and has a wonderful track record. The Stealth Brush has a LIFETIME Warranty on the Belt, 5- Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the remaining brush components. You can read what our customers love most about this fantastic brush here . You have the option of purchasing the brush alone or you can opt to purchase the complete Stealth Kit. We guarantee that you will love this product or your Money Back! Test Drive the Stealth Today for 30 days by clicking here or call us today at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST).

ThoroMatic Electric Nozzle Replacement? Other Electric Brands to.

I just purchased a home in N.C. and it comes with a central vacuum system. It was installed in 1989 and still is in fine shape but I need a new carpet attachment and I wanted to know if the stealth was right and if so which hose do I need. Originally it came with AB-2A deluxe air driven carpet brush and EB-2A electric driven carpet brush plus a 30 ft 1 1/4 inch current carrying hose. Do I need the hose I have two,one has a cord attached and one does not. I appreciate any help you can give me. the model vacuum is the thoro-matic TM-2. Thanks again .Ginny

Hello Ginny Yes, the Stealth Kit will fit right into all systems that use an electric cleaning nozzle. It fits the wall ports for your vacuum system and works seamlessly. It is a fantastic upgrade! We recommend purchasing the complete kit which will include the hose. Why? The newer hoses are lightweight, crush-proof, 360 degree swivel at the handle which reduces kinking and has 27% more airflow over the 1 1/4 hoses, not to mention a 2-Year Warranty. Our Stealth Brush also has an outstanding warranty. You get a Lifetime Warranty on the Belt, 5-Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the remaining brush components. We have these kits available with 30' and 35' hoses. You may want to be sure that you choose the kit with a Corded Hose.

Nutone Electric Kits vs MD Stealth Kit

We recently purchased a home with a nutone system approx 7yrs old. All of the accessories are well used and need to be replaced. I have tile/wood/area rugs down stairs and carpet upstairs. I would probably like two hoses so I do not have to bring it up and down. What are your suggestions for starting over with this system? We have the pigtail version of hose currently with a electric beater and a dual use head that supposedly goes from solid floor to carpet. How would the Stealth compare to replacing with new nutone items? THANKS, Kimberly

Hello Kimberly, you ask a great question and we are going to go into detail for everyone to read. The Nutone CT600 is an old industry standard brush packaged under many different names including Kenmore PowerMate (older style), Hayden (as sold here at MD), and others. It truly has stood the test of time as a durable, reliable vacuum head. It's biggest issues are breaking belts easily and being one of the tallest brushes around. It is the best brush though for shag type carpets - fibers over one inch long. Less durable is Nutone's CT650 with its thinner plastic and not as solid feeling. It also suffers from bad steering. You can find this same brush sold under different names around the industry. Comparing these brushes with MD's Italian made Stealth, you get a brush that has only had one belt break in over 12 years, with 10's of 1000's sold. It is also made of industrial plastic, Lexan, and is put together with several heavy duty bolts. The wheels are real, non-marking, rubber. It has a height adjustment in 10 increments to fine tune the best vacuuming height. It gets under more furniture and is quieter than all other brushes on the market today. Here is a chart that compares the brushes we sell. The Hayden (CT600 is not on it because we usually only sell it to specific customers.) Also, here is the link to Stealth. If you decide to buy, get one with the 8ft cord since you have that style already. The comparison chart gives you the noteworthy differences. The Stealth Kit comes with two sets of brushes. One for carpet and one for hard floors. You can use the Stealth on hard floors for a quick clean. Just turn off the brush and leave the suction on (using the handle controls). The hard floor brush is better for hard floors, though, because of the action on the floor from the bristles. Also, for your second hose, buy a "corded" one here if you desire to. Hope this lengthy answer is what you need to make an educated decision. Let us know if you need something more. Thank you.

Hoover Central Vacuum Fit ?

Hi, I have a ten year old Hoover Windtunnel central vac system. Model # S5613. Would the Stealth kit fit this vacuum? If so what all would I need for it? Thanks, Julie Willson

Hello Julie, yes the Stealth will fit right into the wall ports of your vacuum system and work seamlessly with it. Enjoy, is it a fantastic setup.

Nutone Fit?

I have a nutone CV450 vacuum system unit. I need all new attachments. What will work with this unit?

Hello, you have a lot of great options. The best option for carpeted homes being Stealth. All the kits on our website will fit your system because the ports in your wall and the Nutone units are compatible with them. Please start on this page

Hoover Garage Vac Attachment Kit?

Hello, I have a Hoover garage utility vac and I was wondering, can I use the stealth kit with my utility vac? It's not a central vac in that there are no inlets in the house - the hose would attach directly to the canister. Thanks.

Hello, yes you can use the Stealth Kit. All it is needs is a bit of suction and the Stealth, with all is power, will do the rest. You will need the pigtail corded hose version of the Stealth Kit. When not using the Stealth nozzle but only the hose, the suction may not be as powerful as a central vacuum, so be aware of that. But in all, you should really enjoy the benefits of the Stealth Kit.

Vacumaid Compatible?

I have a vacu-maid system and use a corded hose. The connection between the hose and the wand shorted out frying the ends. Time for a replacement. Will the Stealth power attachments be compatible with my vacu-maid system?

Hello, we are excited for you to try the Stealth with the Vacumaid system. It is a perfect fit and will really bring the system to life. You will love how it cleans - we guarantee it.