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Fasco Compatible?

My mother has a Fasco MasterVac II, 120V, put in some time in the 80's. She needs a new hose, head, etc. What will work for her?

Hi, you've done some excellent research! Yes, the Stealth Kit is a great replacement for her. All our electric kits are wonderful replacements. Buy the corded version to fit her system without having to change a thing.

Beam Needs to Get Up-to-Speed

I have a Beam system which is 7 years old. The hose handle is cracked and gets intermittent power as a result. So, I either have to replace the entire hose mechanism, the handle part, or just upgrade the hose, wand, etc. What should I do? The unit also smells horrible. Do you sell the bag I need, and is there a product which can clean the duct work? Lastly, what is the difference between the Stealth and the Stealth II, and are they compatable with my unit? The unit came with a Beam Butler wand. Will there be a noticable difference between the Stealth and the Butler?(We have 2 large dogs)

Yes, the Stealth is the best choice for replacement and for cleaning up after the dogs. There is a huge difference in quality from the Butler, you'll be surprised. Also, use the TornadoPower cloths. Run them, several of them, through the hose, duct work, and leave them in the Beam. They clean internally and smell great. Yes, you should get a new filter. Please measure the diameter of the inside of the can where it is seated,711B. When you need to remove the filter pull in from the edge, it flexes and falls out. If you have any other questions please let us know.

AirVac Systems, AV525A

I have an Air-Vac 525 central vac unit, model #AV525A, S/N L941143 120Vac, 13 Amps, 60HZ manufactured by M&S Systems, Inc. a Nortek Co. Can I upgrade to the Stealth system? My home is two levels with carpet upstairs and hardwood floors and tile/marble downstairs. The home is approximately 4400 sq ft. My central vac needs to be upgraded since it is approximately 14 years old. Thanks, Jane Lambert

The Stealth is an incredible upgrade for the AV525A. You will need the corded version most likely, 30 or 35ft hose, and it will fit right into your wall inlets. You will only need to plug the electric pigtail cord in when using the Stealth on your carpet. The lightweight hose has wires hidden inside, you only move around a hose, no cords. The kit comes with a wide tool for the hard floors too. Our customers make us proud with their high reviews of the Stealth and we hope you will be able to chime in with them after you feel all the dirt flowing up the Stealth and down your new and improved hose!

Buy Components Separately?

We have a 4-year old AirVac AV-2500 System w/an AirVac air turbine powerhead (non-electric 1.5" wall outlets). I'd like to say it sucks but it doesn't. Our carpets were starting to look ratty so I borrowed an Oreck upright from a neighbor & now the carpets look great! It looks like the Stealth may be the answer to making our central vac useful again? A few questions: - Am I correct we can convert to the electric Stealth? - Can I just purchase the 12" Stealth, 30' electric powerhouse, and 8' electric cord or do I need to buy the entire kit? Steve Spring Hill, FL

Great choice. We stand by the Stealth Kit and what it will do for your vacuum system. It will fit right into your 1.5 inch diameter inlets and it sounds like you need the 8ft cord version. That's it, there is nothing you need to change on your system, just buy the 30ft or 35ft hose 8ft cord Stealth Kit. Buying the components separately will not save you money. If you buy separately remember you will need the telescopic wand as well to mate the hose with the Stealth (#406ST). Let us know if you have further questions. Here is the Stealth page

4 Kids, Couple of Area Rugs


Our Hayden Kit is the exact replacement but you have some considerations. Because you only have area rugs, you could buy a Deluxe Kit (non-electric) and save $. It will clean the throw rugs, but not as good as the Hayden, especially with the traffic you have at home. If you do want to have the power and longevity of a electric nozzle, such as the Hayden, you should also consider the Stealth Kit. Stealth is heavier duty and will not break any belts. It fits directly into your system.

Smart Compatible?

We have an old Smart System (Model 1600). The unit itself works great but the floor and power head are in need of replacement. Will the Stealth System work on our model?

Yes, the Stealth Kit is compatible and a fantastic compliment to the Smart system.

Vacu-Maid - Large Home, Lots of Vacuuming

I purchased a home with an existing Vacu-maid P-125 system. I would like to upgrade the attachments. I am interested in your opinion as to which kit would be right for me. When I checked my inlets, they are 1.5 inch in diameter, but I only see one metal contact. I have about 3,000 square feet of carpet and 3,000 square feet of hardwood/stone floors. I also have 4 small children and 3 cats. I live on a farm and so vacuuming and dusting are required at least 3 x week. What do you suggest? Thanks for your time!

The Stealth Kit is the greatest solution for your unique home. Your inlet valve hole may be slightly larger in diameter than standard so you may want to buy a #302CT to slip over the hose end (just push it on and it stays real well). Thanks for asking.

14DX Replacement?

I have a Sequoia 700 central vac with 14DX powerbrush. Will the Stealth system work with the Sequoia system.

Yes, the Stealth Kit is a wonderful upgrade. The Stealth is quiet, doesn't break belts, has a softer more flexible hose, and is worth every penny. We guarantee it!

Hoover: Replace Head or Kit?

I have the Hoover Central Vac Model #S-5673 which came with the quadraflex 'powermatic' carpet brush. It does a very poor job at cleaning the carpet. Can I just replace this part with something else without having to buy a whole new kit? If so, how much will it be? I need a price including shipping and tax if any. Thank you. Alcea Aprung

With the Hoover you should replace the entire kit because all the connections on the Hoover brush and hose and are non-standard. The new kit will fit into your wall inlets with no problem - buy a corded 8ft cord kit if you had a pigtail corded hose before - or if not then the direct connect version. Upgrading to the Stealth will also allow you to use any other unique cleaning accessories on the website.

Stealth Dual Purpose?

Is the brush in the kit a dual purpose or single purpose brush ?

The Stealth of course is used for carpet. It can also be used on hard floor surfaces for a quick clean IF you shut the brush off and leave the suction on. You don't want to beat your hard floors. For a better clean, use the included hard floor tool. It channels the air better for more debris pick up and the bristles aggitate the floor. Leave one set of wands in the Stealth and leave the other set in the hard floor brush. Then you simply need to change from one to the other without bending down. This is really the best way to get the cleanest home. Thanks for asking.

14 inch vs 12 inch

I'm thinking of buying a new power nozzle. Is there any difference in the Stealth 14" vs 12" aside from size? Do they have the same technology and features? Thank you.

Excellent choice! Both sized nozzles come with the exact same technology and features. The 12 inch version shoud be consider when there is a lot of LONG people or pet hair to vacuum up or if the carpeted areas are smaller with narrower areas. Enjoy.

Performance on Shag

How does this power head perform on Shag Carpets ? Is there a height adjustment ?

Carpet with blunt cut over one inch long is going to be a challenge for the Stealth. Beware, many times carpet manufacturers ask that you don't beat long shag carpets with a traditional vacuum roller brush in order to prolong the carpet's life. Please check with the manufacturer. The Stealth does have a height adjustment but the Hayden nozzle in the Hayden Kit adjusts the furthest.

Filtex Use Stealth?


Yes, the Stealth Kit is a great upgrade, probably the best upgrade, for the Filtex system. Do you have metal inlet valve doors with Filtex on them? If so, that opening is slightly larger than standard hose ends. You can overcome it by changing them out or by pushing this hose end on to the end of the new hose. It is all worth it, the Stealth will bring new life to your carpets and the hose will bring in more suction for deeper, quicker cleaning.

VacuFlo - Long Cords?

I have a vacuflo turbocat system currently. I was not aware of an electrical hose system. How do the two work together? Do I need to have a long cord dragging around with me and my hose or does it plug in close to the outlet for the hose? My upstairs of my house is carpeted and the downstairs is mostly hardwood. I was going to purchase another deluxe kit that I currently have for the upstairs, but I'm wondering if the electric kit would be better for my upstairs as that is all carpeted. Please advise

Yes, you have discovered a very good thing for your home! For your upstairs you will love the Stealth Kit. Buy a 'corded' kit. That means when you plug the hose into the inlet you also plug a pigtail electrical cord into an electrical outlet within 8ft. The wires are hidden in the hose, you only drag around a hose, not a cord. Note that if you have Vacuflo inlets, you may lose on/off control of the suction (you will have control of the electric brush). If you lose on/off control of the suction and it bothers you, you can easily replace the inlet faceplate with our Vacuflo adaptor and new faceplate for about $20/inlet. See the Vacuflo page for details.

Same as Lindhaus?

Recently looked at buying a Lindhaus power nozzle and a Broan hose kit from a local dealer but after finding your site am considering buying the stealth kit from you. Are there any differences between the Stealth powerhead and the one that lindhaus sells under its own name???

We buy our brushes directly from Lindhaus in Italy. They are awesome brushes for any central vacuum. When you get ours you will see the Lindhaus label on the bottom of it - the same as the one directly from Lindhaus but made for MD for the central vacuum market.

Beam - Work with My System?

Hi, I have Beam model 191, it is about 20 years. Does the Stealth work with my system? Thanks Paul

Yes, the Stealth will work great with your Beam system, a perfect match. In fact, it will work with all systems. Your Beam inlets have a 1.5" diameter inlet hole which is industry standard. Most likely your inlets don't say 110 volt so you will need a Stealth Kit with a corded hose (the wires are hidden in the hose and the wall end of the hose has an 8' cord you plug into a nearby electrical outlet). Now all you have to do is choose between the 30' or 35' hose and then enjoy the cleaner carpets and floors.

Beam RV System Compatible?

I have the RV Beam's central vacuum systems would like to know if any of your electric power heads would fit it. Josie Womack

Yes, the Stealth will work great with your Beam system, a perfect match. In fact, it will work with all systems. Your Beam inlets have a 1.5 diameter inlet hole which is industry standard. Unfortunately the shortest hose is 30' which may be overkill for the RV. If you have the room for storing it, though, it will be worth every dime! Be sure to buy the 'corded' Stealth Kit because your vacuum inlet probably doesn't say 110 volt.

Grand Beamco Central System Compatibility

I have a 35-yr old Grand Central (Beamco) system. The hose was replaced about 5 yrs ago. Can I use your Stealth kit with my present hose, which includes 110V in the hose? Is Stealth a standard 1-1/4" connection with an electrical pigtail (which I could then adapt to Beamco's ac plug on the hose)? Or, do I have to buy your hose to use with Stealth? If so, do you have an adapter for your hose from your 2-prong power to my single prong power connection at the wall?

Hello, the Beamco utilizes a single prong inlet for low voltage and 110 volts. There is nothing like it available. You will have to look for the dealer/installer/manufacturer in your area. They were pretty much a localized deal.

Parts for Stealth Kit

I own a Stealth PB14e complete attachment kit. The plastic housing at the top of the metal tube that connects to the vacuum head has broken. Can I purchase just the metal tube with the plastic housing? The broken plastic piece is used to plug in the handle of the hose. Thanks.

The upper metal tube you need is #406SU and is in Extension Wands. We also have Hose Parts, Stealth Parts, and complete replacements.

Broan System - Best Attachment Kit for My Central Vac?

My home has a broan cv40d central vac system in place with 50/50 carpet hardwood floors. Which top end attachment hose kit would best suit my needs?

As you might have suspected, the Stealth Attachment Kit is by far the best you will find on the market for Broan or any central vac. The brush is built the old fashioned way with durable materials, lots of stainless steel screws, a "never" breaking belt, etc. The hose too is the best around, being resilient and lightweight with great airflow. We offer a no questions asked 30-day complete refund if not thrilled with the product. If your Broan is older, the inlets may be tight with the modern hose. If so, simply remove some plastic off the hose end. Buy the hose with an 8-foot cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet on your wall. The hose has the wires inside it so you only have to deal with the hose when vacuuming - no cords. Determine if you want a 30ft or 35ft hose with the Stealth kit. Both the sizes are here for the Stealth Kit for older Broan Central Vacuum.

Stealth Hose Needed

I need a new 30' hose but need to know which one I need. I have a Lindhaus Power nozzle Model PB 12" E. The hose I have now I have to plug a cord into a 110 volt outlet and the other end has a small 2 pin plug that connects into the hose at the wall outlet end. The nozzle end has a 2 pin female plug that the power brush plugs into. The vacuum system starts up when you insert the vacuum end into the wall. I also have a switch on the handle that shuts the power brush beater on & off. The system is at least 10 years old. Please advise. Thank You

That is the power nozzle MD exclusively sells and is known as "Stealth". You have an older style hose. This newer one fits all Stealths and turns off the air as well as the electricity. The perfect replacement for hoses with a cord that plugs into an electrical wall oulet as well as the vacuum inlet is a,353GC. If your electric hose has two pins that plug directly into an electrified 110 volt vacuum inlet then you need a,353GC. That's it!

Nutone - Which Attachments Should I Buy?

I just purchased a home that already had a Nutone CVAC Model 350 but no accessories. How do I know which attachments to buy? Thanks for your help.

The main key to getting the most from your central vacuum system is getting an accessory kit that matches your flooring. If you have carpet it is highly recommended to have an electric powered kit such as the Stealth Kit You won't need to change anything in your system for a new kit to connect and work. If you don't have carpets or only a couple small area ones with little pet hair on them then save money with an air powered kit

50-50 Carpet and Hardwood

If you have 50% carpet and 50% hard wood, is the Stealth the way to go, or the air driven model best for this combination.

If you have children or pets or enjoy a deeper cleaned carpet you would want to use the Stealth Kit. It costs a couple hundred more but overtime that's just a couple dollars a month and in return it helps preserve your carpets and health.

Nutone - Best Kit for Industrial Use?

I have a Nutone Model 599. The power nozzle has torn up from the nozzle to the connection of the hose. will this work for a replacement? This system is in our church. Thanks

Yes, the Stealth Kit works with the Nutone system, all of them, and makes for a long lasting clean especially where durability is an issue. Stealth is the preferred brush for industrial use! Here is the Stealth Kit page

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.