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Galaxie Vac Compatible? Explain How Electricity Powers It

I just purchased a home that already had a Galaxie GA-100 central vacuum cleaner system installed. I need to replace all the attachments that came with it, but I am unsure about whether I need a direct connection or an 8ft cord. Could you please fill me in on the differences between the two? Thanks in advance for your response to this.

The Stealth would be a fantastic addition to your Galaxie, any model. Take a look at the inlets in your wall. There is a 1.5 inch diameter hole the hose is inserted into. Inside that hole are two small round metal contacts. When these are crossed your suction turns on. This happens when the hose is inserted or via the switch on an on/off hose. This has nothing to do with running an electric vacuum cleaner brush. To run a brush you need 110 volts, not low voltage contacts. The 110 volts is supplied in one of two ways. First, some inlets have two small holes above the main hole for 110 volts, plus the inlet will say it has 110 volts (usually in the lid). (NOTE: if you have a Vaculfo system, they produced inlets that these two holes where low voltage, not 110 volt - only Vacuflo did this.) If your inlets don't have the two small holes then you will need a corded hose. The corded hose has the wires hidden in the hose but at the wall end of the hose an 8-foot extension cord comes out. Plug this cord into a nearby electric outlet. When you are vacuuming you only have a hose to move around the room, not an extension cord. Hope that helps! Enjoy the benefits of the Stealth kit!