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How Many Screws?

We need to replace our Stealth bottom shoe plate which has broken. However, the shoe plate on the unit now is attached with only four screws. Is this the same shoe plate as part no. 49033? And if so, where does the fifth screw go?

The replacement shoe plate for the Stealth powerhead is part #49033 and although it may appear to have 5 screws, there are actually only 4 screws which hold it in place. To view/purchase this replacement part, please click the following link: Stealth Shoe Plate.

Screws for Stealth Base Plate

Does the Stealth Bottom Brush Shoe Plate part number 49033 include the five screws required for installation? If not, where can I find them?

The screws for the base plate are sold separately and individually. You can find them here

stealth bottom shoe plate

How will I know this Stealth bottom brush shoe Plate will fit my model(PB14")

If you are referring to part number PB133 and our part number 49033 this is the correct part for the PB14 Stealth Brush and remember you do have 30 day satisfaction on any part you purchase from us.

Electrolux N106M Belt

Need a replacement belt for Electrolux Power Head N106M. Belt is 5/16" wide, 3/8" cog centers and 5" long when flat. Thanks.

Hello, sorry we don't carry that belt. Please try another Google search.