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EBK340L Replacement Wand?

I have an Air Vac 2500 with a Type EBK340L electric powered carpet tool/beater bar. I am in need of the replacement wand because the latch that controls the length has broken. The wand is of course one that has the cord attached and electrical connection on both ends. I would also be interested in a replacement wand for the regular floor tool as well. The extension latch has broken on this one too. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we do not carry a replacement wand for the EBK340L.

Stealth II Wand Replacement? Release Only?

The release lever on my Stealth II wand has broken. Do I need to replace the entire wand? If so, which wand do I purchase?

The Stealth II wand and parts are here,406STQ. The wand in question here is not compatible with Stealth II.

Replace Stealth II? Replace Older Stealth Wand?

I need a wand that fits into the sleath brush that I purchased about 3 years ago. Is this the one I need?

If you have a Stealth II please call us for the correct wand. If it doesn't say Stealth II on the vacuum power head then you actually need this wand Only the very latest Stealth brush heads take this integrated wand and they are the Stealths with a very short electrical cord - about 6 inches.