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VacuFlo with Metal Nubs on Hose

I have a 30 year old Vac u Flow system and have been using the Turbo Cat for several years. After replacing the belt a few times, it's now making very strange clicking noises like a ball bearing is loose. I have a direct connect [two prongs which connect above the inlet hole]. Which Stealth would I need? Do I need to change hoses since mine is fairly new. The electric plugs are not very close to the hose inlets.

You have the proprietary hose and inlets. The metal nubs are for low voltage and cause the suction to turn on and off. Moving to the electric Stealth kit is a great idea and you can do it but you'll have to but the adapters and inlets to replace yours and then a Stealth kit with a pigtail corded hose. So you'd plug the new hose into the new outlet and then the cord into a nearby electrical outlet. The cord is 8ft long and attached to the wall end of the new hose. Here is the information on the adapter and new faceplate

Stealth II Max Kit Special?

Now that the Stealth II is available can it be bought as a combo like the Stealth I?

Yes, please call us and we'll give you the hose sock for free when you buy a Stealth II and Max Kit I together. Thanks for asking!

Switch Operation

Does the hose on the Stealth have an on off button? And can it turn off the brush part of the Stealth? I saw a Wessel Werk that had that feature. Thanks.

The switch on the hose handle turns the vacuum brush on and off as well as the suction. Very convenient features.

Long Hair - Buy 12 or 14 Inch Stealth Kit?

I have a Beam system with a Turbocat Zoom that I'm looking to replace. We don't have pets but I do have long hair and the brush is constantly getting hair caught around it and I have to take it apart to clean the hair out. It seems from what I've read that an electric powered head is the way to go. My local vacuum store has a Wessel system that they recommend. My house is mostly hardwood but the larger rooms do have large area rugs. Is the Stealth my best bet? I saw that you recommended the 12" to someone with long hair -- why? Thanks so much.

Certainly hair is one of the largest issue for vacuum cleaners. The TurboCat passes all dirt and hair through the inner turbine and it can get stuck in there. Electric heads pick up hair and it goes straight into the airway where there are no moving parts. The roller brush, depending on the design and bearings, can have issues. The Stealth has a single row of brushes so hair rarely wraps around it. Long hair on the 14" Stealth roller brush can eventually slip into the "wing" side and build up around the bearing. It is super easy to fix and does no damage (since it has sealed bearings) but if you want no issues at all then buy the 12" Stealth Kit. The hair has no where to go but into the airflow. Thank you for the insightful question.

Stealth vs Wessel

I'm getting ready to install my central vacuum and I'm trying to decide on either a Wessel Werk or the Stealth Power Brush. What makes the Stealth better then the Wessel Werk as it is considerably more exspensive but I'm willing to pay for a better brush. Thanks

Hi, these are two great brushes with excellent craftsmanship. The Stealth, in our opinion, has the edge though with it's circuit board controlled sensitivity to shutting down when jammed. The brush, belt, and the jammed item all come out less damaged. The Stealth is also quieter, and has a bit better edge cleaning and fits under more furniture.

Stealth II?

What happened to the stealth II?

Hi, Stealth II is being reworked at the hose handle to wand connection. We hope to be selling it again by the middle of 2010. For anyone wondering, Stealth II offered a quick release brush lever that is operated with a foot. It makes for convenient vacuuming when you only need the wand and you are using the Stealth.

Requires Electrical Hose

Hi, I have recently purchased a whole new unit with hoses. I really would love to have the Stealth electric beater brush for carpet. However, I don't want or need any of the other accessories. Can I only buy that alone and if so can you tell me to do it? I am only seeing it available as a kit. Thanks so much and you have been wonderful to deal with in the past! We love MD!!

Hi, Looking at your past purchases I don't see anything with an electric hose. The incredible Stealth brush requires an electric hose with a pigtail electric cord on the wall end (for your system) that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. Do you have one of those?

High Pile Carpet

We purchased a home that has a Fasco Master II M852SVDM central vac system. I haven't used it in a long time because I have a rainbow & oreck that I use often, however now that I am home I plan to use it more. Problem is that my electric carpet (beater brush attachment) won't run. What could I replace that with? Could I just replace the motor to it. We have recently replaced our carpet with a "high pile" carpet. What do recommend for this type carpet or what do you suggest I do. Thanks

Hello, the Stealth works best on nearly all carpets under one inch tall. If super dense and taller then use another one of our electric nozzles such as the Hayden. In your situation, you'll have to buy a new hose and tool kit. They will work correctly together and clean extremely well. They all fit directly into your wall vacuum ports and you'll need a kit with the "8ft cord" pigtail on the hose. Here is more information for the Fasco system Let us know if you need any further help.

Stealth or TurboCat?

We have a 3000 sf house with hardwood floors and area rugs throughout. Do you recommend the Stealth or the Turbocat? My concern with the Turbocat is that after reading your main unit suggestions it seems that units with less cfm and more waterlift are needed and that other tools with larger openings would not work as well.

Hi, hands down we suggest the Stealth. True, if you wanted the TurboCat you'd want to have high waterlift in order to spin it well, but with the Stealth and its own powered head you can have any unit and it will work wonderfully. The Stealth allows more air in no matter which type of vacuum unit is providing the suction. And the Stealth will clean the carpets a lot better too. Hope that helps!

30 or 35-feet Hose - Pros and Cons

I am looking to buy a stealth attachment kit for my MD central vac. I am trying to decide if i should go with a 30 ft hose or a 35 ft hose. What are pros vs cons and will i lose suction power with a 35ft hose? My Md central Vac is from 1985. M from WA

Hi, excellent question. If you don't need the extra length (to get all the nooks and crannies in the home) then stick with the 30-feet. It will save you the extra work of moving around the hose, of storing it, and the tiny bit of suction loss it brings. Remember you can buy a Stretch Hose and connect it to the hose end and have suction (only) for another 25-feet. You can use that only when you need a long reach. But if there is carpeted areas that need the longer hose for grooming you really should by the 35-foot hose.

Secondary Kit for Home

I have a Silent Master Built-in Vac system (Model S2, mfg 4/3/99) and want to buy a second power hose, power head and attachments attchments. My current hose has power connections included (no plug in cord).... which products would work for me?.... thx...ed mueller

Hello Ed, it sounds like you have a hose with two metal prongs that go directly into the wall port above the main suction hole. That is called Direct Connect and you will see it as an option for Stealth and other Electric Kits. If you don't then your system has low voltage, as all systems do but you'll need to get the 110 volts through an 8ft cord pigtail on the hose end. It doesn't limit your vacuuming since the wires are hidden in the lightweight hose. An Electric Kit fits into your sytem and works incredible on carpets. ALL SYSTEMS CAN UPGRADE TO ELECTRIC. Please start here with the comparison chart to get an overview of the kits. The most popular is the Stealth kit. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nutone Electric Kits vs MD Stealth Kit

We recently purchased a home with a nutone system approx 7yrs old. All of the accessories are well used and need to be replaced. I have tile/wood/area rugs down stairs and carpet upstairs. I would probably like two hoses so I do not have to bring it up and down. What are your suggestions for starting over with this system? We have the pigtail version of hose currently with a electric beater and a dual use head that supposedly goes from solid floor to carpet. How would the Stealth compare to replacing with new nutone items? THANKS, Kimberly

Hello Kimberly, you ask a great question and we are going to go into detail for everyone to read. The Nutone CT600 is an old industry standard brush packaged under many different names including Kenmore PowerMate (older style), Hayden (as sold here at MD), and others. It truly has stood the test of time as a durable, reliable vacuum head. It's biggest issues are breaking belts easily and being one of the tallest brushes around. It is the best brush though for shag type carpets - fibers over one inch long. Less durable is Nutone's CT650 with its thinner plastic and not as solid feeling. It also suffers from bad steering. You can find this same brush sold under different names around the industry. Comparing these brushes with MD's Italian made Stealth, you get a brush that has only had one belt break in over 12 years, with 10's of 1000's sold. It is also made of industrial plastic, Lexan, and is put together with several heavy duty bolts. The wheels are real, non-marking, rubber. It has a height adjustment in 10 increments to fine tune the best vacuuming height. It gets under more furniture and is quieter than all other brushes on the market today. Here is a chart that compares the brushes we sell. The Hayden (CT600 is not on it because we usually only sell it to specific customers.) Also, here is the link to Stealth. If you decide to buy, get one with the 8ft cord since you have that style already. The comparison chart gives you the noteworthy differences. The Stealth Kit comes with two sets of brushes. One for carpet and one for hard floors. You can use the Stealth on hard floors for a quick clean. Just turn off the brush and leave the suction on (using the handle controls). The hard floor brush is better for hard floors, though, because of the action on the floor from the bristles. Also, for your second hose, buy a "corded" one here if you desire to. Hope this lengthy answer is what you need to make an educated decision. Let us know if you need something more. Thank you.

Stealth vs TurboCat for Dog Hair

Kathy from Billerica Hi, My husband got me a Turbocat Zoom for Christmas. I thought he had researched what product would be best, so I opened the box and used it. Apparently he had not. After about 5 minutes, it slowed down. We have a Bernese Mountain Dog who sheds a lot, and apparently her fur clogged the vacuum within minutes and the roller would no longer roll. Her hair gets sucked in from the edges of the roller and then the roller can't move. It is quite a process to get it working again, and I can't do this every few minutes of vacuuming. I am so frustrated. Is there any way to return this, or to upgrade to the Stealth? We have the Galaxie central vacuum system which does not have the electric connection, so I guess I would need the corded model. Thanks for your help.

Hello, we would be glad to trade in your TurboCat Kit for a Stealth Kit. In fact, with that much hair we recommend the 12 Stealth Kit. Yes, you need the corded one.

36ft Stealth Kit Hose?

36ft ELECTRIC hose?

Hello, it is the same hose. We call it 35ft but it is actually is over 35ft - an average of 36ft long. This applies to the Electric Hose in the Stealth Kit and the hose sold alone.

Central vs Upright Portable Vacuums

how do central vac. systems compare to high end traditional uprights? It seems that they are suitable with homes with a basement. we live in Texas where most homes do not have basements and the attic space gets extremely hot (90-120 degrees) about 9 months out of the year. Would a central vacuum system be ideal for our situations?

Hello, the heat in the attic is not an issue with the vacuum pipe. For installation, just be sure to get started early in the day! The vacuum unit would go in the garage and be fine there. The central vacuum wins easily over high-end uprights for many reasons such as power, no smell, quietnes, ease-of-use, built-in appliance, and more. The Stealth power brush is electric, built in Italy, lightweight and an extreme work horse.

14 inch vs 12 inch

I'm thinking of buying a new power nozzle. Is there any difference in the Stealth 14" vs 12" aside from size? Do they have the same technology and features? Thank you.

Excellent choice! Both sized nozzles come with the exact same technology and features. The 12 inch version shoud be consider when there is a lot of LONG people or pet hair to vacuum up or if the carpeted areas are smaller with narrower areas. Enjoy.

Same as Lindhaus?

Recently looked at buying a Lindhaus power nozzle and a Broan hose kit from a local dealer but after finding your site am considering buying the stealth kit from you. Are there any differences between the Stealth powerhead and the one that lindhaus sells under its own name???

We buy our brushes directly from Lindhaus in Italy. They are awesome brushes for any central vacuum. When you get ours you will see the Lindhaus label on the bottom of it - the same as the one directly from Lindhaus but made for MD for the central vacuum market.

50-50 Carpet and Hardwood

If you have 50% carpet and 50% hard wood, is the Stealth the way to go, or the air driven model best for this combination.

If you have children or pets or enjoy a deeper cleaned carpet you would want to use the Stealth Kit. It costs a couple hundred more but overtime that's just a couple dollars a month and in return it helps preserve your carpets and health.

Galaxie Vac Compatible? Explain How Electricity Powers It

I just purchased a home that already had a Galaxie GA-100 central vacuum cleaner system installed. I need to replace all the attachments that came with it, but I am unsure about whether I need a direct connection or an 8ft cord. Could you please fill me in on the differences between the two? Thanks in advance for your response to this.

The Stealth would be a fantastic addition to your Galaxie, any model. Take a look at the inlets in your wall. There is a 1.5 inch diameter hole the hose is inserted into. Inside that hole are two small round metal contacts. When these are crossed your suction turns on. This happens when the hose is inserted or via the switch on an on/off hose. This has nothing to do with running an electric vacuum cleaner brush. To run a brush you need 110 volts, not low voltage contacts. The 110 volts is supplied in one of two ways. First, some inlets have two small holes above the main hole for 110 volts, plus the inlet will say it has 110 volts (usually in the lid). (NOTE: if you have a Vaculfo system, they produced inlets that these two holes where low voltage, not 110 volt - only Vacuflo did this.) If your inlets don't have the two small holes then you will need a corded hose. The corded hose has the wires hidden in the hose but at the wall end of the hose an 8-foot extension cord comes out. Plug this cord into a nearby electric outlet. When you are vacuuming you only have a hose to move around the room, not an extension cord. Hope that helps! Enjoy the benefits of the Stealth kit!