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14DX Replacement?

I have a Sequoia 700 central vac with 14DX powerbrush. Will the Stealth system work with the Sequoia system.

Yes, the Stealth Kit is a wonderful upgrade. The Stealth is quiet, doesn't break belts, has a softer more flexible hose, and is worth every penny. We guarantee it!

4 Kids, Couple of Area Rugs


Our Hayden Kit is the exact replacement but you have some considerations. Because you only have area rugs, you could buy a Deluxe Kit (non-electric) and save $. It will clean the throw rugs, but not as good as the Hayden, especially with the traffic you have at home. If you do want to have the power and longevity of a electric nozzle, such as the Hayden, you should also consider the Stealth Kit. Stealth is heavier duty and will not break any belts. It fits directly into your system.

AirVac Systems, AV525A

I have an Air-Vac 525 central vac unit, model #AV525A, S/N L941143 120Vac, 13 Amps, 60HZ manufactured by M&S Systems, Inc. a Nortek Co. Can I upgrade to the Stealth system? My home is two levels with carpet upstairs and hardwood floors and tile/marble downstairs. The home is approximately 4400 sq ft. My central vac needs to be upgraded since it is approximately 14 years old. Thanks, Jane Lambert

The Stealth is an incredible upgrade for the AV525A. You will need the corded version most likely, 30 or 35ft hose, and it will fit right into your wall inlets. You will only need to plug the electric pigtail cord in when using the Stealth on your carpet. The lightweight hose has wires hidden inside, you only move around a hose, no cords. The kit comes with a wide tool for the hard floors too. Our customers make us proud with their high reviews of the Stealth and we hope you will be able to chime in with them after you feel all the dirt flowing up the Stealth and down your new and improved hose!

Beam - Work with My System?

Hi, I have Beam model 191, it is about 20 years. Does the Stealth work with my system? Thanks Paul

Yes, the Stealth will work great with your Beam system, a perfect match. In fact, it will work with all systems. Your Beam inlets have a 1.5" diameter inlet hole which is industry standard. Most likely your inlets don't say 110 volt so you will need a Stealth Kit with a corded hose (the wires are hidden in the hose and the wall end of the hose has an 8' cord you plug into a nearby electrical outlet). Now all you have to do is choose between the 30' or 35' hose and then enjoy the cleaner carpets and floors.

Beam Attachments Upgrade

We have a model 199D Beam about 11 years old,carpet master plus attachment barely picks up.Had attachment repaired a few times and repair person always say its the belt,but still never works properly.Can you upgrade or do you know of a qualified repair person,or both.

Hello, sounds like the right time for a new attachment kit. The Stealth Kit is the best one available and fits right into the Beam system without any modifications. You can check them out here and be sure read the great customer reviews.

Beam B1500 - Stealth Replacement?

I purchased a beam system in early 2002. I have a b1500 power head.This head has been very unreliable.I have had several wire connections burn out,or break.head light will flicker at best. I have now gone through my second motor in power head. The dealer who I bought unit from said last motor was new style upgraded model.This one lasted about two years. Dealer is telling me, what I need is newer style power head!!!! System is flawless except this MAJOR problem!!!!! Can you give any direction?


We feel your frustration. Fortunately, we have a GREAT upgrade for you! Our Stealth Power Brush is highly rated by our customers and has a wonderful track record. The Stealth Brush has a LIFETIME Warranty on the Belt, 5- Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the remaining brush components. You can read what our customers love most about this fantastic brush here . You have the option of purchasing the brush alone or you can opt to purchase the complete Stealth Kit. We guarantee that you will love this product or your Money Back! Test Drive the Stealth Today for 30 days by clicking here or call us today at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST).

Beam Compatible with Stealth Nozzle?

I have a 23+ year old Beam system w/separate cord on the hose that plugs into an ordinary outlet. The hose is fine but the carpet brush (electric) needs replacing. We have pets (bad shedders), Berber carpet & hardwoods. I don't need anything except the carpet attachment. What do you recommend?

Hello, we highly recommend replacing your Beam power head and the hose, etc. with the Stealth Kit or other Electric Kit. It is a better quality vacuum and comes with a hose that provides you 27% more suction. Just the sound of the air rushing into the new hose will excite you! The RugMaster connection to the hose you have is not standard so replacing the hose and vacuum, in our opinion, is the best decision. New kits fit right into your wall ports and work with your system without a hitch. Thanks for asking.

Beam RV System Compatible?

I have the RV Beam's central vacuum systems would like to know if any of your electric power heads would fit it. Josie Womack

Yes, the Stealth will work great with your Beam system, a perfect match. In fact, it will work with all systems. Your Beam inlets have a 1.5 diameter inlet hole which is industry standard. Unfortunately the shortest hose is 30' which may be overkill for the RV. If you have the room for storing it, though, it will be worth every dime! Be sure to buy the 'corded' Stealth Kit because your vacuum inlet probably doesn't say 110 volt.

Best for Berber?

Berber carpet vs. Stealth? We have BERBER carpet. I'd like to make sure that Stealth doesn't hurt our carpet. Any suggestions? Yoon from Chicago

Actually Stealth would be the best choice because it has 10 adjustable levels so you can get the bristles to hover just over the carpet, or as close as you want. This will just about guarantee to keep your berber as new looking as long as possible.

Broan / Nutone Compatible?

I have a Broan CV315 and looking to replace the power brush. What would you recommend. I have to plug into the wall outlets. Thank you Joan Toledo

Hello Joan, many Broan owners buy the Stealth head alone and then later buy the hose and extension wand (though it is easier to buy both for less money in a complete kit now). It is a wonderful upgrade and replacement vacuum.

Broan System - Best Attachment Kit for My Central Vac?

My home has a broan cv40d central vac system in place with 50/50 carpet hardwood floors. Which top end attachment hose kit would best suit my needs?

As you might have suspected, the Stealth Attachment Kit is by far the best you will find on the market for Broan or any central vac. The brush is built the old fashioned way with durable materials, lots of stainless steel screws, a "never" breaking belt, etc. The hose too is the best around, being resilient and lightweight with great airflow. We offer a no questions asked 30-day complete refund if not thrilled with the product. If your Broan is older, the inlets may be tight with the modern hose. If so, simply remove some plastic off the hose end. Buy the hose with an 8-foot cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet on your wall. The hose has the wires inside it so you only have to deal with the hose when vacuuming - no cords. Determine if you want a 30ft or 35ft hose with the Stealth kit. Both the sizes are here for the Stealth Kit for older Broan Central Vacuum.

Buy Components Separately?

We have a 4-year old AirVac AV-2500 System w/an AirVac air turbine powerhead (non-electric 1.5" wall outlets). I'd like to say it sucks but it doesn't. Our carpets were starting to look ratty so I borrowed an Oreck upright from a neighbor & now the carpets look great! It looks like the Stealth may be the answer to making our central vac useful again? A few questions: - Am I correct we can convert to the electric Stealth? - Can I just purchase the 12" Stealth, 30' electric powerhouse, and 8' electric cord or do I need to buy the entire kit? Steve Spring Hill, FL

Great choice. We stand by the Stealth Kit and what it will do for your vacuum system. It will fit right into your 1.5 inch diameter inlets and it sounds like you need the 8ft cord version. That's it, there is nothing you need to change on your system, just buy the 30ft or 35ft hose 8ft cord Stealth Kit. Buying the components separately will not save you money. If you buy separately remember you will need the telescopic wand as well to mate the hose with the Stealth (#406ST). Let us know if you have further questions. Here is the Stealth page

Carpets - Low Pile or Hand Made

does the stealth work on hand made low pile rugs? I have several antique Persian carpets in my home and the rotating brush on my current attachment is damaging the carpets. Thank you

Hi, the Stealth is a very good match because it has so many height adjustments. You can tune in to get the brush to go over the top of the carpet without digging in too much. First, though, check with the manufacturer or tradesperson for their cleaning recommendation. Not all carpets are made to be electrically brushed at high RPMs.

Centra-Flo Central Vacuum Compatible?

We bought a home with Centra-Flo Central Vacuum already installed. I am interested in your Stealth Power Brush. Is the connection hose compatable to connect to the wall?

Hi, yes, your Centra-Flo Central Vacuum is completely compatible with the Stealth and other electric kits we offer. Stealth is the best though. You will most likely need the 8ft cord version which is the pigtail electric cord that is plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Wires are hidden in the lightweight hose so you don't have to carry a cord around. If you have any questions please let us know. Here are the Stealth Kits

CT12DXL Replace with Stealth and Wand?

I have a WalVac power head model CT12DXL. It is 14 years old and has seen a better day. I would like to replace it with a Stealth 15" power head. Would it be compatible with my hose? I have an electric hose with the 2 prongs that plug right into the inlet. I don't think I need all the accessories either, would the price be lower without them? Thank you. Jean. Milwaukee,WI

The Stealth would be an excellent replacement and you already have an electrified hose. The only compatibility issue left is the connection to the Stealth Wand (Stealth has to use it's own wand for proper Stealth head connection). The wand fits on a hose handle that has 2 inches between the metal nipple on the stub tube and the two female holes in the plastic on the handle. If you have two inches then buy the Stealth and Wand here If you don't then let us know the distance and we can give you other options.

CT14DX Replacement?

Hi, we have a 10 year old M&S vac system that needs a new power head cleaner. Old model is M&S CT14DX. It has an electric motor and headlight, adjusts to floor height for carpet, tile, hardwood, etc, and plugs into the wall for added suction. Would the Stealth have the same options and work with our current 30 ft. hose and wand attachments? Thank you, D. Powers

Hi, you can replace your hose and everything with the Stealth Kit as a simple swap. The Stealth hose will plug into your system and work seamlessly. If you are only looking for the nozzle then this is the exact replacement for the CT14DX here:,480I

Electrolux (old) Central Vac Compatible?

I have an Electrolux central vac system that has been working for 17 years. Is the Stealth going to fit the the original inlets ? Also, the inlets require you to have to plug the electric cord into an outlet nearby.

Yes, the Stealth Kit fits right into the system as it is. Be sure to buy a corded kit. You are going to love the improvement in cleaning and ease-of-use.

Electrolux Central Vac Hose and Vacuum Replacements?

Monette from Alpharetta, GA. We have a Beam Model 397C with Electrolux pig-tailed attachment kit. We need to replace the kit due to wear. What Stealth kit is compatible with this configuration?

Hello, yes the complete Stealth Kit with 8ft cord hose will fit directly into your system and it is a direct replacement for your worn Electrolux hose and vacuum. Enjoy!

Electrolux Compatible?

Will it work with my Electrolux system? I installed it in 1990. also, can i convert from pigtail to quick connect?

Hello, yes the complete Stealth Kit with hose is compatible with your Electrolux Central Vacuum and the wall ports. It comes in direct connect or pigtail. Rarely can the wall ports be converted to direct connect. Remove the wall cover and take a photo of the backing plate. We will let you know if it is possible or not. Ask a question and attach a photo using the lower section of this page

Electrolux Nozzle Replacement?

I am looking for a replacement power nozzle to an Electrolux central vac system N Series, ECV 1590A. The nozzle is model number N109D. Also, is it posible the existing nozzle could be repaired? Thanks

Hi, it may be possible to repair. If you end up needing a new kit, the Stealth Kit is the way to go. It plugs right into your system and can use any attachments sold here since the connections on it are standard verses Electrolux which are proprietary.

Eureka Compatible?

i have a eureka the boss plus central vac with direct connect units, will the stealth system with hose work , thanks len in oneida

Hello Len, yes the Stealth is compatible and a terrific companion to the Eureka line of central vacuums. Be sure to buy the direct connect version, not the corded version since you have the electrified vacuum inlets with the two holes above the main hole. Enjoy!

Fasco Central Vacuum Recommended Kit

I have the Fasco Built In Vac System-Model 851. It was put in around 1975. I do not have any type power head, just the standard, you push-you pull, floor brush. I would like to upgrade and my hose is in bad shape, I definetly have to replace it. Please let me know what parts I would need to upgrade to an electric powerhead and its hose attachment. Let me know if I need to change my wall plate to a different type. Diane Perry

Hello Diane, believe it or not you are fortunate to have a system that is ready for a fantastic upgrade without having to change anything! The corded version of the Stealth Kit fits seamlessly with your system and brings the suction power into your home in the most effective way. You have the choice of a 30' or 35' hose. Here is the Stealth page where you can easily see and decide what you'd like If you have more questions please let us know.

Fasco Compatible?

HI, I have a Fasco system Model 860EB. The power brush needs replacing and i need a longer hose (maybe 35'). Do you sell products that will replace them? I have the 1 1/2" wall opening inlet. Thanks!. Wayne S.

Hello Wayne, the Stealth is a perfect upgrade for all Fasco systems. Buy the 35ft hose kit that has the 8ft cord on it. You simply plug the cord into a nearby electrical outlet on the wall and the wires are hidden in the lightweight hose. Enjoy!

Fasco Compatible?

My mother has a Fasco MasterVac II, 120V, put in some time in the 80's. She needs a new hose, head, etc. What will work for her?

Hi, you've done some excellent research! Yes, the Stealth Kit is a great replacement for her. All our electric kits are wonderful replacements. Buy the corded version to fit her system without having to change a thing.

Fasco Nozzle Replacement?


Hello Bill and Jean, the Stealth is a great replacement and will fit if your nozzle's cord terminates in two round pins as the Stealth's does. If not then consider buying the compete Stealth Kit with corded hose . If fits right into your system as is.

Fasco System Compatible?

My name is Dewayne Shouse form Buckhorn, KY. My office has a Fasco vacume system installed with an old T210 twelve inch cleaning head and hose kit. The T210 has never cleaned very well and both it and the hose are in bad condition and need replaced. Will a new Stealth work for us? If so, which kit would be our best value?

Hello Dewayne, the Stealth and other Electric Kits fit into your older system and into the wall ports you have. They will all clean your office very well. The Stealth is built more industrial and is quieter. All of them have auto-shutdown and vacuum up just about everything they come in contact with. Buy an 8ft cord version. The cord plugs into an electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum port. The wires are hidden in the hose for the 30 or 35ft so you don't have to worry about dragging around any cords. Let us know if you have any more questions. Enjoy the product!

Filtex Use Stealth?


Yes, the Stealth Kit is a great upgrade, probably the best upgrade, for the Filtex system. Do you have metal inlet valve doors with Filtex on them? If so, that opening is slightly larger than standard hose ends. You can overcome it by changing them out or by pushing this hose end on to the end of the new hose. It is all worth it, the Stealth will bring new life to your carpets and the hose will bring in more suction for deeper, quicker cleaning.

Fit Canister Vacuum?

i would like to know if the stealth power head will fit standard canister vacuums with the two hole conection ports thank you joel Tillamook oregon

The Stealth brush alone does fit some canister vacuums and is a fantastic upgrade for them. The way you can tell if it is compatible is the two pin hose connection and the neck connection. The pins are 3/8 inch apart. The neck receives a pole with button locking nipple. The only measurement important there is that the wand is 1-1/4 inch diameter. It may have a taper on the end that goes a bit narrower.

Grand Beamco Central System Compatibility

I have a 35-yr old Grand Central (Beamco) system. The hose was replaced about 5 yrs ago. Can I use your Stealth kit with my present hose, which includes 110V in the hose? Is Stealth a standard 1-1/4" connection with an electrical pigtail (which I could then adapt to Beamco's ac plug on the hose)? Or, do I have to buy your hose to use with Stealth? If so, do you have an adapter for your hose from your 2-prong power to my single prong power connection at the wall?

Hello, the Beamco utilizes a single prong inlet for low voltage and 110 volts. There is nothing like it available. You will have to look for the dealer/installer/manufacturer in your area. They were pretty much a localized deal.

Hayden Hose Fit?

I have a 4 year old Hayden 6000 and I'd like to replace the power head. Will the Stealth power head work on the Hayden hose or would I need to buy the entire kit?

Hello, sorry, those two are incompatible. Your options are a new Hayden nozzle or a complete new accessory kit. Stealth is the best and we have others. Thanks for asking.

Hayden Inlet Compatible?

Will the Stealth Hose plug into the wall outlets we use for our Hayden Units. We do not have a pig tail. AC is in the wall outlet. Thanks Jon

Yes, the Stealth Hose / Kit works seamlessly with the Hayden inlets. If your inlet doesn't say 110 volts anywhere on it (or have two small holes above the main hole) then you will need the corded hose or kit. If your vacuum nozzle says Hayden and you need a hose please visit

Hoover Central Vacuum Fit ?

Hi, I have a ten year old Hoover Windtunnel central vac system. Model # S5613. Would the Stealth kit fit this vacuum? If so what all would I need for it? Thanks, Julie Willson

Hello Julie, yes the Stealth will fit right into the wall ports of your vacuum system and work seamlessly with it. Enjoy, is it a fantastic setup.

Hoover Garage Vac Attachment Kit?

Hello, I have a Hoover garage utility vac and I was wondering, can I use the stealth kit with my utility vac? It's not a central vac in that there are no inlets in the house - the hose would attach directly to the canister. Thanks.

Hello, yes you can use the Stealth Kit. All it is needs is a bit of suction and the Stealth, with all is power, will do the rest. You will need the pigtail corded hose version of the Stealth Kit. When not using the Stealth nozzle but only the hose, the suction may not be as powerful as a central vacuum, so be aware of that. But in all, you should really enjoy the benefits of the Stealth Kit.

Hoover: Replace Head or Kit?

I have the Hoover Central Vac Model #S-5673 which came with the quadraflex 'powermatic' carpet brush. It does a very poor job at cleaning the carpet. Can I just replace this part with something else without having to buy a whole new kit? If so, how much will it be? I need a price including shipping and tax if any. Thank you. Alcea Aprung

With the Hoover you should replace the entire kit because all the connections on the Hoover brush and hose and are non-standard. The new kit will fit into your wall inlets with no problem - buy a corded 8ft cord kit if you had a pigtail corded hose before - or if not then the direct connect version. Upgrading to the Stealth will also allow you to use any other unique cleaning accessories on the website.

Hose (Non-electric) Converted to Stealth?

My name is Deepa, I live in Monrovia, CA I bought a home with Hayden Super vac 3600. It does not have a power head to clean carpet. I have a hose that has two points that when slid in place in to wall will start the vacuum process. On the handle of the hose, I have on/off button, no prongs to attach a power head at the bottom of the handle. Has a small rectangular protruded box with 2 round indents not open, cannot pull it out either not unless I have to open screws. I need a power head to clean carpet, what should I get to make the system work. I also have 2 stainless steel hoses with no where to attach a cord for power head. Please get back to me. Thank you

Hello Deepa, sounds like you want the cleaning power of an electric head but save money by using one of your hoses. Truth be told, you can't make a hose have 110 volts, but you can buy a Stealth Kit with corded hose or any other Electric Kit and it will fit right into your system. The electric brushes are deep cleaning machines and using the correct hose with them makes them easy-to-use deep cleaning machines!

Kenmore - Replacing Power Brush, Hose, and Attachments.

kathy kingman kansas I have a kenmore model 116.57181 with a 1.5in opening in the wall. the exisitng unit has a pigtail for the powerbrush. I would like to replace the hose powerbrush and attachments. which of your products do i need? thanks

Hello Kathy, good question, you did your homework. You have a couple options and none require any change to your system. The Stealth is a powerful high-end kit and we have other electric kits as well. If you want Stealth be sure to buy on with 8ft cord . Stealth has incredible cleaning, shuts-down automatically saving the belt from every breaking, and is quiet. The Stealth is adjustable, durable, and wide. All the kits come with the hose and attachments. Compare them here

Kenmore Compatible?

Greetings, I purchased a home with a Kenmore central vac that I imagine is 20-30 years old. The ports are 1 inch wide; do I need a special adapter for a Stealth kit and if so do you carry it. I only see adapters for 1.25 inch ports. My ports are such that they turn on when the cover is lifted. I have a house that is mostly HW floor and tile, with one staircase, hallway and three rooms carpeted as well as various sizes of throw rugs through the house. Is this kit suitable for these needs as I am looking to start with a new set of attachments and preferably a lighter hose. Esther Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Hello Esther, yes the Stealth Kit is the best you can buy and is worth every penny. All of your surfaces will be cleaner - guaranteed. You have the Kenmore inlets that start the suction before the hose is inserted. You measured one inch but all Kenmore ports that turn on when opened are 1-1/4 , trust us. The adapter for smaller ports is already on some Stealth Kits, see the link in the Electric Kits on this page Enjoy, and if you have questions let us know.

Kenmore PowerMate Replacement

We have a Kenmore Built-in Vacuum with cyclone cleaning and has 1.25" inlets. I am wanting to replace the power nozzle and hose. What options do we have? Judy Newton, IL

Hi Judy, you have some fabulous choices for your Kenmore system with the smaller inlets. Really, there isn't an option that you can't have! All of our electric kits, the first kits listed on this page, fit into your system when you put the hose end adapter here permentently into the wall end of your new hose It is honestly that easy and you'll love the cleaning results from any of the kits. For closer comparison see this chart If you have any questions please let us know.

Kenmore without On/off

Have a central vac made by Sears, installed about 25-30 yrs ago. Does not have a shut off or on the hose, very inconvenient. Is it possible to retrofit this system w/an electric hose? Thank you Cynthia Westbrook

Hello Cynthia, any of our corded electric kits will work with your system and allow you to shut off the electric brush head. You can only shut off the suction if you have the vacuum port holes that have the two small metal contacts inside the hose hole. If your suction starts without the hose being inserted then you definitely don't have that type. If your hole's diameter is 1.25 inches, not 1.5, you also don't have that type - you will not be able to turn the suction on/off at the hose handle. Regardless, we recommend any of our electric kits. Read the text at the Electric Kit section on this page. We have kits that fit right into both sized wall ports Also, sorry to say, you will not be able to update your 1.25 inch diameter faceplates to larger more convenient ones (unless you want to open up your wall), but having an excellent tool set such as the Stealth will make a huge difference for your cleaning.

M&S AirVac Compatible?

The original Power Brush that we bought with our system died several years ago. We are finally getting around to replacing it, only we threw out the orignal so I don't know what it was. My canister in the basement is an M&S Air Vac 425A. Will the Stealth work with it? And is the 35ft hose just longer or is there a difference between that and the 30ft hose? I believe the powerbrush hose was the plug in type where the double prong side plugged into the hose. Laura Chicago, IL

Hello Laura, yes the Stealth Kit will fit perfectly with your system. The 35ft hose is simply longer than the 30ft, no other differences. Stealth Kits come with a pigtail corded hose or with direct connect pins that go into two small holes just above the 1.5 diameter hole in the vacuum wall inlet. Enjoy! Great choice.

M&S Hose - Need Powered Brush

I have an Air Vac system and hose. My M & S Power Brush needs to be replaced. I orderd the Hayden SuperPack Delux but it doesn't connect to my hose, model #BCF 27 BCE, Series xy. Is there a power head with wand that will work with my direct connect hose? Thank you. Jacquie Byrne in Seattle, WA

Hello Jackquie, there were a lot of varieties of hoses they used. The best thing to do - next to replacing it with a complete new electric kit - is take it to a central vacuum store. Call them first to see if they have a variety of brushes and one that may fit your hose. Please use the dealer locator here or your phone book under vacuum systems . The Stealth is an awesome brush, best on the market, but will not fit your hose, sorry!

Metal 1.5 inch piping

I have a Nutone 350 central vac unit. I have no idea how old it is, it was in the house when I bought it. The wall outlets have a 1½ inside diameter fitting and all the piping is 1 1/2 aluminum tubing with rubber connectors. I want to replace the piping as I am getting frequent blockages in the pipes. I cannot find ANY 1 ½ tubing or fittings to replace the current pipes. Since the wall outlets all are 1 ½ it would be expensive to replace all of those as well. The sweeper head for the system is a Nutone Model CT600 Serial Number D20501582, the vacuum hose has a 1 ½? fitting that fits into the wall outlets. What do you suggest? Are 1 ½? piping/fittings available? Gary S Ravena, NY

Wow Gary, that is an interesting one and very difficult to deal with in our estimation. If are you planning on redoing the pipes then why not put a new system in all together? Pipes, backing plates and inlets. We do this for nearly all older existing systems where the connection to the back of the inlet is not worth fighting over with new pipes. Leave old plates on the wall but just put a new system in. This can be done with existing homes.

Nutone - Best Kit for Industrial Use?

I have a Nutone Model 599. The power nozzle has torn up from the nozzle to the connection of the hose. will this work for a replacement? This system is in our church. Thanks

Yes, the Stealth Kit works with the Nutone system, all of them, and makes for a long lasting clean especially where durability is an issue. Stealth is the preferred brush for industrial use! Here is the Stealth Kit page

Nutone - Which Attachments Should I Buy?

I just purchased a home that already had a Nutone CVAC Model 350 but no accessories. How do I know which attachments to buy? Thanks for your help.

The main key to getting the most from your central vacuum system is getting an accessory kit that matches your flooring. If you have carpet it is highly recommended to have an electric powered kit such as the Stealth Kit You won't need to change anything in your system for a new kit to connect and work. If you don't have carpets or only a couple small area ones with little pet hair on them then save money with an air powered kit

Nutone Fit?

I have a nutone CV450 vacuum system unit. I need all new attachments. What will work with this unit?

Hello, you have a lot of great options. The best option for carpeted homes being Stealth. All the kits on our website will fit your system because the ports in your wall and the Nutone units are compatible with them. Please start on this page

NuTone Hose Kit Replacement

I'm looking to replace the Powerbrush in my NuTone system. One of the existing annoyances is having to pull the hose out of the wall to turn off the the main suction motor(for example, to answer the phone). Does the Stealth solve this (with, maybe, a handle on/off switch)? Do I need a new hose as well to make this work? Thanks! Chris from Falls Church, VA

Hello Chris, the Stealth Kit is the best replacement money can buy and yes you'll be able to turn the suction on/off at the hose handle switch. We are confident you will love the system and so we offer 30 days money back guarantee. Depending on the hose you had before, this one may seem thin but it is not; it is just made of better, lighter material. When you get the hose let it relax by stretching it out and when you are done using it, hang it up in 4 or 5 loops.

Nutone Older System Compatible?

I have a Nutone 398 NE system - very old (1980's) and the power head still works but the hose piece that connects to the handle and powerhead has developed a crack - do I need to replace the whole powerhead or can I just get the piece of hose - also what power head would work - My hose has the power cord that attaches. Carol Ste Genevieve, Missouri

Hi Carol, any of our Stealth or Electric Kits will fit your older Nutone. If you want to replace just the hose then you need our Electric Hose. If you want to replace the vacuum you can use the Stealth or BlackHawk power heads. If you have any more questions please let us know. Oh, the old wall ports you have may be a smidge too small so simply scrape a bit of plastic off the two hose ridges. Easy to do, you will see exactly what to do when you get the hose or new complete kit. Enjoy!

Nutone Replacement?


You can replace your hose and nozzle with the Stealth Kit or you can buy the Stealth alone and it will fit into your Nutone hose as long as the one you have now has a 2 pin cord that you plug in manually into the hose handle.

Nutone Vacuum Replacement?

I have a Nutone CV 353 system. We are looking to upgrade with the Stealth kit. Is the electrical hose compatible with this system? Kerry Boonton, NJ

Hello Kerry, yes, the Stealth Kit is an incredible upgrade to your Nutone System. You will need an "8ft Cord" version of the kit. The 30 or 35 foot long hose will have an 8 foot extension cord on the WALL end of it that you plug into a nearby electrical outlet. When you get the kit we find it fun to ask customers to empty there vacuum and then use the Stealth on the carpet. Wait to you see the dirt it pulls out!

PB14e Vacuum Replacement?

Replace MD-PB14e, code 083005 ?

Hi, yes the Stealth replaces this model. It is the same brush. You can also buy the complete attachment kit if needed.

Pullman Vacuum Compatible?

I have a Pullman-Holt system. The hose "plug" end measures app. 7/8" deep to metal band and the band is 3/8" wide. The diameter at the metal band is 1.55" dia. Will the Stealth unit work? Thanks, George Flew Jackson, TN

Hello George, yes the Stealth Kit and the hose will work extremely well in your Pullman System. Pullman used the industry standard vacuum inlets as seen on this page, so you know it will fit. Purchase the 8ft cord version of the kit to get the electricity into the vacuum hose. The wires are hidden in the hose so you only have to move the hose, no cords, around when vacuuming. We can't wait to hear how your carpets look after using the Stealth! Let us know if you have any more questions.

RugMaster Vacuum Replacement?

Ben from Columbia. I have a beam system and a rugmaster plus. I need a new power head the motor is dead. Do I need to replace the hose and the power head? It has worked great for 10 years and would like to get another 10 years form the new one. The only time I have had trouble is when we had a x-mas tree and vacuumed up the needles it clogged the line. I have allergies and love the fact that I can vacuum up cat hair and dust and the exhaust is in the garage. Thanks for your help.

Hello Ben, the Stealth is a far superior product and offers as much or more years of service. We wish for you to test it, and you can for 30-days! The bad news is the Stealth will not fit your older hose. In fact, if the cord on yours has three pins it is completely obsolete. There are some RugMasters with two pin cords available for around $200 elsewhere but we recommend a complete upgrade. The new hose in the Stealth attachment kit, for instance, gives a solid 27% more vacuum power! The Stealth Kits and other Electric Kits fit right into your vacuum system. Take a minute to read the comments and please consider the upgrade.

Sequoia Upgrade?

I have a Sequoia in-wall central vac system. Our house was built in the early 70's. I need to replace the hose/power nozzle/attachments......will your stealth system be compatable? Presently I have a corded 8' pigtail....can it be converted to a direct connect?

Hello, the Stealth is an excellent product for all Sequoia models and it fits right in. You'll have to buy the corded version of the Stealth Kit if you don't have two small holes above the main suction port hole at the wall. There really is not an easy way to add the 110 voltage to the inlets, but if you want to see if it is at all possible with yours then remove the faceplate and see if the backing plate is 1) plastic, and 2) has holes, gaps, beween the intake hole and the top of edge. If so, give us a call for more information.

Silent-Master - Upgrade from AirDriven?

Hi, I just purchased a home that has a Silentmaster Model S1 with an air driven TurboCat. We have ceramic tiled flooring, berber rug and some medium grade carpeting in the bedrooms (approximately 5000 sq ft). I am looking at the Stealth l and would like to know if this is a good upgrade or would you recommend something else. Also, I currently have air-driven but would like electic. My intake outlets are 1.5" and most electric outlets are 2 feet away from the intake valves although one is about 7 feet away. Thanks! Karen, Columbus

Hello Karen, we are the manufacturer of your vacuum system. We like the way you think, you did your research and are on the right track. The Stealth is perfect for you home and system, in fact we guarantee it! Be sure to get the cord version of it to plug into your nearby electrical outlet. It works great on carpets and is perfect for the berber because it is adjustable to any degree you desire. The Stealth works in all our SilentMaster, MonderDay MD, and FloMaster systems, all modeld, all years.

Smart Compatible?

We have an old Smart System (Model 1600). The unit itself works great but the floor and power head are in need of replacement. Will the Stealth System work on our model?

Yes, the Stealth Kit is compatible and a fantastic compliment to the Smart system.

Stealth and Hose Alone?

We have an MD central vac air-driven system. Difficult to push/pull the carpet attachment over our carpet. Would like to upgrade to an electric power brush attachment. We have all attachments, so don't need those. What is needed to go with Stealth 15" attachment? Can we use the wands we have? Would purchase of power hose with pigtail and Stealth carpet attachment be sufficient? What is the cost of these 2 items?

Upgrading to an electric brush and hose for your home will make a huge cleaning difference, and be easier to! The Stealth vacuum head uses wands that properly mate the electrical connection to the head all the way to the electric hose handle connection. No other wands mate with the vacuum on the Stealth except the Stealth wand. The cost of the wand, head, and electric hose is the same as buying the entire kit. You can save the extra parts for when you need them, just a thought.

Stealth Hose Needed

I need a new 30' hose but need to know which one I need. I have a Lindhaus Power nozzle Model PB 12" E. The hose I have now I have to plug a cord into a 110 volt outlet and the other end has a small 2 pin plug that connects into the hose at the wall outlet end. The nozzle end has a 2 pin female plug that the power brush plugs into. The vacuum system starts up when you insert the vacuum end into the wall. I also have a switch on the handle that shuts the power brush beater on & off. The system is at least 10 years old. Please advise. Thank You

That is the power nozzle MD exclusively sells and is known as "Stealth". You have an older style hose. This newer one fits all Stealths and turns off the air as well as the electricity. The perfect replacement for hoses with a cord that plugs into an electrical wall oulet as well as the vacuum inlet is a,353GC. If your electric hose has two pins that plug directly into an electrified 110 volt vacuum inlet then you need a,353GC. That's it!

Stealth Manual

We have just moved into a house with a Stealth Central Vacuum System. I am delighted with how efficient it is, especially compared to the one we had in our last house. But to use the system to the best of its abilities (and not to misuse it) I would really like to get an operating manual. The previous owners did not leave us one. Is there some way of obtaining a new operating manual from you. Thank you very much for your time. Debbie McIntosh Battle Ground, Washington

You can find the brush and kit manuals here,

Stealth Replacement Belt

I need a belt for my MD stealth Mod PB 14" E where can I order this part

The replacement belt of a Stealth is here There is a lifetime belt warranty so please call us!

Stealth Vacuum Service Help

We have a Stealth Central Vac System. The green light on the Stealth vaccum head does not turn on. It stays Red all the time. I checked and there is nothing stuck in the vaccum. It does not seem to suck efficiently. Our Model No. is PB14e and serial Number 153964. My name is Ashok and email is

To ensure you have properly removed the bottom plate and cleaned the roller bar along with the end cap bearings please follow the two steps to view the first video in this link: Expand Stealth Vacuum Service Help > view first video titled Stealth Shuts Off - Light Stays Red. You may also want to adjust the height of the beater bar to make sure it cleans effectively. This may take a few tries before the green light comes on indicating the correct height setting is found.

ThoroMatic Electric Nozzle Replacement? Other Electric Brands to.

I just purchased a home in N.C. and it comes with a central vacuum system. It was installed in 1989 and still is in fine shape but I need a new carpet attachment and I wanted to know if the stealth was right and if so which hose do I need. Originally it came with AB-2A deluxe air driven carpet brush and EB-2A electric driven carpet brush plus a 30 ft 1 1/4 inch current carrying hose. Do I need the hose I have two,one has a cord attached and one does not. I appreciate any help you can give me. the model vacuum is the thoro-matic TM-2. Thanks again .Ginny

Hello Ginny Yes, the Stealth Kit will fit right into all systems that use an electric cleaning nozzle. It fits the wall ports for your vacuum system and works seamlessly. It is a fantastic upgrade! We recommend purchasing the complete kit which will include the hose. Why? The newer hoses are lightweight, crush-proof, 360 degree swivel at the handle which reduces kinking and has 27% more airflow over the 1 1/4 hoses, not to mention a 2-Year Warranty. Our Stealth Brush also has an outstanding warranty. You get a Lifetime Warranty on the Belt, 5-Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the remaining brush components. We have these kits available with 30' and 35' hoses. You may want to be sure that you choose the kit with a Corded Hose.

Troubleshooting - Hose Not Turning On Power Brush

I have a Stealth Power Head Model PB 14" E, Code 09119B. Suction works fine in both switch positions but the brush/motor won't engage in either switch position. The motor works fine when I bypass the handle (by plugging the electrical lead coming from the power head directly into the wall receptical). Wiring inside handle is all intact. Is this simply a failed switch or could there be another problem? If it's a failed switch, please identify the replacement part number. Thanks, Bob - Vancouver, WA

That problem is usually the other end of the hose, the wall end. The two pin connection or the pigtail electrical cord has a diode fuse molded into it that can short out. If you don't have a continuity tester to know the issue for certain, than buy the cord part here and give it a go. Most likely it will be resolved. If it shorts again then you have a bad inlet valve or electrical outlet, or there is an issue with the power brush spiking. Here are the parts,352CO. Here are videos for troubleshooting

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.

Vacu-Maid - Large Home, Lots of Vacuuming

I purchased a home with an existing Vacu-maid P-125 system. I would like to upgrade the attachments. I am interested in your opinion as to which kit would be right for me. When I checked my inlets, they are 1.5 inch in diameter, but I only see one metal contact. I have about 3,000 square feet of carpet and 3,000 square feet of hardwood/stone floors. I also have 4 small children and 3 cats. I live on a farm and so vacuuming and dusting are required at least 3 x week. What do you suggest? Thanks for your time!

The Stealth Kit is the greatest solution for your unique home. Your inlet valve hole may be slightly larger in diameter than standard so you may want to buy a #302CT to slip over the hose end (just push it on and it stays real well). Thanks for asking.

Vacu-Maid Upgrade

Marcia from Yakima, Wa: I have a Vacu Maid central vacuum system in my house. The system is from about 1989 when the house was built. I would like to upgrade to an electronic system such as the Stealth. Right now my carpet attachment is a T21 air turbo head. It is large, clunky and doesn't fit under anything. It does a poor job on cleaning the carpets. Most of the house is hardwood floors and oriental carpet. I have been looking at the Stealth system and think it would work nicely with my existing system. The vacuum ports are 1.5 inches in diameter. I would have to do the conversion from turbo to electric by buying the electric hose, but think it would work ok. There is an electric outlet near the vacuum port in each room that has carpet on the floor. What do you think about this ?

Hello, you are thinking correctly at all levels here. Thank you for taking the time to be sure about your decision. The Stealth Kit with corded hose is a great upgrade. We guarantee it! Some Vacu-Maid inlets with that diamete had a single micro-switch trigger inside the valve. Others had the standard two contact points inside. If yours has the two small contacts then you are ready to go. If it has the single contact then buy this cuff to slide over the end of the hose. Note that single contact systems always start the suction upon insertion so the switch on the upgraded hose will not control the suction, but will control the electric brush. Two contact systems allow the new hose to control the suction on and off, though. The last decision is whether you want a 30ft or 35f hose in the kit. If there are areas in the home a 30ft hose will not reach then buy the longer hose, otherwise stick with the smaller one. Let us know if you have any further questions. We look forward to serving your vacuum needs for decades to come!

VacuFlo - Long Cords?

I have a vacuflo turbocat system currently. I was not aware of an electrical hose system. How do the two work together? Do I need to have a long cord dragging around with me and my hose or does it plug in close to the outlet for the hose? My upstairs of my house is carpeted and the downstairs is mostly hardwood. I was going to purchase another deluxe kit that I currently have for the upstairs, but I'm wondering if the electric kit would be better for my upstairs as that is all carpeted. Please advise

Yes, you have discovered a very good thing for your home! For your upstairs you will love the Stealth Kit. Buy a 'corded' kit. That means when you plug the hose into the inlet you also plug a pigtail electrical cord into an electrical outlet within 8ft. The wires are hidden in the hose, you only drag around a hose, not a cord. Note that if you have Vacuflo inlets, you may lose on/off control of the suction (you will have control of the electric brush). If you lose on/off control of the suction and it bothers you, you can easily replace the inlet faceplate with our Vacuflo adaptor and new faceplate for about $20/inlet. See the Vacuflo page for details.

Vacuflo Compatibility

My house was built in 1979. I have a Vacuflo 4940 inlet. My current central vac hose does not fit the inlet as well as it should. The end of the hose is a bit too large for the inlet hole. How do I know it the Stealth Kit will fit appropriately into the inlet? Stefanie in Springfield

If it doesn't fit perfectly, straight out of the box, then it will only be a bit tight. That is easily remedied. The hose end has two hard plastic ridges that create friction and both can easily have some plastic removed with some scrapping. The rim about 1/32 inch from the edge of the metal plate on the end of the hose, and the ridge between the plates needs be scrapped down flush with the level of the metal plates themselves. Take care not to remove too much plastic or the hose will be loose in the inlet and impact your suction or just fall out all the time. You can also upgrade your inlets to industry standard with a conversion kit found here, The Stealth is a fantastic upgrade - be sure to buy the corded version. Enjoy!

Vacuflo FacePlates with Two Small Holes

I have HP Vacuflo installed and it has direct connect pins that plug into two holes just above the main inlet hole direct connect. My house has carpets and hardwood floors. Which attachment kits should I get? Thank You

Great question. Those are actually proprietary inlets from Vacuflo. The two holes in every other system equate to 110 volts but on yours it is the low voltage for turning the suction on and off. Good news is you can still upgrade to the Stealth Kit! Simply buy one with the corded hose. You will have incredible power to clean your carpets. Wait to you see what debris the Stealth will pull from them. The only down side of your inlets is that without replacing them the suction will start when you lift inlet lid and stay on until you close the lid. The switch on the Stealth hose will turn the Stealth off and on but not the suction - unless you change the inlets using the adaptor for Vacuflo inlets and a new inlet cover (about $22 per inlet total). Here are those parts if you want to do that now or wait for later, after you use the Stealth.,653CW.

Vacumaid Compatible?

I have a vacu-maid system and use a corded hose. The connection between the hose and the wand shorted out frying the ends. Time for a replacement. Will the Stealth power attachments be compatible with my vacu-maid system?

Hello, we are excited for you to try the Stealth with the Vacumaid system. It is a perfect fit and will really bring the system to life. You will love how it cleans - we guarantee it.

VacuMaid, Compare with TurboCat

I have a Vacu-maid system installed in our home about 8 years ago. The T21 turbo head never worked very well and frequently jammed. We had it fixed several times, but it never worked well. We have cat and dog hair and a lot of dust out in the county (rugs, carpet, and tile). Will an electric head fit directly into the system? In other words, can I use my existing hose? Do I need any conversion parts??? Also, the price difference between the Tubocat PB-490BLV or the electric head is significant ($150 vs. $500). What is the primary reason? Which would you recommend? Thanks.

Hello, the T21 used a hose that didn't have 110 volts in it so you will have to buy a complete new kit with hose if you upgrade to electric. That will be more money, but your home will be a lot cleaner, fresher, and your carpets will look great. The Stealth and other electric nozzles and the hose will fit into your existing system. Stealth is bullet-proof . The Turbocat is a lot like your old T21. It is air powered so you can use your existing hose, but your carpets will not be nearly as happy with it. The price difference is big now but over time is well worth the initial investment. Your home and household will appreciate and feel the difference.

VacuQueen Compatible?

Anne, Raleigh, NC Hi there! We have what looks like an old Vacu-Queen V3000 unit in our house and the motorized unit doesn't have hardly any suction. The hose has lots of duck tape as well, in short, probably needs to be replaced. It appears that it is a 'basic' hose system, ie just plug into the wall and that's it, no prongs or cords or switches. The Stealth models don't appear to be compatible, but I did note in your text that you could upgrade - could you describe how this works? Is there anything else on the main system in the garage that needs maintenance - owners didn't leave any original docs. Thanks very much!

Hello Anne, congratulations on the home and the central vac. You can begin to systematically test the system using this guide You really do want to get a new hose - duct tape means loss of suction and a less clean home. Yes, the Stealth and other kits will fit your system. The electric Stealth Kit plugs into your wall receptacle and the 8ft cord that comes out the wall end of the hose gets plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. If you order a electric kit buy the one with the 8ft cord in the description. You are not limited to 8ft, the wires are hidden in the long hose and come out the end of the hose into a cord. For the maintenance of the system it is really simple. Lift up the top of the vacuum unit and you will find a cone shape coffee-like filter. Did they leave any of those for you? Change that every few months and you will be go to go! Happy vacuuming!

Whirlpool Central Vac with 1-1/2 inch Inlets

I have a Whirlpool model fb9900 xso 11 amps installed in 1989, with a 1.5 inch inlet opening. Will the stealth brush kit for Kenmore whole house vacuums work for me? I have a 30 ft hose, but would like to get a 35 ft hose if possible. Do I need an adapter to fit the 1.5 inch inlet opening? Don

Hello, the Stealth will be an awesome addition to your system. Since you have the normal size inlets you can get the regular corded Stealth Kit with 35ft hose. Here it is, enjoy!