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No Suction Switch in II Right Position

When hooked to the stealth power head and button pushed to right (green light) thebrush will turn but no suction. when button pushed to the left have suction but brush will not turn (not lights). Help Larry

The switch in the handle needs to be replaced. It is actually the hole wiring assembly that corrects it and is sold here

Stealth II Intermitent Power

I have a Stelth II that runs intermittently. The red light does not come on but the brush stops. Can not find one position that it stays on all the time. I cleaned the bearing holder but it did not fix the problem.

If the green light stays on all the time, even when the power shuts off, then you have a bad circuit board. If the green light turns off with the power, then the problem is with the hose not supplying power to the brush.

Stealth Wand Not Locking In Position

I have a 3 year old MD central vac system with the Stealth Power Nozzle. My problem is that the main telescoping metal wand slides in and out while vacuuming. Started intermittently doing this a couple of months ago but now it either extends or retracts on every stroke. Is there a repair kit available to fix this telescoping wand problem? Everything else is working great! My name is Dave Desilets, Hopkinton MA.

The repair kit for the release can be found here, or you can just replace the wand here

Stealth Issue

The black plastic piece near the head of our stealth broke off. There is now an open hole near the bottom of the wand that allows air to go through it. I plugged it and the sound of the operation changed significantly. Just wanted to make sure the hole was OK to be plugged or if it is needed to be open to allow air to enter via it in addition to the stealth head.

The top black piece of the Stealth needs to be closed to maintain suction. Originally there was a piece of plastic there to keep that portion covered. Anything used to plug up the hole can also cause a clog in the neck at that point. It is best to replace the top cover to avoid any problems in the future.

Stealth Intermittent Power

My Stealth head works intermittently (suction is always good). It stops when I turn it to some angles. It only runs continuously if I keep it in an almost upright position. Is there a short in the wiring that would cause this --- or??? J.Friday

Most likely you have a broken wire in the neck that only connects at certain angles. Replacing the neck should solve the issue.

Hose Not Activating The Vacuum

I have the central vacum system. the systems powers with the on switch and the "kick plate" that you turn on and off with your foot to suck up dirt as you sweep it in works, but when I plug the hose into ANY outlet in the house, the vacum does not come on when i flip the switch on the hose. What could be the matter? Christine in McCoy, TX

You most likely have a bad switch in the hose that needs to be replaced. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue

Stealth Power Connection Burnt

My stealth power head is arching at the two prong connection to the handle and the power intermittently goes on and off. One of the prongs is black due to the arching. When it runs, everything works fine. Which part do I need to replace? Thanks

You will need to replace the switch assembly and the Stealth cord found here,,49054

Electrolux Replacement Issues

Hi, I recently tried my new 'stealth kit' (replace my old electrolux 1590). When I plug the hose in, the suction does no turn on. It does with my old electrolux hose. I measured the resistance between the two metal plates on the stealth and it is 10 ohms whereas it is a short citcuit ( 0 ohms) on my old electrolux. Any suggestions? Thanks, Alan Santa Cruz, CA

Our electric hoses are operated by the switch on the handle to turn on the suction. Many older hoses had a switch that operated the brush only. When they are inserted into the wall inlet they turned on the suction automatically. If this is an issue with the operation of the switch, please give us a call to speak to a technician.

Stealth Power Head Not Picking Up Debris

Hi , I have a stealth vaccuum and it turns on but doesn\'t seem to be suctioning...seems like any dirt that does get sucked seems to stay by the brush because when I lift it up, it spits out lots of dirt. I already cleaned out dirt from the bucket. Please email me and let me know. Thank you, Amy M

Most likely your power head is turning on, but not the suction. Remove the handle from the wand and turn the hose switch to the right. If the suction does turn on, then there is a clog in the wand tube or the Stealth head itself that is blocking the debris and airflow. If the suction does not turn on, there is another issue that is preventing the power unit from turning on. Follow our troulbleshooting guide to locate the issue.

Stealth With No Power

A loose blanket got caught in my Stealth power head. After removing the object, I only get suction, no lights & power brush does not move. Can I reset it? Carol Edmond OK

There could be a few different things that could be causing a power failure. The Stealth power brush does not have a reset button. Follow our intructional videos for troubleshooting to locate the issue.

Video On Servicing Stealth

I have a 10 year old MD. Does the power brush on the stealth require periodic changing

There is something you can do to keep the Stealth at tip top shape. It is simple and explained here on the first video on the page

Stealth Red Light Always On

Power head light flashes green to red to off( loses power)while vacuuming. It is a direct connect wand model. It appears that as you move back and forth the plug in at the hose end is ? losing power although it doesn't appear lose. ( I bought this when they were converting from the outside cord to the direct connect powerhead. What to do? It is difficult to vacuum with this on off powerhead.

Hair and dirt have clogged the bearing holder on the opposite side of the belt. Remove the roller brush plate on the bottom and lift the roller brush up opposite of the belt side. Pull the metal housing off and clean inside the circle perimeter. That is it. Should take less then 10 minutes.

Hoover Kit Recommendation?

I have a Hoover central vac model 5673 and the I need a new hose and also a new nozzle. I read that I should order the stealth attachment kit-is this what you would recommend?

Yes, the Stealth is our top recommendation for the Hoover Central Vacuum System. It is completely compatible and, with its high quality, Italian made, vacuum and industry best hose, you'll have many years of worry free vacuuming.

Low Suction in System

We have had the Stealth for 3 years and have had no problems with it at all until now. It is "partially" sucking. It doesn't seem as if anything is stuck in the hose, and I just replaced the bag thinking it may be over-full, but it still only sucks a little bit. We use the wood floor attachment as well as the carpet vacuum. Red Bluff, CA

Hi, please use this guide to find the issue Let us know if you have any further questions.

Not Running

I have a stealth...It has suction but no power. I tried plugging the black cord that goes in the handle directly into the wall plug. Still no power. What should I try next??

Hi, does the red light stay on? If so, lift the roller brush out (non belt end) and clean off the removable metal end. If red light is off then please call us.

Suction Stopped?

Hi, I received my Stealth and I am having a hard time getting suction. It turns on and the brushes rotate, but it is not suctioning. When I toggle to the left, I hear the vacuum turn on but cannot feel the suction from the Stealth when I hold my hand under it. I can however feel suction with the attachment tools, but, when using the attachmnent kit, the plastic wand constantly falls off. It is very frustrating.

Hi, when you are vacuuming with the Stealth you should hear debris traveling down the hose. Please try it. If you don't then something is caught in the Stealth or wands. Please call us for the plastic wand issue.

Plush Frasse Carpet

We love our Stealth attachment on our central vac, but we recently replaced our carpet in the bedroom with a super plush frasse twist carpet and can't vacuum without the red light coming on. We've raised the height all the way and opened the bleeder all the way, but it still bogs down so much that we can't vacuum. Is there anything else we can try? Connie from Springfield, IL

Hi, actually, you want to check with the carpet manufacturer. May times they have strict guidelines on vacuuming these carpets. We recommend not vacuuming until you are clear on the guidelines. There is a way to get a bit more height on the Stealth. Take off the top cover an snip the plastic tab that stops the height knob from rotating further.

Stealth Brush's Light Misunderstanding

S from NJ, Hi, I just got my stealth kit today and am trying to follow the brush height instructions, but I am not able to get a red light when I turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise...the light is always green....what am I doing wrong?

Hello S from NJ. Sorry if the instructions were not clear; however, you do not need to turn the knob left or right until the green light turns red. The green light indicates that your brush is fine on the carpet it is on; however, when you come across a piece of carpet that is too high, the light may turn red and automatically shut off as to not snap the belt. Use the gray knob (height adjustment) to adjust to the carpet hieght, or better yet to a cleaning resistance you feel comfortable with. If the red light comes on or not, the Stealth and its belt will be fine.

Carpets - Low Pile or Hand Made

does the stealth work on hand made low pile rugs? I have several antique Persian carpets in my home and the rotating brush on my current attachment is damaging the carpets. Thank you

Hi, the Stealth is a very good match because it has so many height adjustments. You can tune in to get the brush to go over the top of the carpet without digging in too much. First, though, check with the manufacturer or tradesperson for their cleaning recommendation. Not all carpets are made to be electrically brushed at high RPMs.

Red Light, Stops, No Suction Too

Have Stealth kit with direct connect. The power brush turns on with the switch but the main vacuum unit does not start. The green light quickly turns red. Shorting out the low voltage tabs in the wall receptacle does start the main vacuum unit. The hose is clear of of obstructions. Thanks for any suggestions.

It sounds like there may be two issues? The Stealth light on the Stealth head itself turning red and shutting down means the bearing holder needs cleaning. The bearing holder opposite the side of the belt can be popped out without removing the entire roller brush. Simply pull the metal end off and clean it. The suction not working with the switch on the II, or right, position usually means you need a new switch. Our part number #352GS. Call and we can work through this together if you want.

High Pile Carpets

hi, Does the stealth work well on high pile carpets? And what is the maximum height of the carpet? If i vacuum on high pile carpets will the suction be reduced? thanks nick

The Stealth works like the champion when it is on carpets less than one inch tall. The Hayden Kit works very well on carpets taller than that. If the Stealth is grabbing the carpet too tight then open the bleeder valve on the hose handle and adjust the brush height setting to the highest setting. The issue is not loss of suction but the over grabbing of the carpet fibers. Also, be sure to check with the carpet manufacturer on guidelines for cleaning these carpets.

Carbon Brushes?

Where can I buy carbon brushes for the electric motor in the Stealth power head? Paul from Milwaukee

Sorry, those are not available. Please call us for options.

Servicing Stealth

I have a Stealth power head that stopped working. I have the handle the toggles left & right. The switch was not working to the right side (no suction & no powerhead)but to the left it would have suction.I ordered your replacment switch & install it, and now I get suction to the right on the switch but still no can I check the powerhead? It has worked without any problems for ten years. And why would changing the switch fix the right toggle suction but not the powerhead? Are there fuses in the powerhead? Thanks Bill, Bayville

Hello Bill, isn't it a pleasant surprise these days to find such durability in a vacuum! It sounds like your 10-year-old Stealth is not getting electricity. It can be a couple of things. You already replaced the hose handle switch assembly so we know that is good. Do any lights come on when you switch the Stealth on? If so then there are threads stopping it that are packed next to the sealed bearing opposite the belt side. No lights? Tug and pull on the black cord as it enters the neck, it may need to be reconnected. Try to hear if the mini switch is working. As you put the Stealth in the upright position, before it snaps in, you should hear a faint click. That is the shut off for the up right position. If you don't hear the click then it may be jammed. Get to it by removing the five screws. The issue may also be the hose. If you have a wall end that has the two prongs that connect into the faceplate you can actually put the Stealth black cord directly into the two small holes on the vacuum wall port. With the neck down, it should start right up. If it does then the hose is at fault. Electric hoses have a hidden diode fuse in the two prong plug or in the pigtail cord end. Replace the plug or cord depending on what you have and the hose will function again. You may also want to open up the handle and see if there are any blackened marks on the brass rings. Call us if there is or you need help with any of this. Let us know what you find.

Nutone in Condo..Need Kit..2nd Floor No Suction

Hello, We have purchased a condo built in 1984 with a Nutone system (number unknown). Central vac is new to us "boomers" and we don't know who to call for service. The unit is in the basement, and the main floor outlets work fine, but the 2nd floor outlet suddenly quit. Tried the reset. Any ideas? We have carpet and wood floors and need an attachment for both. Any advice is much appreciated. Lorethea in Vincennes, IN

Hello Lorethea, yes the Stealth Kit is the best for carpet and floors and will work as is with your Nutone system. On the second floor try shorting the small metal nipple protrusion contacts INSIDE the vacuum port 1.5 diameter hole (will not shock you). Doesn't work? Take the faceplate off the wall and short the wires. Doesn't work? The wire in the wall has been cut. Anyone worked in the attic or basement recently?

Red Light, Hard to Push

I just bought a home with a Stealth vac and I put it to the highest level but the red light still comes on a lot and the vac seems a bit hard to push, Is this normal?

Hello, on really plush carpet or deep shag the Stealth's red light may come on. That only indicates some belt tension. If the tension is too much it will automatically shut off to protect the belt (hence our lifetime belt warranty). To relieve some of the suction, open the bleeder valve on the hose handle and the Stealth will be easier to push. If not let us know. Also, check with the carpet manufacturer regarding cleaning guidelines.