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A Lot of Berber Carpet

I have a Turbo-cat air driven brush that is used on our 100% wool berber carpet. MY QUESTION IS, Will the STEALTH do a better job without causing any damage to our 100% wool berber carpet. I'm concerned because our carpet company said we need to be carefull about rough brushes on wool berber carpet. Thank you, Allan Fierstein


Stealth has 12 height adjustments to allow you to vacuum exactly as you wish. At most, other vacuums have 5 levels and air driven brushes like Turbo Cat have no height adjustments. You need a brush you can adjust to the perfect setting. Stealth is also unique because it governs its RPM. Do note though, that any vacuum you "float" on the carpet will, at times, spit out small debris because the brush is not digging into the carpet, but the carpet will last longer because it is not being roughed up.

A+ Question: Is Stealth a Strong, Dependable Vacuum?

I need to buy an electric power head and hose. I spent a lot of money on my last powerhead only to have many problem and had to keep sending back for repairs. I need a power head that is strong enough to pick up dog hair and also be dependable


We understand the frustration, but for over two decades no other brush has passed the quality of the Italian made Stealth. It is a work horse, it is extremely quiet, it is dependable. Stealth has a lifetime belt warranty. The belt is virtually never going to break because is shuts down when too much tension is on it. The motor has a five-year warranty. The construction of the brush is super high quality, the plastics are not toy plastics. Take a minute to go over the Stealth in detail here:

Accessory Make-Over

I would like to fix or replace my chamberlain airvac VM4200DS, 5 years old, abused by kids and 4 different floor services; hardwood, slate & stone combo, rug, & tile. Motor works. Head piece broken off. Brush worn. Stair hand held brush worn. What would you suggest?


The Stealth is the best choice all around and the complete kit comes with enough tools to clean all your surfaces. It fits all brands and systems that have a wall inlet with a 1-1/2 inch vacuum opening. Stealth is the long lasting vacuum accessory kit that fits right into your built-in vacuum system.  You may also want to get the MiniElectric or RugRat and take a look at the Manta. If you have any questions please let us know. Otherwise everything is ready to ship to you in a timely manner!

AirVac - Replace Air Driven?

We have an AirVac model ZX7000 with an air driven brush. It was installed 3 years ago when our house was built and the rep said the air driven brush works great, but my carpets have not held up well. Can I switch to the Stealth Power Brush? Do I need to change my wall outlets? Thanks! Karen

Your inlets are industry standard so all you need is the "corded" Stealth Kit. (All wall inlets that are about 1.5 inches in diameter are standard.) You need the kit because you have to have electricity to power the Stealth and your old hose, even if it has a switch on it, doesn't have the higher voltage. You will need a kit with the 8ft cord pigtail. The cost of the kit will be a distant memory the very first time you hear it pull all the junk out of your carpet left by the air-driven vacuum brush. In fact this is one of our favorite demonstrations.

Aqua-Air Compatible?

i am looking and an aqua-air central vacuum system and was woundering if your house would fit the aqua-system and weather i would have to get the dirct conect or the pig tail style hoses thank you joel tillamook oregon

Any of the pigtail style electric kits work with the Aqua-Air System and are a wonderful compliment to it.

Beam 189D Replacement?

I have a Beam model #189D with a Butler power nozzle. The unit is approx. 10 years old. The model # that I have now is 045-331/045-330. I need a replacement for the power nozzle and was wondering if the Stealth would work?

If your brush cord doesn't end in the obsolete three pin style, but has two pins, then we have the replacement here Otherswise we suggest buying a new Stealth Kit with Hose. The hose will fit your existing wall inlets and we guarantee you'll be impressed with the new kit or your money back!

Beam BM1393 Replacement?

We need to replace our pipe and brush attached to the hose. The whole thing. our model is #BM1393 Type AB-1 Serial # 0528012534 Hertz 60 Amps 2.5 Volts 120AC need to order as soon as possible.

Sounds like you have a Beam system. We have an incredible brush for you that is simply better in a lot of ways. You can buy our Stealth brush and two lower wands (not an "upper wand" at all). You'd have to manually plug the two-pin cord into your hose. If you want a really great solution, replace the hose too! You will get better suction and have a new attachment kit. Read what our customers are saying about the Stealth Kit at

Beam RugMaster 320 Vacuum Replacement?

I have a Beam (model #189C) with the RugMaster Electric Brush (model 320). The RugMaster has bit the dust. I need to replace it. What would you suggest I invest in?

Hello, we highly recommend replacing your RugMaster 320 and the hose, etc. with the Stealth Kit or other Electric Kit. Others in your shoes have praised the upgrade. Stealth is a better quality vacuum and the hose provides you 27% more suction. The belt has a lifetime guarantee, it basically NEVER breaks. Just the sound of the air rushing into the new hose with excite you! Here is all the kits compared The RugMaster connection to the hose you have is not standard so replacing the hose and vacuum, in our opinion, is the best decision. A new kit will fit right into your wall ports and work with your system without a hitch. But if you want to replace the RugMaster we have it aviailable here If you have the three prong cord end though from the brush, it is obsolete. Thanks for asking.

Beam Rugmaster Replacement?

Hi! We have a Beam Serenity that is 5 years old and have a Rugmaster. Will this work and what would the difference be in performance if I got the Stealth? Also what if I just need a new motor for the Rugmaster? Are they on your website and where would I find out how to replace the motor myself? My current motor runs and the beater bar rotates but seems to have a burning or overheating smell and doesn't suction well like it used to. By the way my handle has a cord incorporated so I just plug the hose into the outlet. Thank you so much for any your site! Sincerely, Carol

Hello Carol, the Stealth by itself will not replace the Rugmaster or Plus model because the cord ends are different. If you think it is worth it at this time though, we highly recommend upgrading the hose and tools with an entire Stealth Attachment Kit. It fits into all Beam vacuum inlets ever installed on your wall. If your brushes cord ends in two pins we have the replacement here If it ends in three pins then you'll have to consider a new complete kit.

Broan 180 Vacuum Replacement?

We have a Broan central vac Model No. 180, put in when the house was built approx. 20 years ago. I'm not happy with the carpet cleaning. Am looking for a solution. What do I need to use the Stealth carpet brush? the unit and the cord?

The Stealth Kit is a great choice, as you can see from all the testimonials. The system will fit your existing wall inlets. If it is tight at the wall connection you can easily modify the hose end by scraping off a bit of plastic. You need to buy the Stealth Kit with "corded hose". The cord is hidden in the hose but comes out of the hose to be plugged into an electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. If you want to use your existing hose you can, if the hose has the pigtail electrical cord. Simply buy a Stealth or BlackHawk head alone. The Stealth is a better brush though.

Broan B1396 Vacuum Replacement?

I have a Broan Model B1396 that is five years old. The motor seems to not be working correctly anymore and the carpets are not getting clean. I would prefer not to buy a new hose, but it looks like we need a new powerhead. Is the Stealth the way to go? Will I have to buy any additional cords, etc, in order to use it? Sincerely, Robin Trenton, IL

Hi Robin, you can buy the Stealth power nozzle or BlackHawk they fit right in because you already have to plug the cord into the hose handle manually. It will really make a difference on the carpets.

Broan CV-20 Compatible?

I have a BROAN CV-20C The hose was broken and I replaced it. Now the power head is broken and I need anew one. Can I buy the Stealth and will it work. Also what do you have for the hard wood floors that can work with the Broan CV-20C

Hello, yes the Stealth head is a direct replacement and a wonderful upgrade. When you need a new hose buy the Electric Hose and new wand #406ST. Or you can buy a complete new kit now. All of our kits fit right into your system without any changes.

Broan Power Head Replacement?

I have a Broan Manf. central vac unit Approx. 13 yrs old. I need to replace my electric power-head. The model # on the one that I have reads as a Model B1396 Type A. Voltz 120 AC Amp 25. Will any of yours work for me?

Our Stealth or Blackhawk will work. The Stealth takes the "best-of-show" though. It is made in Italy, of the highest quality and standards, and will out clean other brushes.

Budd Vac Compatible?

We currently do not have an electric head for our Budd system. The Stealth kit includes an electric hose and the electric head. Where is the plug to the wall electric outlet? from the hose or the head? How long is the electric cord? My current hose and head stinks, will the Stealth kit correct my problems of not picking up anything? Thank you, Kim

The Stealth is an excellent solution for your cleaning troubles. We ask you to test drive it risk free for 30 days! The electric hose is lightweight and has wires in it. The wall end that goes into the vacuum inlet has an 8-foot long electric extension cord coming out of the cuff on the hose end. Simply plug it into any electric outlet. You only need it plugged in if you are going to use the Stealth on your carpet. Our customer reviews of the product are outstanding and we hope that after you toss your stinkers you'll be able to chime in with them!

Cen-Tec Carpet Brush Replacement Hose

I need a replacement hose for AirVac - Purely Powerful Red Series - Model: AV2500. The brush for carpet sweeping is Cen-Tec CT14DX. Thanks, Chad

To use your Cen-Tec carpet brush with our hose you will also need two wands to adapt. The products needed can be found here,,406su,352g,352gc . The hose type will depend on whether your hose needs a cord to plug into the wall or directly into the vacuum wall inlet.

Cen-Tec Hose Compatible?

We have an Omar's unit and have replaced the hose with a Cen-Tec Systems model XZ100. The hose carries the power for the beater brush. Is the Stealth compatable without purchasing a new kit?


The Stealth power nozzle is NOT compatible with Cen-Tec Hoses. We highly recommend a complete electric kit upgrade such as the Stealth Kit which will be a fantastic upgrade. It fits right into your system without any changes.

Conductaflex Hose Compatible?

I have an M&S AV425A central vac system (1992) but only require a new powered head and would like the best on the market. Which do you suggest and will it fit my existing hose? My hose is a conductaflex 208 / LR44129 with the electrical fitting as shown on the stealth picture.

Hello, you are on the right track. Looking at the photo of our Stealth brush you will see the cord end. If it matches the cord end on the brush you are replacing then you can have the best replacement money can buy - guaranteed.

CT-110 Vacuum Replacement?

I have a model CT-110 that is not working well and I have a lot of dog hair to pick up on carpet. Could I get the Stealth head and would it be compatible with the hoses I use for the CT-110?

Hello, yes the CT-110 can be replaced with the Stealth. That is a really great upgrade and will do very well on the hair you need to pick up. The other compatible head is our BlackHawk. Both heads in their respectable complete kits will fit right into your system if you want to go that route instead.

CT14DX Replacement?

I need a replacement for a CT14DX head. Our home is mainly wood floors, carpet only in bedrooms. What would you suggest as a replacement for this head? Our hose kit and attachments are only 3 years old. Regards, Dan March

Hello Dan, that model was sold under many names including Hayden. Scroll down to the brush head on this page and enlarge it. You will see that it is the same one. The Stealth will not fit in place of the CT14DX. If you wish to use the Stealth then buy the complete Stealth Kit. It fits right into your system as-is.

CT14DX Replacement?

I have an AirVac Red Series central vacuum system (Model #AV2500, Serial # B031959) that was installed in December 2002. I need to replace the VM 454 Electric Brush (Model #CT14Dx, Serial # D13812066) I am trying to determine if the Stealth would fit the wand to my system. The wand is the type with a power cord that plugs in separately to an electric outlet next to the vacuum outlet.

The compatibility issue is at the handle end of the hose, not the wall end. The Stealth will not replace the CT14DX but we have a very powerful brush that does. It is the latest version of the CT14DX called the Ace. Here is a link for the original replacement (called Hayden) and the new Ace.

CT14DX Vacuum Replacement?


Hello, the Stealth is a wonderful replacement but you'd have to buy the entire Stealth Kit. It is not compatible with your hose. You can buy another CT14DX though. It is also sold under the name of Hayden and we have all those parts and accessories on this page. Hope that helps! Enjoy

CT20DXQD Replacement Vacuum?

Can I replace my CT20DXQD with the stealth? Julie, Wenatchee

Hi Julie, sorry but the connections are totally different. You'd have to buy a complete Stealth kit (it fits right into your existing wall ports and system) or buy another CT20DXQD (which we do not sell). Thank you for asking and if you need further help please let us know.

Electrolux Replacement?

I have a central vac system installed when the home was built around 1979. The Power head and hoses have been replaced sometime later with an Electrolux Power nozzle. The Vacum unit, hose and ends seem to be fine, but the power head is Beat up, broken and not working well. Will the stealth head work on this or do I need to replace with a full kit?

Typically, when someone has an Electrolux vacuum head that needs to be replaced, the entire kit needs to be replaced because the hose to vacuum connection is proprietary and expensive. A new Stealth Kit fits right into the existing wall connection and system regardless of the brand of the vacuum collection unit. Upgrading to a Stealth Kit also allows you to use all the awesome and helpful accessories available from MD.

Electrolux, Centralux, Aerus Compatible?

Is the Stealth Carpet Brush compatible with my Centralux Wwand and hose (pigtail)? Will buying the Stealth Wand and Hose significantly increase the performance of the Stealth Brush? Thank You

The Stealth head alone is not compatible with nearly all Electrolux type hoses but the entire Stealth Kit is compatible with all of these systems and wall vacuum valves. The Stealth hose is a larger diameter and smoother interior so it really out performs the hoses in nearly all Electrolux type systems. This equates to better, deeper cleaning and better health. Please start here for more information

Eureka Compatible?

I have a Eureka ev 1197 electric which could use a new roller brush by now I'm sure. Trouble is finding one. Unit must be old as I don't see any 110V wires attached to the hose! I am also owned by a "spaniel" who is a hairy critter. Mike/Flippin

Hello, Mike we are assuming this is a built-in vacuum. If so, we do highly recommend the Stealth but in order for it to work with your system you'll need to purchase a complete Stealth Kit which includes the hose. It fits right into your system. Enjoy!