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Do Not Use T

Darrel from Brookline Hello, I purchased a house with central vac installed. Unfortuantly, they put a T with back to back inlet ports on each side of the wall. Dirt collects in the opposite inlet when in use. I only need one of the inlets. Is there any way to plug one side of the inlets to prevent this from happening?

Hi, there really isn't anything you can do about this except open up the wall and make two separate runs. This is the installer's fault and why we are posting this Q&A online under this product. It is not a good product to use except when you are forced to by some strange piping need.

Sweep Fitting or Not

I want to add a garage inlet in the exposed suction tube just ahead of the vac unit. Is it advisable to insert this fitting in line and glue the inlet valve directly at the remaining opening, or should a sweep fittting be used?

It is HIGHLY recommended to use sweep fitting when ever possible. The dirt going into one side of the 3-way Tee will shoot over into the opposite side and can build up causing a clog. Instead, use a sweep tee then a spigot 90 for the turn going away from the sweep tee.,503