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Amazing Stretch Hose for Quick Clean-ups Q&A

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Questions & Answers

AirForce Compatible? Other Short Hoses?

I purchased one of these hoses for my MD vac system and the vac does not engage when I plug it in. My system is 110 volt with two prongs next to the inlet and the vac is controled by the UPB signal over the powerline. What can I do to make this hose activate the vac for my quick clean up's? Scott Flower Mound

Hello Scott, we are sorry to say that this hose will not work without low voltage wire ran to each inlet. AirForce installation only required a high voltage line. We will gladly refund your money. Also, even better than the Stretch Hose, we have a new electric hose that separates at 20ft so you can still get the ease-of-use you are looking for. The Quick Click hose fits seamlessly with all Stealth vacuum attachment sets. Please call us for the refund or for it to go towards the new hose.

AirVac Compatible?

I have an AirVac system with 1.5" inlets that power up when the hose is inserted. I purchased the Up-and-Over tool. My metal push button wands are l 1/4" inside diameter on both ends and 1 3/16 outside diameter on the attachment end. The Up-&-Over graduated narrow-to-larger end is too loose to fit inside the wand on the first section of the tool, and is too large at the second section for my wand to fit over it. I tried wrapping tape around the first section, but that's not very satisfactory. It's too loose in the end of the metal hose handle also. Isn't it supposed to fit AirVacs? Any suggestions? Also, will the 6'-22' stretch hose work with my system and and above metal wands? Carolyn Russellville, AR

Hello, yes the Stretch hose is compatible with AirVac. But like the Up'n Over you may want to buy the wand that fits it best. This plastic one is best for the Up'n Over and the metal one is best for the Stretch Hose.,406T

Attach to Longer Hose? Extend it?

I am looking for a short, flexible hose which will attach to the hose handle end. I would hold the hose handle end in one hand, and use the small hose with a brush attached to get into small spaces.

If your hose handle end is the kind with a metal stub tube on the end, NOT the clip in plastic kind, they you should buy this hose and do exactly as you say. In fact, you can cut the hose and spin the end back on it to create the exact length desired.

Attachments Directly to Hose?

Your description reads: Attachment end is 1.25 inches with a taper and can only be used with PLASTIC EXTENSION WANDS below. Does this mean I cannot just attach my crevice tool to the hose, without the wand?

Good point. Yes, you can put attachments directly on the Stretch Hose.

Auto Start Suction?

Does it auto on when I insert hose into intake? Thanx,Dixie

Hello, yes when you plug the Stretch Hose in then the suction starts. There is not an on/off switch.


do you sell only the brush?

Yes, all our brushes fit this hose. The extension wands you can use are #406T and #406P .

Come in Ivory?

connie phx. az. i need a stretch hose color ivory or white for my central vacumme

Hello, the popular Stretch Hose is only available in black.

Convert to On & Off Switch?

I bought your stretch hose - love it, but would like to convert it so it has an on/of electric. Can that be done?

Hello, unfortunately what makes the Stretch Hose great is also what holds it back from allowing it to have an on/off switch. Sorry.

Direct Connect or Pigtail Hose or Inlet?

Does the stretch hose require a corded end or direct connect? Can I attach anything to the end not at the wall - like a crevice device? Thanks

The stretch hose fits into your valves (where a direct connect or pigtail corded hose is used) and triggers the suction automatically without being direct connect or a pigtail cord. Yes, you can put your attachments directly on the end of the hose.

Dirt Devil Hose 135

Is this the replacement stretch hose for my dirt devil 135 hose that is in my RV?


Yes, this is the correct replacement hose for your Dirt Devil 135 Hose in your RV.

Electrolux 2100 Replacement Hose

my electrolux vacumn is the 2100 and I need a hose. Is this the right one?

This hose will work with your system. You can view all the compatible hose options for your Electrolux system here,

Extend Existing Hose?

Susan, Tallahassee FL I have an M&S central vac system, using a 30\' low-voltage hose. It has a power switch on the handle. I would like to be able to use it on my porch, so I\'d like to know if I can get an extension hose to fit over the existing wand end. I think the wand end is 1.25\" OD. Do you have anything that will extend the reach for maybe another 20\'? I do not care if there is a power switch on the extended hose. Just want to be able to vac on the porch! Thank you!

Hi Susan, we have two perfect, simple, solutions for you. They both slip right onto the end of your hose's metal tube end. The first is the Stretch Hose. It is less money, less durable, and recoils so is a bit of a workout to use - BUT it is so easy to store and so easy to use for quick clean-ups. Next is any Basic Hose. It will fit right on and work for you like your existing hose. Of course, as you noticed, you will not be able to control the suction at the end of the extension. You can buy any length Basic Hose here:

Extend Hose? Fits Inlets? Canister?

Does this hose attach to an existing hose that is attached to the in house inlets or the vacuum in the garage.

The Stretch Hose attaches into any inlet and any central vac canister, but can also be used to extent an existing hose. The existing hose end will fit snuggly into the Stretch Hose wall end.

Extension to Stretch Hose

We have a central vacuum cleaner in a 38 foot yacht. The vacuum cleaner automatically turns on when you plug the stretch hose into the vacuum opening. I am no sure of the brand of the vacuum; however, the stretch hose looks very similar to the stretch hose shown on your website. I would like to get an extension for our existing hose so that we can use the vaccuum in the cockpit area of the boat. I need about 10 additional feet of stretch vaccuum hose. Will your 22 foot hose work? Do you sell a ten or twelve foot hose? Dan Plano, TX

Hello Dan, you can put two hoses together. The ends match up. You can buy another hose and cut it to any length you want and then put the end back on. The ends screw off counter-clockwise.

Fit 1.25" Dia. Inlets?

My wall outlets are 1.25" (Budd). Is there a tapered cuff I can use with the stretch hose?

All you need to do is put this metal tube into the hose end and it will work like a charm.

Fit 1.375" Inlets?

The hose I need to replace has a 1.375" fitting that connects to the vacuum system. Will this hose fit that? The standard seems to be 1.25" and 1.5", I am having trouble finding 1.375". Thanks for your time.

This hose is slightly smaller then 1.5 inches and tapers up to 1.5 inches, so it will not work for you. Please consider replacing your inlets. Read the text at the top of this Inlet Page to see if it is possible.

Fit Older Central Vac

Would it fit with an older model of Beam bought 10 years ago?

Yes, it will fit all older central vac inlet ports except some Kenmore, Budd, Nutone.

Garage Vacuum Compatible?

Will the stretch hose work with the Hoover Garage Utility Vac and its attachments? Elin Kingston, Ontario

Hello, if the insertion hole for the hose is 1.5 inches in diameter then it will fit just fine.

Hose Only for Sale?

Have a Genie Shop Vacuum with a short hose with an inside diameter of 1.25". I want to keep the end fittings and just get a 30 foot piece of hose to replace the short hose. Can you supply the hose only.

Sorry, we don't stock any hose without ends and we are not sure the hose would fit since our interior is 1-3/8 .

Hose Use

my central vac hose doesn't reach to my screen porch. Can I use your stretch hose to extend the reach of my regular hose?

The stretch hose will fit into the wall inlet, not the hose you are using. If you need a slight extension, we do offer the Extension Hose that can give you an extra 12 feet of reach.

Hose Weighs 5lbs.

How much does the hose weight?

Hi, the Stretch Hose only weighs 5 pounds.

Industrial Width Available?

This hose would be perfect if I could get it in a bigger 3" size for an industrial aplication. Is that available from you or if not do you have a manufacturer name I could contact?

Sorry, this is not available in any other size.

Inlets with Two Prong Connection (Except Vaculfo)

I want a hose to use quickly to pickup trash at the door/bathroom. I have an Aerus (formerly Electroux) Model E130G. My plugs have electricity already at them with two prongs on top of my hose that plug into the outlets. Will this quick clean hose work on my system? Thank you. Barbara, Greensboro, NC

Yes, the Stretch Hose and Quick Clean Kits work with your system. Here is how you know, look inside the main suction hole on the wall and you will see two little metal contacts. These are what starts the suction. The prongs you are concerned about are for the electricity for the power head you already have and will have nothing to do with the Stretch Hose. When you put the Stretch Hose into the inlet the suction will start automatically.

Long Term Durability

I would like to know if after much use of the strech hose does it tend to no be as retractable as it would be at the new state? I have a 25 ft hose now and looking to buy a new hose due to some breakage and how dirty the hose have become. Please help???

The Stretch Hose is made for infrequent quick use. It is not something you want to clean your entire home with. The quality is ease of use for that would be lacking.

Longer Stretch Hose

Is there a way to connect 2 stretch hoses together so you can have it longer? Help! We have one stretch hose already plus 2 more hoses for the interior, which we would prefer not getting "that" dirty in the garage. There are a lot of us out there with 3 car garages. Any chance of getting the hose "Guru's" to invent a 40-50 foot stretch hose, or is that too much of a "stretch"?

Good humor. But you really ought to buy a 50ft Basic Hose. It is of much higher quality than the stretch hose - especially for garages. You can easily cut the 50ft hose to the exact length you want and reattach the hose end.

Low Voltage

I know you've stated this a million times, but I still want to make sure that this stretch hose works with the low voltage "on & off" systems. -joe new milford, ct

The stretch hose will start the flow of suction as soon as it is plugged into an inlet valve. It does not have an on/off switch. If you currently have a low voltage hose, and are asking if the stretch hose will work in the same inlet valve as your low voltage hose, the answer is yes. Just know that the flow of suction starts once the stretch hose is plugged into that inlet valve and stops when it is removed.

Metal Band Activation

Will this hose work with my Beam Central Vacuum and activate it the way my garage kit does? In other words my inlets allow either the power attachment with the two prongs or the garage hose with the metal band to activate the vacuum. The garage hose does not have an on/off switch the same as your stretch hose.

Yes, the metal band on the end will go into your wall port and activate the suction. Most inlets have the two small contacts just inside the port hole for this activation. All Beam's do. Few activate when the lid is opened and this hose works with these too.

MVAC M90 Compatible?

Is this stretch hose compatible with inlets for MVAC M90 central vac system? My inlets have a notch at the 12 o'clock position that the hoses need to be lined up with in order for the vacuum to turn on. Thanks from Angela in Toronto

The Stretch Hose will fit into a perfectly round hole. If something is needed that causes the vacuum to turn on in addition to the round end then most likely it is not compatible.

Need Short Vacuum Hoses for Vet Clinic

I am veterinarian and am installing a eureka central vacuum unit in a storage room. I would like a short hose (roughly 6-8 feet) that I can leave semi-permanently into an inlet for quick pick up of hair after prepping animals for surgery. I have already looked into adding a small rocker switch to the inlet panel to allow me to turn it on/off without unhooking the hose. My problem is finding a short hose that will be durable enough to be used multiple times daily. This stretch hose looked appealing but durability might be an issue. What's the shortest hose you make and if 30' is the shortest can it be shortened? Brent Paragould, Arkansas

Hi Brent, all the Basic Hoses can be cut by you and the ends put back on. You can buy one Basic Hose, more ends and make three ten footers. Here are the hoses, here are the ends,302HCR. They screw on to the hose itself, reversed thread. This would be better then the Stretch Hose. You will have more power and durability. You will need to come up with a holster or cap on the hose end though if you are going to leave it in the wall port or else air will get into the hose when you use the vacuum in another room.

Non-electric Means Compatible?

I'm not sure what non-electric means. We have a new Aerus, Centralux system. Will this shorter hose work with this system?

Yes, this hose will work with all systems. Non-electrical refers to the fact that no wires are running through it to power an electric carpet brush. When this hose is inserted into any vacuum inlet it starts the suction right away.

Nutone CI-370 Inlet Models Compatible?

Which Nutone inlets will the hose work with? My inlets are the CI-370 from Nutone and I believe I'm using just a universal hose with them now. Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric, the CI370 models are the unique Nutone inlets meaning the in-take hole is just hair smaller in diameter. The Stretch Hose will not fit in but for 1/4 inch. We have a perfect adaptor for it here though Just push the end onto the end of the hose and it will stay there, ready for each use.

On/Off Switch?

Does the Stretch Hose have an on-off switch in the handle? Norb, Westport MA

Hello Norb, the Stretch Hose does not have an on/off hose. When it plugs into an inlet 1.5 diameter with two contacts inside the hole, then it starts right away.

Only Plastic Wands?

Do I have to purchase a plastic wand with this hose? I only have metal ones.

Hello, some metal wands will work. Our metal #406T works excellently. You'll have to test it to decide.

Powerstar Compatible?

is this powerstar eden compatible? thx!

The stretch hose will fit any wall inlet with an internal diameter of 1.5". A quick measure is all you need to know!

Quick Clean Kit as an Extension Hose

Hi- I have a Eureka Boss system. I currently have a 25ft hose, but I'm thinking about the extension hose kit. Does the chrome have protective coating so not to scratch wood floors? Also, how long does the pipe that comes with the hose extend to with this kit? Thank you for your assistance.

The Stretch Hose has no chrome on it. Your hose should fit right into the wall end of the Stretch Hose and work as an extension. But this arrangement would be good for a once-in-awhile cleaning. If you are going to use it really regularly you should buy a Basic Hose and cut it to the extension size you need. The extension wand in the kit extends to about 40 inches long.

Return to Shape Quickly?

I have an MD Modern Maid Central vac. Does the stretch hose come with the metal band around it that automatically turns on the vac when hose is plugged into inlet? Also how fast does the hose return to its 6 ft. small position? For instance when you are ready to store the unit does it return to 6 feet. If I buy this seperately is their free shipping? PS I am buying this for my wife, but if I bought it for her for Christmas she would stuff me in the vacuum

The hose immediately goes back to its smallest size. The suction will start when the vacuum is plugged into the vacuum inlet. Sorry, no free shipping! Oh, and way to save your marriage. One customer is actually giving his wife a new Stealth Kit for Christmas but putting diamond jewelry in the box!

RV Vac Compatible?

We have a Dirt Devil CV 950 in our 5th wheel RV. Is this hose compatible? Also can we use it as a replacement for our regular hose which now has holes in it. Nancy, Apache Junction, AZ

It is compatible but is not a good replacement for a regular hose because it cuts down on suction quite a bit and more so the more you stretch it out. Not such a big deal on residential systems but the RV is not that powerful.

Smaller Inlet Size

Hello, our intake is 1.25" I.D. Will this hose fit? Does this hose come with any accessories / adaptors?(i.e. brushes, wands etc?) Thanks.

Yes, it will fit your smaller wall inlet if you buy the adapter. Just push the adapter into the hose and it stays there and works perfectly. Here is the hose and adapter,315. All our accessories fit the hose, and we sell it in a kit for a discount here

Stretch Hose Compatibility

Do I need to purchase metal attatchment or will the accessories fit straight on the hose? Sara Betesh brooklyn

The handle of the Stretch Hose has a standard diameter of 1.25". If the inside diameter of your accessories matches this, they will fit just fine.

Stretch Hose Compatibility

I have a nutone vacuum system and am looking for a short hose to keep handy for old wood stove ashes. 7-8 feet are fine. is this hose compatible even though it doesn't have an on-off switch? when I connect it will I have suction automatically? Louise, Blowing Rock, NC

The stretch hose will fit any standard inlet with a 1.5" opening. When inserted into your inlet valve it will activate the suction immediately. Just remove the hose from the inlet valve to turn the vacuum unit off.

Tension when Stretched?

When the hose is in use and stretched is there any notable stress on the fittings at either end due to the tension of the hose? How much tension could I expect when the hose is fully stretched?

As the hose is stretched it will want to coil back, but that is not really an issue until it is nearing its maximum.

TurboCat Compatible?

Can the stretch hose be used with a Turbo Cat or other turbine driven brush?

The stretch hose is compatible with the TurboCat brush, or any other non-electric floor tool. We don't recommend the stretch hose for large area cleaning though. This hose is designed and intended for use in smaller areas for quick clean-ups, not full home cleaning. The further the hose stretches, the harder it is pulling back and can become difficult when doing large areas.

Use as Hose Extension?

Concerning part #315, the Stretch hose : could it be used as an extension to a normal vacuum hose? Can the handle end of the strecth hose can be inserted in the wall end of a typical vacuum hose? If not, do you have central vacuum hose extension for those hard to reach spots I can't get to with my 35' hose?

Yes, you can use this hose on the end of standard hose handles. The wall end of the Stretch hose goes into the 1.25ish inch diameter hose end of your regular hose.

Use as Hose Extension?

I currently am cleaning a commercial bldg with a portable vacuum, that has a short hose attachment. Will your extension hose work on the end of the one I have? The main question is whether the added hose will cause a stress on the motor and system on the vacuum? Thank you.

You can use the Stretch Hose as a hose extension on any hose. It puts minimum stress on the motor.

Vacuflo Compatible?

I have a Vacuflo central vac system, would this be applicable?

Yes, the stretch hose will work with Vacuflo and Vacuflo inlets.

VacuQueen Compatible

Vacu Queen v3000 compatible? Hello, does this work with the VacuQueen v3000?

This hose will fit any inlet with a diameter of 1.5".

VacuValve Compatible?

We this fit my vacuvalve outlet that is in my garage?


Yes, the Stretch Hose is compatible with all VacuValve Central Vacuum Inlet models and styles. Thank you for asking.

WalVac Compatible

Hello, I have a WalVac system in my house that I haven't used for 20 years. I am setting up a woodshop in my basement, with a dust collection system. I thought maybe I could use the WalVac system to complement my dust collection system. There is a 1.5" WalVac port in the room. I checked the WalVac vacuum, and it still turns on. Will the stretch hose work with it? Will the vacuum turn on automatically when I plug the stretch hose into the port? Carl, Grand Rapids

Yes, the Stretch Hose will work excellently for this application and will start the suction when it is inserted into the wall valve.

Will This Hose Fit My MD Two-Prong Wall Inlet?

currently I have a hardy accessories for my MD Central vacuum system. The part that goes into the wall outlet has two prongs will this hose be compatible?

Yes, our stretch hose will fit your wall inlets as well as your accessories. Your system will activate immediately upon inserting the hose into the wall inlet as it does not have an on/off switch.

Will This Hose Fit My Pullman 9?

Is this hose can fit for pullman 9

Our stretch hose will fit wall inlets that have an inner diamter of 1.5" and two round metal contacts inside.

Zipbroom Hose?

Is this the same hose that comes with the "Zipbroom" from Vacuflo?

Yes it is the same hose.