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SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door Q&A

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15 or 20 Amp Circuit

Robb - Minneapolis: Am I able to wire this unit into a 20 amp circuit, or does it need to be 15? Thank you!

You can wire into either 15 or 20 amp. It only pulls 2 amps. Thanks for asking.

Aerus Compatible?

I have an Aerus CentraLux, will this cover work for my system?

Yes, your system used an electrical inlet with two small holes above the main hole. So this would be the part you need.

Almond Lighter Than Ivory

I am looking for a supervalve in a color to match off white switch plates. White is too white. Of the almond and ivory colors, which is lighter in color? Thank you. Georgia Smith Freeport, IL

Yes, the almond is much lighter than ivory.

Beam System, Nutone Inlets

I am installing a Beam Central Vac System. will the nutone electric inlets work with my vacuum system and the 2"OD pipe for nutone work?

Nutone is selling the same electric inlets we all sell. They are the same and work with Beam, standard 2" OD pipe and connectors, and the items we sell here such as the highly rated Stealth Kit (

Blackened Prongs on Direct Connect Hose

the male prongs on my direct connect hose smell and look burnt, how did this happen and what is the solution?

The prongs that go into the wall valve are blackened from a short. The short is at one of the valves, at least. Look for blackening and replace that valve and clean up the cord prongs. Also, be sure to turn the hose off before unplugging as this will cause a short in all your valves.

Brown Available?

Do you carry the Hayden Square door supervalve in Dark Brown ? Thanks

There was a brown one but they discontinued it. You can buy a different color and spray paint it.

Change Out to Electric Inlets?

How can I switch my valves from the basic to electric-is it an involved process? Do I need an electrician? Thanks.

It is possible under the right circumstances. If your backing plate has gaps in it between the main hole and the screw hole then you or your electricia can run one of our ElectraValve Rough-in kits and use the ElectraValve cover plate. The romex with molded end provids the two prongs for an electric hose to plug into. The other end of the Romex can be ran to a J-box in the same stud bay or out of the stud bay (top or bottom) and tied into electricity. It is only pulls 2 amps for the power brush. For more direction please call us.

CL-395RK Inlet Compatible?

Hello. I have nutone #cl-395rk rough in kits. Can I use your #662-HBR inlets to trim out? Thanks!

The CL-395RK is the ElectraValve product, not SuperValve and they are not compatible. So to finish your installation you need the ElectraValve inlet covers toward the very end of this page

Convert Basic Inlets to Electric?

i need to change from a non supervalve ( no electric for beater brush ) to a supervalve (with electric for beater brush ) help

It all depends on the backing plate in your wall. If you have openings above and below the main suction hole then you might be able to. You'd use the yellow ElectraValve romex with molded end and a new ElectraValve cover plate found down on the page here

Deep Wall Connection

I need to install a SuperValve for my garage through a 2"x10" and double layer of 1/2" sheetrock. How is that done? Is there some type of extension piece I need to make up the extra thickness?

Yes, you can put as many Inlet Valve Extensions as you need. Use long romex and low voltage wires and extremely long screws (which may be a problem if you can't find them). is the extension.

Door with Whip Only?

Was wondering if you sell just the supervalve trim inlet in white, without the rough-in. Would this include the 6 in. elec. whip? The house caught fire and I am just looking to replace the inlets with new white ones. Thanks, Mario in Detroit

The kit has both the door with attached wire and the backing plate. We don't have them separately because they cost the same from our vendor, believe it or not.

Easier to Install in Existing Homes?

My name is Bruce. I am looking into purchasing a C.V.S. for my 5 year old home in Windham Maine.I would like to know if there are any old work inlet boxes on the market to make it easier to install after the sheetrock is up.

Actually, the Electravalve rough-in kit and faceplate are easier to use in existing homes like yours. Find them under Electric Inlets.

ElectraValve Replacements?

Hi, Jack in Hot Springs Village, AR. I need to replace several Inlets for my M&S central vac system. The hose is a Conductaflex 208CE and it carries 120 volts for the power brush as well as switch power for the 24VDC control system. Which white electrified Inlet should I order to replace my ElectraValve units which, unfortunately, carry no part number? Thanks, Jack

Below the SuperValves are the ElectraValves, including the replacement covers. Please see them here You will want the white door #663CW. The plug and the low volt wire attach to it.

Electrolux 46599 and 46800 Replacement

I want to replace an Electrolux inlet because of a broken door. The label on the hose says to use #46599 or 46800 only. Which of your inlets will replace it? Please advise.

Any of the SuperValves are the correct replacements for Electrolux inlet valves 46599 and 46800. It is a direct replacement. Thank you for asking.

Electrolux Compatible?

Is this compatible with an electrolux central vac system?Mine is low voltage to turn on unit and 120 to operate beater brush. Thanks, Bill Stamford,Ct.

The SuperValve has the low voltage contacts within the large opening and then two small female contacts for the 120 volts. If you have that now then this is the correct replacement, they are industry standard and used by all brands. If yours says VacuValve anywhere on it then you have the less often, but similar valve, that is replaced with the ElectraValves and corresponding faceplate.

Extra Hose Length Needed

I have an M & S AV425 central vacuum. I have had it for 11 years and I am pleased with it except that the hose is too short. What I would like to do is add a separate 15' section of power hose, that I would plug into my existing inlet and then plug my existing power hose in the other end of my new power hose. My existing inlet look like your SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door. Although my existing inlet powers the suction and the beater bar, the beater bar is not required for this as our carpet is all within reach with our existing hose. Please advise.

Since you don't need the electrical to work with it, all you need is a Basic Hose ( It will fit your wall inlet and the attachment end, the metal pipe end, will go directly into the hole of the wall end of your electric hose. If you needed to also extend the 110 volts you would need a new 25' Electric Hose and a couple #480AC adaptors (this will only work if your original hose is direct connect, not corded).

Filtex TS-300L Replacement Inlets

I am trying to replace the wall inlet valves on my Filtex TS-300L model central vacuum. I'm not sure which model is compatible with it and whether I need low or high voltage. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Roush, San Diego

If you have the original Filtex inlets, that say "Filtex" on the door and start the vacuum when you open, then you can replace the inlets. However, the hose that fits these inlets is too large for standard inlets. The hose would need to be replaced as well. Low voltage inlets will activate the vacuum; electric inlets will have 120V inside them to power an electric carpet brush. You can view your options here with instructions on replacing the Filtex inlets,

Finishing Black and White Wire Rough-in

Tom - Phoenix I am trying to finish off a pre-plumb and when it was roughed they pulled they high volt (black - white) out through the inlet hole of the trim plate and wire nutted the ends. Is there a high volt slip in receptacle with screw or terminals available? We could pull the plug out of one of your Supervalves but then we would be making it up with wire nuts out of a box in the wall. Thanks!

Any of the SuperValves we sell will be required to finish the job. Wire nut the wires on the on the faceplate to the ones sticking out, tuck them in the cavity in the backing plate and you are good to go. As you noticed the backing plate is always included with the faceplate when buying. The faceplate is the expesive part therefore the backing plate is always included.

Four Wires at Inlet

Hello, I'm trying to attach a central vacuum hose inlet but I have one wire coming out of the hose in the wall. That wire has 4 colored wires inside. How do I connect that to the inlet, which has two contacts? Thanks.

You will have to remove another inlet to see the wires or pattern they used. Or go to the collection unit and see the same thing there. Follow the same pattern.

Grounding, Daisy-Chaining

Hi - How do you GROUND the 110v electric wire to the supervalve? I have a romex# 12/2 electric with a black, white and cooper ground wire that comes from the juntion box? Also, can I run 110v electric from supervalve to supervalve instead of running a separate electrical line from the junction box for each supervalve? There isn't too much room for electric in the small plastic area of the supervalve. Thank you!

UL doesn't require grounding for the valves. Tuck away the ground wire, there is not a ground wire on the wires attached to this inlet. For the wiring we strongly suggest a short run into any nearby junction. The intention is for one wire to entire the attached box for connections.

Hoover Central Vacuum Inlet?

Does your inlet cover work on Hoover model S5673. This model has an electric brush with a cord to plug into an outlet. My name is Vernon and I live in Sebastopol, Ca.

Hi, this valve can work for some but you actually have Basic Inlets since your hose is pigtail corded. See the inlets here for your replacement choices

How Does it Work?

Hi, I'm John from Canada. I had an old system with an old inlet with four screws holding it in. My new system is the universal inlet with only two screws. I cannot see how the new inlet will work. Can you help me?

All inlets have a control wire attached to the back of them. The wire goes back to the main vacuum unit where it is given some voltage. When the two leads of this wire touch each other the suction starts. They usually touch each other when a hose is inserted into the inlet. There are two small metal pin points inside. Some hoses have an on/off switch on the hose that activates them (the hose has control wire running up to the switch). The SUPERVALVE in question here also has an 110 volt connection above or below the main suction hole, depending on how it is mounted. The 110 volts gives power to an electrified hose and carpet brush. Inlets without the 110 volt connection can still accept an electric hose and brush because the compatible hose will have a pigtail cord that is plugged into a regular electrical socket nearby.

How it Fits to Pipe and in Existing Home

how do I connect 2" pipe to 2" tube on backing plate ? The standard connector has a larger diameter ie it fits over outside of pipe and backing plate tube . What confuses me is backing plate seems to be designed so that connector goes INSIDE its tube . Second query is how do I instal backing plate behind existing wall lining ? There are provision for screws but these should be behind plaster or wood lining . Thanks Wayne Melbourne Australia

The faceplace has a neck that fits into the backing plate. The backing plate has a ring in the back of it that fits a 2 inch outer diameter central vacuum pipe into it. Hope that answers that. For existing walls you take the flange with three holes in it completely off the backing plate. There is a raised rim in the front of the plate that you cut to size in the wall. There are flanged at the top and bottom that will pin the wall between them and the faceplate when it is screwed on to the backing plate.

How To Replace 1750 Inlet Valves

I have a Beam cvs with 1750 inlet valves. One has a broken door spring that must be replaced. You have multiple answers that confirm that the entire valve unit must be purchased, not just the door. My question is - can the door be replaced without disassembling the entire unit. I'd be happy to purchase the whole thing, but messing with the dual electrical feeds is more intimidating than just replacing the door. Does the door "pop off" once the two mounting screws are removed?

The door does not "pop off"; you will need to disconnect and reconnect both the high and low voltage wires. You can view a "How-To" video on replacing these valves by clicking here:

Includes Cover Plate with Leads

Does the Hayden 662HA kit include everything needed to install an inlet, including the high voltage pigtail and the cover plate? Thanks, John ...

Yes the cover plate is included and it has the pigtail with short leads off the back side of the cover plate.

Industry Standard? All Colors and Versions?

We are installing an 8 inlet, Hayden SuperVac? Premier System. We like the look of your brown metal A/C plates. (SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Brown Square Door Part #662HBR). Is this an after market part or a hayden part & will it work with my install?

All the SuperValves are from Hayden and industry standard for all central vacuum installations for all brands. Use them and the backing plate (same plate used for all SuperValves) during your installation.

Just Need the Contacts

The spring wire contacts for low voltage are gone on my Hayden inlet valve assembly unit model #1750. Do I have to buy and replace the whole unit, or can I replace with new contacts only.

Wow, sorry to say, we are not able to buy those separately so you'll have to get the entire unit.

M&S Inlets?


Yes, you have industry standard inlets. They are basic or electric. Electric have two small holes above the main hole. Take a look and compare yours. You can have any one of the Basic or Electric (shapes of doors and colors) once you discover which type you have.

MD Vacuum Valve Replacement?

Steve Hoffmann Phoenix, AZ. Is your product #662hw the replacement part for a MD unit model #B-2

Any number of vacuum port faceplates can be used on the MD, or any, system. If yours has 110 volts in it then it will say so somewhere, usually within the door. Start here for Basic and Electric faceplates If you have more questions please let us know.

Missing Gasket

1. SuperValve Inlet Square Door White: The door's rubber gasket was sucked into the system and has not been deposited into the waste receptical. CAN A NEW GASKET BE ORDERED?

The gaskets are not sold separately and depending on how old yours is it may be different now. If you send us a photo of an intact one we can look through our warehouse for something to match.

My Hose is Corded

I have an electrolux central vac 1590 and the inlets in my wall appear to be wired(they have 2 holes above the inlet hole). The only hose I have must be plugged in separately. How do I know if the wall inlet is wired and if it is can I change the ends of my hose to plug directly into the inlet? My hose is still good.

If there is 120 volts, the inlet will state it somewhere. Maybe on the inside of the hinged door. If your hose is corded, you may be able to change it to direct connect. It depends on the hose manufacturer. We have connector kits for hoses that have a P in a circle found on the cuff of the wall end of the vacuum hose.

No Voltage Reading

One inlet, in the garage, does not work the power brush. All others in house work. Garage hi (110v) voltage show 0 volts, even though there is a wire connected. Other inside house show 110v. Question could the garage 110v wire never have been connected or might the inlet plate be faulty? Never tried to use. Does the 110v wires just unplug from the face plate? If so I could just check to voltage coming into the plate. If the 110v wires never connected where would the best place to look, light circuit or plug circuit?

The installer may not have hooked up the voltage wire in the garage thinking it was going to be used only with a basic vacuum hose. A basic vacuum hose would start the suction with the two metal contacts in the neck. You can remove the faceplate and see what is going on with the wires, but chances are that the voltage wire was never ran, just the low voltage wire to trigger the suction.

Non-recessed Available?

Is the wall inlet female high current electrical connector available for sale. Mine is the old version and I have a new vacuum hose where the male connectors are suppose to fit into the new female high current connectors that have a recessed connection point. Since I have the old female connectors they are not making good contact. Thank you, Mike

Sorry, the old flush type are not available. Regulations caused a complete change to the recessed version years ago. You are looking at changing the hose (or modifying it), and replacing all the valves.

Nutone CI358 Hayden Super Valve Electrified?

Nutone sells the Hayden CI358 Super Valve for its systems. Is the Hayden 662HA you sell compatible with the one Nutone sells. I have a Nutone system. I want almond inlets, which Nutone does not sell. Thanks, Paul Mosher

Yes, ours are Hayden Super Valves. Any of them would work as a replacement for the Nutone CI358 inlet. Unfortunely Hayden doesn't sell the faceplate alone. You have to buy the entire setup. It is the same way Nutone has to sell them.

Only Need Door

the door to the inlet is broken, can i just purchase the door with the spring only?

Sorry to say but the SuperValve is sold to us as a complete inlet and backing plate.

Only Some Inlets Work

Some of my inlets work, some do not. If I go to the garage and turn the switch in the up position it causes suction to all the inlets and runs whether the vacuum is being used or not. My question is: Are the inlets bad? They tend to be the most used, but not always. Or is the end of the hose where it plugs into the inlet bad? Can the end be replaced without buying a new hose? My unit is a Silent Master. Thanks. Harriett in WA.

If some of your inlets are working, then the hose is fine. There could be a break in the wires that connect the inlets to the unit, or the inlets themselves could be bad. Take the inlet out of the wall and connect the thin low voltage wires on the back of the inlet. If the vacuum turns on, then the inlet is bad. If touching the wires together does not start the vacuum, then there is a break in the wire that needs to be located.

Outer Dimension of Electric Valve

What is the size of the wall cover. I'd like to replace some non-powered inlets with powered inlets but the old inlet cover is 3.75"x6" and I question whether these would cover the hole. Do you have a simular sized 120v powered inlet that would work?

On the Electric Inlet page ( you will see the dimensions of the faceplate and towards the bottom you will see trimplates that go with the faceplate to make its footprint larger - nearly 6 inches high.

Repair or Replace?

Hi, I have the 1750 model and the spring on the front plate doesn't close properly. Is there anything I can do to repair this or is the only option to replace it?

Sorry, it will need to be replaced. Thankfully there has been upgrades to the way these are made so that they last longer.

Replace 1750 on Any System?


Yes, ANY system using electrified 1750 model inlets is using "SuperValves". These valves can be replaced with any version of the SuperValve found on this page

Replace Kenmore Vacuum Doors?

we have a Sears central vacuum system that is about 20 years old. The little door deals are breaking and we want to know if your inlet cover kit #662hw would be compatible with our unit. The model number of our system is 116.4461280. Thanks Katie from Lincoln

If the valves you have now measure 1.5 inches in diameter at the insertion hole and not 1.25 inches then you can use the Basic Inlets, not the Electric Inlets. If they are 1.25 then there are no more replacement available on the market.

Replace My Inlet?

I am trying to find a central vacuum part that has the model number 1750, 125 V, LR 61865, listed 2722. I am wondering if your Supervalve Inlet Cover Kit Squre door in white is what I'm looking for. Mine was made in Canada. I will need the entire part not just the cover.

SuperValve is made in Canada. If yours looks anything like it or says 1750 then ANY SuperValve is the replacement - they've had the patent on it for 20 years. When you buy the SuperValve it comes with the face plate and screws, and the backing plate. It may say Use only SuperHose or Super Hose II but that can be ignored. All electric hoses use this SuperValve - it is the industry standard. All our direct connect electric hoses work with all the SuperValves.


I am going to install my own kit. Do I have to buy your pipe or can I use general plumbing PVC with an adapter? Do you sell an adapter for the faceplates to fit to the PVC pipe?

If you really must use 2" ID SCH40 PVC, we recommend coming off the backing plate with a central vacuum fitting, some central vac pipe and then straight into the SCH40. The central vac pipe fits into the SCH40.


is the electric inlet valve universal,I have an AIRVAC MODEL AV425 is the above OK for my system? Thank you Joseph Marelli

Yes, the SuperValves shown here are the industry standard ones used in all installations.

Upside Down?

can i install the supervalve upside down in an existing house

You can install the SuperValves "upside down" if you are installing the valves for the first time because the faceplate can only go in according to the backing plate's orientation. The full face plates really only look good if they open from the top, otherwise the springs are showing. If you are installing in a new home, existing construction with drywall up, then we suggest the Electravalve rough-in and attaching Electravalve faceplate. They are easier to deal with and you have more options for your 90-degree first turn.

Will Not Turn Off

We had to move an inlet and reconnected the wires. The vacuum units does not turn off. Is there a wiring overview for a typical system so that I can see what might be connected wrong. Is there any logic on our Beam 2500B unit itself that could affect this?

The low voltage wires are shorted somewhere or the relay in the machine is bad. Disconnect the wires from the vacuum unit and see if it stays on - check any manual on/off switches on the unit. If it stays on with the wires in then the wire is compromised somewhere. Check where you worked and see if the wire has a nail through it anywhere.

Wiring Issues

what wires should be connected to the 2 bottom terminal of this electric outlet. I have 3 floors ,1 black and white on the 1st floor , 2 black and white on the main and the basemeny.The low voltage are just fine for the power brush but the vacuum will not work when the power hose is turn on provided it is turn on the manual at the main system. please advise thanks

The low voltage wire turns the suction on and should be connected to the two screws on the back of the faceplate. The black and white wires should be wire nutted to the wires coming off the faceplate. Black on black, etc. If you don't have black or white that is okay.