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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle Q&A

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Hose Power Issues


Intermittent power could be caused by the switch or the hose itself. With the vacuum on, rotate the handle and see if the suction turns off at any point. Check the length of the hose by bending all the way down. If the vacuum turns off when bending a certain point in the hose then there is a short.

Replacement Switch

The switch on our hose handle, rocker switch that goes side to side, has turns on the powerhead but fails to turn on the vacuum. This was purchased from "Central Vacuum". On the hose is imprinted "SERIES X Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE" When I googled this I had a hit on your site. Does your replacement switch fit our handle? Sam Harley, Dallas GA

You will need to compare your hose handle to the ones in the picture here,,352S,352GH,352GS If the handle matches one of these shown, then the correct switch is show just beneath.

AB27 Hose

i have a m&s model ab27 hose with pistle grip it has a bad hi low switch it looks just like your 352h handle with sloped sides on the plug will switch 352s fit it it has square sides on the plug if you compair the two pictures. WC Cinti,oh

Yes, this switch works with AB27 Hoses.

No Suction on Right Side of Switch

Suction turns off when electric powerhead is switched on...also where is the most likely place to find my model number?

It is not uncommon for the hose switch to be bad in this manner. The model number is not tied into the hose. The hose doesn't have a number so it is kind of tough getting the right switch. See if your handle looks like one of these and if it does you can buy the matched wiring with switch.,352S,352GH,352GS

Parts Sold Separately?

The electrical plug in the pistol grip handle (352H)on the hose (that connects into the matching male plug on the power brush) is worn out, causing the brush to operate sporadically due to not making a good electrical connection. Can I purchase this 2 prong connector, with attached wires, only? I will need to also replace the "Upper channel wand" as it has the plastic piece at the top broken - this was the primary failure which resulted in the connector wearing out.

Sorry, the entire wire harness is only sold as a complete part. The upper wand you most likely need is this one

No Suction, Right Side Switch

I have a Nutone Central vac with a direct connect hose. When I turn the switch to the left...the suction comes on like it should. when I turn the switch to the right, to get the beater bar and the suction to work...the beat bar works, but the suction does not. Is this the switch and can it be replaced?

Yes, your switch needs replacing and it is one of these here,352H,352GS,352GH. Choose the one that matches your hose handle.

Electric Hose Switch Needed, 3-way

I have a SilentMaster S5 with Stealth power nozzle and direct connect electric hose. The power nozzle brushes function but there is no suction. If I disconnect the electric hose there is normal suction throughout the system. The switch on the electric hose works in the left position but not the right position. I assume this is the problem and I need to replace the electric hose? The hose model number is AB27. Does your 30\' electric hose replace?

All you need is this part and it is easy to replace in the hose handle

Replaced - Still Not Working

Hi...So I ordered this part for my pistol grip handle, got it installed and plugged my brush into it and it still does not work. Now when I take the black male cord that goes from the brush handle and blug it directly into the wall outlet it works, but when I plug it into the pistol grip outlet it does not. Why? Thanks

Hi, I am so glad you are able to rule out the brush having issues. The second may failure point on the hose is the molded in fuse in pigtail cord (which you don't have) or in the plastic with the two prongs (which you have). Can someone do a continuity test on this part for you? The other issues are a break in the wiring in the hose or a wire falling off one of the connect points on the ends.

Gas Pump Style Hand Version?

Will part number 352S (electrical plug, switch, and hose contactor assembly) also work with a gas pump handle? In my previous question, I mistakenly indicated I had a pistol grip handle on my vacuum hose. The shape of the electrical plug pictured on part number 352S appears to be different from the one on my gas pump hose. Thank you, Mark in Victoria, Texas

Hi we have the Gas Pump Style Switch Assembly here and it is best to use the one made for that style:

Stealth Hose Handle Wiring Harness

I have a Stealth Power Brush kit I purchased with my MD central vac in 2001. The electrical plug in the pistol grip handle on the hose (that connects into the matching male plug on the power brush) is worn out, causing the brush to operate sporadically due to not making a good electrical connection. I disassembled the pistol grip hose handle and noticed that the plug, switch, and hose contactor comes as an assembly that is easily replaced. Is this assembly available through MD Manufacturing (by mail order)? If not, where can I obtain this part so that I can repair the hose handle? Thank you! Mark Cooke, Victoria, Texas

Hi Mark, this is the part you need,352H and the handle is also here if you need it. The replacement hose is our Electric Hose and the replacement kit is our Stealth or Stealth II kit

Shorten an Electric Hose?

i have a hole in my beam hose right at the handle. i took the handle apart, but the hose end with the electrical connections appears to be molded to the hose. can this be taken off and the hose shortened and the end put back on. paul in edmonton, canada

Sorry Paul, that is not possible. Once an electric hose tears it needs to be replaced.

New Hose, Bad Switch?

I have a three month old Plastiflex 35' foot electric hose, Series X Y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE, with a three position rocker switch in the gas pump handle. With the switch in the left position the central unit turns-on and provides vacuum at all outlets. When rocker switch is turned to the right the power head turns on but the central vacuum unit does not turn on or provide vacuum. There is a single bar marking to the left of the rocker switch and a doubl marking to the right. When the low voltage wires are shorted at the central unit it turns on. When the central vacuum unit is turned on manually, with the switch on the central vacuum unit and with the rocker switch to the right, both vacuum and power head function. The switch is clean and free of lint. Roy, Puyallup, WA

Roy, you need a new switch under warranty. Who did you buy it through? We buy those hoses and sell them through dealers and online.

Switch replacement for my Beam 378A

I have a beam model 387A with a power handle. When the handle was replaced the vacuum no longer works with out the beater brush on. I believe that the brush has been wired wrongly. When the switch is on, the vacuum is off, when off it is on. thanks Sue Saratoga CA

Good Afternoon Sue! Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) and one of our helpful technicians will be more then happy to assist you.

Fasco Switch Needed

I have a 852SVDM FASCO with an 864HAEB electric hose with dual controls to control the main vacuum unit and a power head separately or together. The left side of the switch doesn't work anymore,just the right side of the switch powering the power head. I can use the hose with out the power head plugged in to the handle, but, I would like both sides of the switch to work. Do you have a switch replacement for this type of hose? Nancy Bloomsburg, PA

Hello Nancy, it really is okay to just use the right side for electric and non-electric vacuuming. Nothing is damaged. This is your best solution because we don't think you can find that switch any longer. Sorry!


I have a Airvac 3500 vacuum system with a CT 14dx power nozzle. there is a 3 position toggle switch, one for air, one for air and beater bar and one position off. The switch assembly is bad. The handle resembles a gas pump nozzle, which switch assembly will I need to order to replace this part?

Hello, that was also sold under Hayden (the CT 14DX). So it takes this hose handle switch


Product: low voltage vacuum hose with pistol grip (model AP27) running on Silent Master system. Rocker switch on pistol grip doesn't work. (Non-switch hose works so problem is with the low voltage hose.) Removed pistol grip housing to check contacts--appear to be dust-free. How do I determine what to do next? Is there a fuse in this hose? Does it need a replacement switch? How do fix what ever is wrong with this hose? Cathy, McLean

Hello Cathy, sounds like you need a new switch assembly. On a non-110 volt low voltage hose, with the handle apart and the hose plugged into the wall, you can short the two metal rings. If the suction starts then it is the switch that is bad. If it doesn't start you need a new hose. The wires are broken in the hose.

Fit Hayden?

I have a CT14L that shows "melting" around one of the two female prong holes on the power vacuum handle. Is this the correct replacement part "Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle" and does this sound like the correct part to order to fix this issue? Jim, Woodbury, CT

Hello Jim, that happens because the switch needs to be off when disconnecting. A short creates a spark and melting over time. Your hose is a dark grey? Ivory? Wire reinforced? Then you can find the correct hose parts at the bottom of this page (otherwise known as Hayden under a different distributor) JUST be sure to look at the hoses on this page for a visual match to yours.

Beam Hose Switch Replacement

I have a beam 189F. The hose handle has a three position rocker switch. Is this the one? or do you have a 3 position switch?

If your hose handle accepts a three pin cord from your carpet brush you have an out of date system but you can replace the hose and it comes with adaptors. If the cord is two pin, we have the 3-way rocker hose switch. It comes as a complete wire assemply.