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Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage On-off Hose Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Vacuflo Hose Compatible?

Will this switch work in a VacuFlo 260 Model hose?

If your hose looks like our low voltage hose and the switch goes forward and backward then yes this is the correct replacement. Vacuflo and MD buy this hose from the same manufacturer.

Fit Kenmore?

I need a switch for a Kenmore central vac. system. Could you please help me.

Sorry, we don't have switches for them and we don't know of anyone who does. We help a lot of Kenmore central vacuum customers though with replacement hoses and nozzles and accessories. We also have some parts to repair the vacuum collection unit.

Parts Sold Separately?

I just need the white plastic piece that the switch sits in. Is it sold seperately?

Hi, the parts are not sold to us separately so we don't sell them separately. Sorry.

244R fit 382S?

Will the low voltage on-off switch #244R replace the switch pictured in: . Thanks, Barney

Yes, that switch will fit into the 382 hose handle wiring components.

MD Hose Switch?

Hi I have a 104MD E2 vacuum and I need a new switch for the hose. Will part 382s work for me? Thanks bill santa rosa ca

Hello Bill, please take a look at the blown up photos of that switch and the handle it fits. If it reads like it will fit then it will.

Vacuflo TurboGrip

I have a Vacuflo TurboGrip, your switch looks like it will fit, however it appears that the four brass contacts are not spaced the same. Please let me know if this switch will work, or one that will. Thanks Patrick, Lexington, Ky.

Hello Patrick, it will work just fine (same parent manufacturer). If not let us know and we will refund you the order and all shipping costs.

Fit Beam?

I have a Beam Systems model:199F. The hose handle looks alot like the one on the picture above. Would this switch fit on it? The only mark I see is a tiny "8". My plastic switch cover(with the "on" and "off" inscriptions on it) is exactly 24mm x 57mm (30/32 inch x 2 8/32 inch). Does it look like the same?

It will not fit if there is a cord coming up from your carpet brush that plugs into the hose handle. If there is not a cord then this is most likely the correct replacement part. The grey plastic measures 23mmX52mm and the switch 21mmX15mm and the wires are all connect to it.

Turbo - 210 Switch?

do you have an on/off switch that will fit my b-2 turbot-210?

This should be the switch you need. Be sure the hose handle looks like the one in the photo.

Turbo Grip Switch?

would this onn/off switch work on my B-2 modern day turbo t-210 turbo grip on a turbo cat c. 1998. thank you bob

The Turbo Grip handle doesn't look like our low voltage hose handle, correct? So it would not fit. You do have our B2 though!