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Tapered Cuff - Inlet Valves 1.5+ Inches Diameter Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Filtex Metal Inlets

having trouble finding a replacement hose for a Filtex inlet door that has a "doorbell" like switch that turns the unit on when opened. all the hoses I've seen have a metal end to insert in the door not a rubbber/ plastic end. Is this kind of hose still available?

Hi, the metal Filtex inlets are just wider so a normal hose will be a little loose. If you want, you can buy this and push it on to ANY hose sell and it will fit perfectly You can put it on any hose in any kit as well, even electric.

Use with Filtex Metal Faceplates and Electric Hose?

Hello, I've got the Edge Lift powerhead kit with the corded pigtail hose. The end is slightly smaller than my metal Filtex inlets. Will this cuff work on my inlet and hose combo? The picture of this cuff looks like its got threads inside it to screw onto the actual hose. Do I need to remove my hose end thats got the pigtail coming off it and render the powered cord useless or does the cuff slip onto my plastic hose end? Thank, Jeff, Ashford, CT

Hello Jeff, great question. You will be glad to here this part is all you need and you push on to the end of the hose. It stays on very well, even without screwing it to anything. Please call us to order this part and remind us you already bought the EdgeLift from us, thanks.

Vacuflo Compatible?

will this tapered cuff work on my vacuflo lexan wall inlet.? Thanks

Hello, the tapered cuff is too wide for standard 1.5 inch (and just a hair smaller) diameter inlets such as yours. The tapered cuff is for inlets just a hair over the 1.5 diameter.