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Stealth Wand and Hose Options

Which wand would I use with a stealth electric power brush 490? I am planning on buying a 35 foot hose as well, so both would need to be compatable with the 490.

The options for your Stealth vacuum are this wand and any of our electric hoses. There are newer Stealth vacuums that have an integrated wand too. This link has the electric hoses that fit all central vacuum systems no matter the brand, the wand for original style Stealth heads, and the latest Stealth with integrated wand.,406ST,490T. If you have any questions feel free to call us.

Replacement Release Button Lever

The black clip to adjust the telescoping feature on my wand has broken. Can I buy a replacement clip?


We have replacement button levers for our Telescopic Wand. In this link you will see the replacement button and replacement wand.,406ST

Brush Cord Extension

My power Brush has gone out. I went to buy a new one and I would have to buy a new wand with built in power and a new hose because my present power brush has a cord that plugs into the hose and my wand does not have power. It is 17 years old. Do you have an adapter cord that will connect a new wand with power to my old hose or any other ideas? My present hose is fine and I do not want to buy a new one if I can help it. My old power brush is a 598 model. I have a nutone central vac system. Mary, Moncure

We do carry a 6 inch adapter cord here,

Cord Attached?

Do you have a 2 pin 120V cord that adjusts with this wand? Thanks, Jim

This wand does not come with the power cord for the brush. It does have clips on the side that will hold the existing cord that is coming out of your floor brush.

Plastic Top Available?

The Stealth telescoping wand has a hard plastic part at top which connects the wand to the electric hose. That part is cracked. I don't see it listed at all on your parts section. Do you even have a replacement part for the HARD plastic top part of the telescoping wand?

That part is not available separately, even to us. Maybe it is under warranty. Please give us a call.

AB-27 Hose Compatible?

Will this wand work with a Beam AB-27 hose? If not, what do you recommend? Thanks, Ernie

Yes, this wand is compatible with your hose. Check to see if it is compatible with your vacuum nozzle as well.

Replace SuperHose Wands?

I have a Sequoia SV700 central vac, which uses a Superhose II handle. I need to replace both the upper and lower wand. Is this the correct wand for this handle? It appears to have the same 2-prong end fitting as the wand I currently have. Doug San Francisco

Hi, you have a Hayden Accessory Kit and we have all the parts to replace it here This wand is not the correct replacement. By the way, all the Electric Kits on the website replace the Hayden Kit if you are interested.

Stealth, BlackHawk, Eagle

Does this fit a Silent Master?

Yes, this wand fits SilentMaster's that have an electric power cord coming out the back of a vacuum nozzle such as the Stealth, BlackHawk, Eagle.

Cracked Plastic Top

I have a PB14"e model that has a broken clip which holds the 2 prong connector which plugs into the pistol grip. The molded prong is Ok it is just the rivited plastic clip on the top section of chrome pipe which is cracked. Do you sell a replacement section of pipe with that clip or the plastic clip I can rivit on? Regards, Dave O.

Hi, what is available is a new upper wand or a complete telescopic wand replacement here,406ST

Fit Electrolux?

Does this wand fit a central electrolux?

Sorry this will not fit. Contact Electrolux since their hose and tool system is not industry standard. If you'd like to have an industry standard accessory kit the fits into the vacuum ports you have we suggest a new Stealth or EdgeLift Kit

Fit Stealth and Quick Click?

Will this work with a Lindhaus head- button connect and the Quick connect modular hose that you sell? It appears you recommend the 2 piece cord channel wand, but that isn't adjustable. Thanks Tom in Minneapolis

Hello Tom, yes this #406ST fits the original Stealth, not the Stealth II with the foot neck release and it fits all our electric hoses including Quick Click. If you have Stealth II go to this page to see the #406STQ versions. which will fit the electric hoses as well.

Wand for non-electric tools

Dear Sir or Madam: Would this telescopic wand fit my central vacuum hose at the handle where the bubble button is? It is a Hoover central vac that we just purchased a year ago. The two steel wands that you sent with my Black Hawk Kit fits perfectly on the handle with the bubble button. It fits like a glove. I would like the versatility of having a separate wand for my central vacuum tools that you sent me with the Black Hawk Kit. Again thank you for your help. Sincerely, Jason or Peter Pielak.

Good Afternoon Jason and Peter, I am glad to hear that your BlackHawk is working out for you. You can purchase a separate telescopic wand you for your remaining non-electric BlackHawk attachments which is Part #406TB. You can purchase that wand by clicking or call our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST)

Electrolux Omni-flo Replacement?

I have an Electrolux C.V. Model 1590 Omni-flo Automatic electric power brush. The sheath wand attachment is cracked and I need a replacement. The #730 is on one end where the lower wand fits in and the cord from the power brush plugs in. Do you have a replacement sheath wand? Rosemary, Yardley

Hello Rosemary, sorry, we don't carry those parts for their proprietary system. If the hose and brush are tired we recommend an industry standard hose and easy to use brush such as the Stealth.

CT14DX and 353G Connection

I have a Model- CT14DX Air Vac Carpet Brush. I intend to purchase a 35' Direct Connect Electric Hose - 353G from your company. If I purchase the Telescoping Wand - 406ST will it match up with my Carpet Brush at the Connection Neck. The Connection Neck accepts a Button Lock Nipple? Thanks. Rich Pine Brook, NJ

Hello Rich, what you actually need is a new upper wand and an adaptor cord. They are here:,480AC

Beam Rugmaster Compatible?

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus and am looking for a hard floor wand to replace my plastic cracked one. Will this work?

Hello, sorry, this is not compatible. The hose electric connection is closer or further away than the ones that work with this wand. Call 800BEAMVAC for the correct one.

AirVac Compatible?

I have an AirVac red series (about 5 yrs old) and need to replace the wand (not currently telescopic) I have a two prong head - that's about all I know! will this wand fit my hose & head? Becky from Gilbert

Hello Becky, this is a non-electric friendly wand. Turn over your carpet brush so see the model number. If it has a CT or DX in it then we most likely will not have wands that match the hose handle connection you have. The two holes from the pins will not align with our 110-volt friendly wands such as #406ST.

Fits Stealth Hose and Stealth Head?

I have an Omar Central Vac System with a Hayden Super hose and Hayden Power Head. I needed to replace my hose and ordered a Stealth Hose thinking it would work with my existing system but the connections are different. The hose seems to work with my built-in system but the Hayden brush and metal wand doesn't. If I order a new Stealth Power Brush what wand do I need? I see your add for a telescoping wand but I am not sure if it comes with the proper connections or if I need to order them separately. Thanks.

This is the correct wand to connect the Stealth Hose (pliable electric hose) and the Stealth Head

Use with Hayden?

Will this channel wand fit into a Hayden SuperHose? If I was use a Stealth powerhead could this wand attach the Stealth to the Hayden SuperHose?

This is not the wand to use, in fact, and unfortunately, their is not a way to connect the two together. A Stealth hose will fit a Hayden head but not the other way. We suggest new Stealth kit or a new Hayden head.