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Telescopic Wand - Button Lock Top, Friction Bottom Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Nutone Compatiblity

I just installed a NuTOne CV554C. Is this the right wand to fit the BN170 head and BN30LV handle? If not can you point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Any of our friction fit wands will fit the brush. If the handle of your hose has a button lock, or small spring button on the end of the metal tube, then this is the correct wand. If the end of the metal tube is smooth with no spring button lock, then use this

Multiple Wand Use

I have a Nutone central system with the stainless steel telescopic wands. Can additional stainless steel telescopic wands be added to extend the overall reach of the system? Ralph, Ontario, CA

There's really no limit on how many extension wands you can use together. You won't be able to use an electric carpet brush with extra extensions since the cord won't reach the hose handle for power.

Fixed or Variable Length?

Does this wand have several holes in it to vary the length, or is it a fixed length? Thanks, Bonnie, Kanab,UT

All of our Telescopic Wands lock into a variety of lengths from about 23 inches to about 39 inches at about 1-1/2" increments.

Stealth Hose Compatible?

Does this fit the Stealth hose?

Yes, this wand fits all Stealth, SilentMaster, MD, Flo-Master, Ace, and others.

Nutone CH235

I Have a Model CH 235 hose for my Air Vac Red series Bagless built-in vacuum. Do I need the #406TB telescopic wand?

If your hose handle end has a metal button lock nipple then yes, you need the 406TB, if not then the 406T.

TurboCat Telescopic Wand Replacement

Rick Columbia Station I have a Turbo cat7161 and I need a new telescopic wand what part no. do I need

Rick, you will need this hose or the one that is friction fit on the top. If your hose has a button lock nipple then you need this one but if it is one that doesn't lock in at the hose handle you need this one

Dirt Devil RV Vac

I have a Dirt Devil Central vacum in my RV, I need a extention wand to fit it model # CV950. Do you carry one to fit this? Thanks

Here are some extension wands that fit your system.,406P,406T

Fit TurboCat?

I have a turbocat turbine powerhead (found that in the manual)... is this the right extension wand?

Yes, this extension fits into the TurboCat. The other end fits over a smooth hose tube with no metal button on it.

Fit Stretch Hose?

I have the stretch hose. Is this the telescopic wand that fits this hose and the 12 inch wheeled brush in the quick cleanup kit? Donna Rochester

Donna, actually you need the #406T, not 406TB. Please use this link here to go to it

Use with Electric Hose for Electric Brush?

I have a NuTone electric hose (very similar or identical to your 30 foot electric hose with 8ft electric cord and a button lock) and I need a wand for it. Would this be the one to get, or is there a better product for me? Thanks. Asheesh -Chicago, IL-

Hi Asheesh, this wand can be used on your hose for regular tools but not for the electric brush. For the electric brush connection...if your hose is the same as the 2-inch distance as shown on the photo at the bottom right of this page then use the top want here or one each of the other two here,406SL,406SU. If your hose doesn't have the 2-inch measurement then use two of the Lower Wands #406SL on that same link.

Fit Hoover Central Vac?

I have a Hoover S5627 and I need to replace the wand that connects the hose to the hard floor attachments. I need a button top...will this work? I am also considering purchasing the 4-piece vacuum accessory set part #400. Will it attach to this as well? thanks! Patti, London, Canada

Hi Patti, usually the Hoover hose handle doesn't have a metal stub on it about 4 inches long that slides into a wand. Does yours? If so then this wand will fit and any accessories we sell.

Fit 14-inch Floor Tool?

Hi, would this be a fit for "14-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels"? I had the original plastic wand, but that broke, and I am looking to replace it with a sturdy material. -Iza ~Chicago, IL~

Hi Iza, yes this wand is perfect for that and any other hard floor tools sold here.

Wand with Button Lock?

I just purchased a low-voltage replacement hose from your company for my Vacu Maid system. My old hose has a button lock top. However, when I got the replacement hose in, the button lock is opposite of what I need. Your hose has the button itself on the handle, but my old hose connects to a wand that has the button on the wand. Is this the replacement wand I would need to fit your low-voltage hose that has a button lock? Thanks, Donna Port Barre, LA

Hi, that older configuration with the metal nipple on the wand, not the hose, is out of date. The new wand with the new Button Lock Low Voltage Hose is the correct replacement.

Work with Beam?

I have a Beam Classic Central Vac with a plastic wand that is now cracked. Will this work as a replacement? Sue, Yorba Linda, CA

Hi Sue, this wand will work if your hose has a button lock nipple on the connection tube. We do also have plastic tubes if you want them as well, part #406P.

Fit Vacuflow?

hi i have a vacu-flow system will this button lock fit my vac from terri

Hello, yes this will fit your Vacuflo. Pay attention if you need button lock or friction fit at the top though.

Will this fit my AirVac accessories?

We have a Air Vac series 3500 with the standard accessory package. The wand's enxtension button is broken. Will this wand be a fit replacement? It looks like it in the photo, but I just wanted to verify with you before I purchase it.

Hello and thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing! Yes, this wand will work beautifully with your attachments.

TurboCat Wand

I have a vacu-maid system (non electric) and just recently purchased the TurboCat Air Driven Brush. However, when it arrived I noticed that I do not have an extension wand to use with it. The wand that I use on hardwood floors does not come apart from the foot. Which wand would I need (mine have button locks)? Cindy

Hi Cindy! Thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing and thank you for your recent purchase. We do have a wand that will work perfectly with your new TurboCat Brush. We recommend Part #406T which can be found here Have a great day!

Length Of Telescopic Wand

Hi. 38 inches, is that at full extension or closed. Bill West palm beach FL.

Hello Bill. 38 inches refers to when the telescopic wand is at its full extension.

TurboCat Replacement

I have a Air Vac central Vacuum, model VM1200 and I would like to replace the Turbo Air Driven Carpet Brush, which would fit in?

Hello, you can use either of these brushes. They fit right into your existing vacuum and system.,456

Stealth Compatible?

I have a new built in Stealth II vacuum and am interested in a telescopic wand. Will this item be compatible? What other items would you suggest to optimise my vacuum?? Karen, Meadow Vista, CA

Hello Karen, yes this wand fits on the Stealth Hose and then fits into accessories other than the Stealth. We have a lot of accessories to meet your cleaning needs. Take a look at

AirVac VM-1200-S

i have the turbine powerhead model, vm-1200s airvac central system, I think this is the wand i have, (Please verify.) what i am looking for is the black locking clip that locks the top and bottome poles..{in the square Lcoking section.} is this piece sold seperatly or do i have to by the whole wand. It is a new vacuum system less than a year old.

That is an oldie and we don't have any cross references to it. Glad you mentioned a square hole though because we have not seen that in years. Maybe you should upgrade or replace the whole thing? Need help? Call us Toll-Free.

Beam Compatible?

Hi, I'm wanting to purchase and extension wand for my Beam vac system - would this one work or can you recommend one for me? Thanks!

Hello, yes, this wand is compatible with all Beam hoses that have a button locking nipple on the hose handle stub tube.

Fit Hayden SuperHose?

I have a Hayden SuperhoseII. Does this telescopic Button Lock Top - Friction Btm. Wand fit the Superhose? I have a smilar one, but the bottons don't match up. Is there and adaptor? Maria White Rock, BC

Hello Maria, sorry this will not work with the SuperHose. You need to stick with the Hayden wands that are not telescopic.