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Telescopic Wand - Friction Lock Top and Bottom Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Repair Parts for Locking Button

I have this wand that I got as part of a kit. The locking button broke. Can I just buy this part and fix it?

We have two repair button kits and hopefully one of them is what you need.,406STRK

Friction Wand Fit Button Hose?

Hi: I have your central vac, about 6 years old. Some of my hoses are button lock, others friction lock. Will the friction lock wand work w/ the button lock hose?

Yes, a frition lock wand will work with a button lock hose. The button lock will depress and stay depressed with the wand attached. The opposite is not true. A button lock wand will not work with a friction fit hose.

Fit Low Voltage Friction Fit Hoses?

Good morning. I purchased part #385, the 50' low voltage hose, from your website. Would this extension wand fit that hose with part #409P, the Rug & Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool? Thank you

Yes, this wand will fit that friction fit hose and the Combo tool. Thank you for asking.

Kenmore Upright Parts

I have kenmore vacuum cleaner model #11628075890.Plastic wand is damaged.I need new part.Is it possible to find matching metal wand? Lily from Trenton,NJ Thank you.

We are not involved in the upright vacuum market, only central vacuums. Please contact the company your vacuum was purchased from for information on replacement parts.

Button Lock Or Friction Fit?

I have a Nutone CV450 central vacuum system. My hoses and my floor tools all have holes for the button type wands. Can I use the friction fit wands instead or must I find wands with the button fit or buy all new tools and hoses? Bonnie in Abington

If you currently use button lock parts, it is best to keep them. While modern friction fit wands can work with modern button lock hoses, older designs with the button lock did not taper the ends the same and have trouble staying on the friction fit connections.

Replacment Wand

I have a Electrolux central vacuum system and our plastic wand snapped. It has a 4" diameter bottom and a 5" diameter top. Will this wand work?

Our wands will fit any standard tube with a 1.25" diameter. That would be the measuring across the width of the tube, not around the outside.

20 Foot Extension

Lori, Oakdale I have an MD system downstairs (non-electric for all wood floors) and need an extension to reach the top of 20' ceilings to clean window sills and a fan. Do you have an extension for my system that will reach that high?

Add six of these sturdy plastic wands to your wand and you'll be able to reach that far with ease. You can even go higher with ease using more.

Fit Zoom?

Hi there. I saw your response, relaying that this product fits the Turbocat models -- my question is whether or not this product also fits the Turbocat Zoom model? Thanks.

Yes, this wand fits all Zoom brushes including EX styles.

Fit TurboCat?

I am replacing my vacumaid air brush (RD1990) with the Turbocat original. Will this wand work with the turbo cat? I don't have button locks on my system, it has friction top and bottom. Susan, TN

Susan, yes, this is the wand for your hose and the TurboCat.

Yellow Jacket Compatible?

Will this work on the eureka yellow jacket attachments

Yes, this will work for your Yellow Jacket Vacuum.

Shortest Length, Adjustment Increments

What is the minimum length (I'm guessing 24")? Also, can this wand be set at any length between minimum and 39 1/4" or are there fixed increments? Bob Gemkow, Lincolnshire, IL

The shortest is just over two feet and then there are about 13 clicks about 3/4 inch apart. So you do have a lot of options.

Fit Kenmore PowerMate Models?

I know you deal with central vacuuming systems. However I have a Kenmore Powermate 116.2331230 and if attachments are standard I might be in luck with you. sears live help and on line is no help at all. I need an extension wand that is long enough (or two that are long enough together) so I can stand comfortably upright when using accessories other than the powerbrush, such as bare floor brush or crevice tool I was sent a short wand with an electrical connection, but why would I need that instead of simple metal wand (s) if the attachment does not require electricity? Also, would the accessory brushes you show fit onto the same wand I'm looking at. Thanks for your help. Marie

Hi, you are on the right track. This wand or two 19 inch metal wands (or more) is all you need and all the attachments sold here fit them. You can update your Kenmore Canister Vacuum. Also, if you do have the electric hose and need wands for them they are here,406HSI,406H,406HI.

BlackHawk kit fits which wands?

We have the blackhawk electric kit and would like a second Telescopic Ratchet Wand for the attachments - what's our choices. Thanks

This is an excellent question and all of the following wands would fit perfectly. 406T, 406TB,406 and 406P. I would recommend the 406TB as this would lock onto the end of your hose handle.

TP210 Telescopic wand

I have an Ultra T210 system. I broke the plastic wand by pushing too hard on it. Can I replace it with the 406 T? Will the diameter of this wand matvch the diameter of my old wand? Thank you. Thanks, Lynda, Pennsylvania

Lynda that would be an excelleant fit for your brush.

Replace Sears Kenmore Friction Fit Wands

Home has built-in Sears Kenmore in-wall central vacuum system (model 20.40521) with powered hose (on/off switch in handle), non-powered brush, friction-fit 1.25 inch diameter tube. Need replacement metal extension tube(s). Which item compatible? Interested in fixed-length and telescoping tubes, if compatible. Also, if I decide to replace powered hose, do you sell a compatible, extra-long hose (or two hoses that mate)?

Hello, yes we have parts that will fit and work very well. These parts are friction fit on the top and bottom.,406T,406P. We have long Low Voltage hoses just like yours work (usually powered means 110 volt but it sounds like yours turn only the suction on and off which means it is only low voltage). The drop down menu on this page has the lengths

Fit Air Powered Brush?

Just moved into a home that has a Centra Clean system. Currently have 2 hoses (1 working and 1 not - missing contact), 1 telescopic wand, 1 TL2000 agitator and 1 brush. The non-working hose has a telescoping wand that seems to be "stuck" by the "friction system". I need a new wand to be attached to the working hose so I can use the agitator. Will this friction hose work for me? Thanks.

Hi, yes this wand fits the air powered brush and the hose without the metal locking nipple.

Work with Electric Hose with Button Lock?

I have a new silent master system with the stealth accessory package and we hate the hard plastic attachment wands, the attachments fall off all the time and the plastic bends. We love the metal one but like it permanently attached to the electric beater brush. What is the best METAL wand to get that will work with my system and keep the attachments on the bottom and not bend while pushing the wand (non electric wand)? Thanks.

Hello, the best metal wand for your other accessories would be this one with a button locking top and friction bottom

"Friction Fit"

By "friction" I understand that each end of this wand is slightly tapered to cram into a larger diameter receptacle. The receptacle at the end of the handle of the vacuum, and the receptacle at the end of the hardwood floor attachment both are 1-1/4" ID. Will this wand do the trick?

Hello and yes, friction fit means exactly that and will work with your application.

Beam Intelliwatch Parts

Seasons Greetings. I have an older (maybe 10 - 15 years old) Beam Central Cleaning System - Intelliwatch system. It has a floor wand with a plastic "wand". the plastic wand snapped in half. Everything else is okay except I need to replace this plastic wand. Will the new metal wands fit into the unit okay? It does have the button release. Please advise. Thanks Penny

It sounds like it will. We don't have a cross reference but Beam typically used industray standard parts like this.

Wand Won't Come Off

I have a brand new Stealth 2 kit. After installing the telescopic ratchet wand in the button lock of the handle with on-off switch, I can't get it back out. There is a black vinyl cover on the external button lock hole. Can't depress it to release the wand. Do I tear off the vinyl cap on the lock button ?

That is odd. It should depress easily. If it doesn't depress at all, if it will not move a millimeter, then go ahead and tear it off and we'll get you a new one the first week of January. But at least you'll be able to use it until then. Oh, come to think of it. Better to leave it on for now if you can hang the hose like that. You'll still be able to use your hard floor brush. But your call. We'll make sure you get something that works when we get back to the office Jan 2/3.

Fit Low Voltage Button Lock Hose?

This this wand fit 382BL. Does the extension lock? Dont want the wand to collapse if I push the wand.

Actually, you need the telescopic with button lock top. Here is the product (picture may not be available yet). Yes, the rachet locks in place easy and is sturdy.

Need Button Lock

I need a telescoping wand with button lock for my low voltage hose. Do you carry this, what is the part number? (vacuflo 560)

Yes, we have this part in Extension Wands. It is part number 406TB. If you need button lock on the bottom, that may not be available anywhere. This on has a button lock hole on the top to snap into your locking nipple on the hose hand stub tube.

Fit Any Electric Head or Any Floor Brush?

I have sold my house and am leaving my built in Beam vacuum system with the house. We have purchased a new Beam system for the new house, but it does not come with the telescopic wand that I loved so much with my first Beam system. Can I purchase the telescopic wand alone, and if so, how much would it cost?

You can purchase it alone but first take a look at the tool you are going to use on the carpet. Does it have an electric cord coming out the back of it? If so, you need a telescopic wand that we don't sell. This telescopic wand in question is for non-electric carpet brushes and floor brushes.

Fit My Floor Brush?

I need to replace the plastic ratchet wand that came with my Beam Vacuum. Does this wand have an adapter at the end to attach my floor cleaner brush? Will the Beam nozzle fit in the upper end? Also, these standard wands are not long enough, so can I purchase an extension that will work with this wand?

Yes, you can use extensions with any wands. This wand has no holes or button locks, it works with friction fit hose and accessories. If nontelescoping wands are okay with you, you can use two #406HL wands (or more, and other wands with them to extend them).

How Long?

If I buy this for my Nutone Central Vacuum System how long of an extension is this Telescopic full-Length Ratchet Wand? Is it 3ft plus or more? What I really need is to be able to make my current 30ft hose about 10 feet longer. Is there a hose extension?

The wand is about 40 inches when extended. Your hose can easily be extended if you have no on/off switches on the hose handle. Simply buy a small Basic Hose and cut it to any length and use a hose coupler (found in Hose Parts).