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Vacuum Sealed? Air Leaks?

just purchased a thorovac unit model v25 we tested it out for air leaks and found that it had a lot of air coming from the top around the motor cover and so we took off the cover and found dirt in there we have the bag installed in the canister for the dirt --we are wondering if this is okay and is there supposed to be air coming from that area--the unit has not been used yet to clean the house

If there is air coming out of the section where the motor is that is normal. You will be fine with it like that. The seal is under the motor and it pulls air from the opposite side of the vacuum unit. You feel the air after it has gone through the vacuum so it doesn't affect the suction.

New Motor for CFM2

have Thoro Matic whole house vac. Mfg # is CFM - 2 S # is 2709 Amps A-14 Numbers on motor are 6336.00 and 820888FE Looking for new motor?

We have the replacement motor (it takes two) in stock here,221

Bags for Old Unit

I have a 35 year old Thoromatic central vacumn. Can't find the bags anymore. Tank is approx. 16" diameter 18" tall ? Thanks, Gry

The exact size is not really important, but the placement of the hole in the bag is. Use any bag here that has the correct placement and has the general shape of your old bags.

Thoro-Vac Poor Suction

Our Thoro-Vac was installed in our new home 5 yrs ago. It had great suction when first installed over the yr suction has there is hardly any suction at all.Cleaned out the debris can shock out bag. Used sort of a roto rooter wire in the duct from the vacuum in..pulled out globs of dirt but nothing. Wondered do those ducts plug up after x-amount of yrs???What could be our problem????? Denise...Southern Manitoba

You could have a clog further down the pipeline or a bad motor. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Thoromativ Tm20MC

hello, i have i TM20MC that i bought 5 years ago and used only 3 times since then. i was finish sanding a concrete floor for the last couple days with no problems. then today i notice as it was running the motor kicked out a few times for a fraction of a secound. after awhile it did it again, so i unplugged it and moved it to a new out let thinking i had to much running on one outlet; a fan, a few lights and the thoro. after i plugged it in, nothing. no smell, no pop, no nothing, it just wont work. what is wrong? its like new!!

Check the filters to make sure that they are clear. When sanding, the ultra-fine dust that is created can quickly clog the filter and cause the motor to overheat. Depending on the model, you may have reset buttons on the side or back that will restore function to the motors.

Extractor Model

dragan boston hello i have thoro matic maxum 12 carpet extractor model M12-81 115V and i need to replace one of two existing motors.Number that was attached to the motor was 6316v but I am not sure if thats the model number. Can you help me to locate the wright motor for the machine I have. Thanking you in advance!

Please call us for assistance.

Lid Needed

When changing the bag, we accidentally tossed the lid to our Thoro-Matic cylinder into the garbage with the old bag. When we figured out why our central vac was not working, it was too late to retrieve the lid. Do you sell replacement lids? If so, what is your best price including shipping? Mod # TM-2, serial # 25070, Date of manufacture F-92. Thank you for your prompt response.

That is a knock off of our units, right? The lids here will fit then. They fit on a rim that is 14-1/2" wide.

Thoromatic TC 3GS Motor

I'm looking for a replacement motor for a Thoromatic TC 3GS. do you guy's carry them ?

Hi, please send a photo of the motor so we can find the replacement for you. Thanks.

ThoroMatic M102 Compatible?

Does this motor fit on a thoro-matic model # M102 Ben, Brampton, Canada

Our best guess is yes it does. The inset photo for the product should look a lot like your old motor, so it will replace it.

Need Thoromatic Bags

I bought a house with a unit in it and there were never any bags left.


Hi, Thoromatic made one vacuum type that took replacement open-top bags. The HyperFlow open-top bags are good replacements for them.

Wire Sequence

Hi, The wires plug into the side of the machine ripped out, red, yellow, black and green. They are all a mess, so I have no idea how to connect them back without being sure that it is the right way. Do I twist the red & black together and yellow and green together? Are the yellow and green wires suppose to be left out while the red and black plug back in? I have no idea, and no one seems to be able to help. John, Ontario

Hi John, connect the black and red to one house wire lead and the green and yellow to the other lead. That should do it.

Relay Needed

Hi, I have Thoro-matic TM2 that the relay contacts are quite pitted and don't seem to make good contact any more. Can you provide a rrpalcement relay for this model as well as a replacement on/off switch? Thanks Gary Columbia CT

Hi Gary, we have a post relay. See the link for a photo of it hooked up to see if you have use it with your system. Towards the bottom of this page are common switches

Maxum Extractor Motor

Hi, I have a Thoro-matic MAXUM 5 Extractor. Can You help me to find a right MOTOR VACUUM to it. In the Thoro-matic web site say the following " Motor vacuum 5.7" 3 stage tangenial discharge Ref# 6 part# 198335". Thank You, Hector.

Hello, with the description given, and assuming it is 110 volts, the motor you need is

F-10 Replacement Bag

I have a Thoro-Matic TM series central vac system I need bags for. The unit(excluding the motor) is approx 14in in diameter and 20in tall. The info I have says the bag is a F-10. Do you have? How much? Bill

Hello Bill, it is our understanding that the bag is an open top style supported by a cloth bag. The paper one wraps around the rim of the support. Here is that bag

Filters for Thoromatic Central Vacuum

Hi, I'm trying to find filters for our Thoro-Matic Central Vacuum. The part numbers on the schematics are listed as: -- CF10 Disposable Filter -- CVCF Cloth Filter -- CVGF Impact Filter -- CVMF Flock Filter Do you have any of these? Thanks, Glenn

Hello Glenn, we have some replacements. Lets go over it on the phone...please call 800-997-2278 M-Th PST 7-5.

Stopped Working

Hello, I have a Thoromatic model M102 unit (Built 1994) that simply stopped working (plugged in the hose in a different outlet after moving to a different floor, and nothing - it was working minutes prior.) No response from the switch on the unit. Outlet checked with lamp, is OK. No smell from motor. I suspect the relay or the 15A breaker. Tried to push to reset, but nothing happened. Unfortunaley broke the plastic tang attached to the breaker since I thought it might be a pull-out fuse, so that will need replacing... Thanks Mike

Hello Mike, do you hear a click in the unit when the suction should turn on? Then it is a dead motor. No click is a dead relay / circuit board.

Replacement Motors

Hi, I think one of the motors went down in my Thoromatic unit. Do you have replacement motors? Is there a dealer I can take it to to have them fix it? Thank you, Fred West

Hello Fred, here are the motors that go into the Thoromatic Central Vac They are quite easy to replace. If you'd like to use a central vacuum dealer, please use your zip code here