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110 volt Transformer Q&A

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Sears 732181 Replacement?

Need a transformer for a Sears 116.4053280 the part number listed as 732181 is no longer available Tks Ron

We can't really tell you what you need, unfortunately. Have you considered a circuit board such as our 235S? Replaces all the electrical components without the headaches you are having.

Budd 5807 Bad Transformer

I have a Budd 5807. The motor stopped running. I look like the transformer up. Should I replace the motor, relay and transformer? Bob, New Jersey

If only the transformer is bad, then that is all that needs replacing.

Stronger Low Voltage on New Transformer?

I just received my replacement Transformer #230, it has sec 24Vac 40va, the original transformer that came on my Astro Model MKX has sec 24v 10V, the Circut breaker is 15AMP 32V, my relay is the old point type. Will sec 24v 40v work replacing 24v 10v

Yes, this new transformer is simply stronger on the low voltage side to insure that a positive connection is made across the contact points. It will not hinder the older relay at all.

Pullman Holt BIV105 - Won't Turn Off

I have a P-Holt BIV105 when hose input in outlet does not turn on. Electrical plug is inserted into a honeywell box w/the electrical wires from outlets run into it. When the plug to the unit is plugged into a regular electrical outlet the motor runs but no way to cut off. Q. Does the honeywell box house the transformer, relay. Does this unit have a circuit board? Would the unit need new brushes? If need new trans/relay do they need to be housed in same honeywell box. Would appreciate any help you can give. Suggest replacement part #'s if needed. Thanks S. D. Ansley Lilburn, GA 30047

When the unit will not turn off, you have a bad relay. The relay and transformer for your system can be seen here,,230 , they do not have a circuit board. Brushes are for the motor, which should be replaced when they are worn down to 25%.

Fit Broan?

I need a transformer for a Broan model CV40-C. Broan part number is 99270915. Do you have a compatible transformer.?

Hi, the only one we have that you should be able to make work is


I need the transformer and relay for AstroVac SR-72 manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing. Can I use the 110 volt transformer. Which relay should I buy. Mike in Delavan

Mike, please call us for the answer to this question.

240 Volts Damage?

My Astrovac Model MKIII does not run after a workman briefly hooked it up to a 240 30 amp switch by mistake and then put it properly back on a single pole 30 amp switch (apparently the motor turned on made a grinding noise and then shut off). I opened the motor unit and by manually depressing the bar at the relay, the motor turns on (and sounds perfect). I suspect that the transformer is blown. The transformer is also by Basler Electric, but it has slightly different markings than on your picture. Do you also think it is my transformer, or am I overlooking something. Will the pictured tansformer work? Thank you. Peter Baltimore

Hi, yes the 240 volts killed the transformer. Thanksfully not the motors. You need a new transformer and this one will work fine.

AirVac Relay Needed

My Air Vac AV 2500 still runs at the unit with the low voltage leads disconnected. Your chart says I need a "unit relay." Who, what, where is this, how do I get one/replace it, etc. Many thanks in advance for your help in repairing my unit. Dan B.

Dan, they may have some originals. Call us for the phone number. Or have an electrician install our circuit board

Kenmore Central Vac

Sonny; Covington - Electric surge blew a transformer in my Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum; Model 116-4053280; Class BI-1; 20 V; 60 Hz; 11.0 Amps. I cannot obtain a transformer locally or from Sears, due to the age of the unit. Do you have a transformer that I can substitute? Thank you.

Hi, take a look at the wiring diagram for the single motor here and see if your set up is similar. If so then use the small 110 volt transformer.

Broan CV20 Compatible?

I have Braun central vac, model CV20-C, with a bad transformer. Is your 100 V transformer electrically and physically compatible?

Yes, you can use this transformer. The wiring diagram link is also here

FSP #732181 Replacement?

Bob...Belchertown I have a central vacuum system from the early 1980's. I was told I need a transformer for it but cannot find exact part. Yht one I need to replace looks similar to the ones on the website but not are identical. The one I have has a large FSP with the #732181 on one side and on the other side is the #EIA-606-240. One side has a white & black wire and the other has yellow & red. Could you please advse as to what part would be the one I need? Please Advise

Hello Bob, the smaller transformer should work fine, consult your electrician. Use the wiring diagram in the relay description on that same buying page to see how to wire the transformer.

AirVac Central Vac Transformer or Relay Needed

I have an Air Vac Centeral Cleaning System and i believe the model # is AV550A it will not turn on, i have tested both motors and they will run. I believe the problem is the relay or transformer can you tell me the replacement parts# and prices if available and any advice will be appreciated

Hello, did you write about the remote too? If the issue is the relay you will not hear a click when you try to start it. If the issue is the transformer (and you have power to the unit for sure) then you will not be able to start it by jumping the low voltage contacts on the unit. If you need a relay or transformer we may be able to help you. The original company was sold twice so some parts are not available. Call us for options.

Need Relay and Transformer

I need to replace transformer and relay for a 1973 Fasco Model 851 120 volt 60 cy 18 amp. please advise the correct part replacement numbers. Larry dent

Voltage In and Out

What are the specs (in/out voltage, etc) of this transformer?

110-120 volt in and 24 out.

AstroVac Relay & Transformer

I need the transformer and relay for model SR-36 manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing Inc. and marketed under the name AstroVac. Is this 110 volt transformer the proper transformer and is the relay included with the transformer and if not does your company have it available, and if so, what is the price of the relay? Thank you.

Yes you can use this as the replacement. Here are both parts.