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TroubleShooting Carpet Brush and Hose Issues Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Beater Bar Not Turning, Bad Motor?

How can you tell if the motor to the beater bar is working? Beater bar and motor are not turning? Unit is about 2 years old.


The motor on the brush will spin and make noise even if the belt or the motor belt gear is broken. If no noise, then the motor is broken or the electric hose is not bringing electricity to the brush. If you can, plug the brush cord directly into the wall inlet and be sure the brush neck is down. If it runs then the hose is at fault (the hose switch or the electric connection on the wall end).

Beating Noise, Damaged Belt

we have a central vac and the brushes on the carpet make a beating noise. The belt seems to be damaged but the rest is OK. Can changing the belt fix the problem. Thank you Francine


When a belt is damaged, torn, or missing teeth, it sounds like it is running rough or thumping. Regardless, you should replace the belt and go from there.

Brush Roller Stops Spinning When Set on Carpet

our blackhawk carpet beater bar spins until you place the unit on a rug (low pile area rugs), then abruptly stops spinning. no problems with suction and the unit does not shut itself off. the motor sounds the same whether the bar is spinning or not. any thoughts? thanks! kim, vancouver, bc, canada


This is usually a broken belt gear on the motor shaft. The gear is there, but no longer properly fastened to the motor arm. Hopefully, the product is under warranty. If not, it's best to replace the head. We suggest a better head such as the Stealth or Ace Electric Brush.

Can I Use An Electric Hose With a Utility Valve?

Can I plug a pig tail hose into the utility inlet on the power unit and plug into nearby electric outlet to have it power the powerhead? Thank you Sandy AR, USA


Yes, you can use a corded electric hose in a utility valve on the main power unit. You can also use an electrical extension cord, if needed.

Carpet Brush Not Picking Up

I have the CT14DX power brush system. It will not suck up dog hair (just rakes it in a row). I can take the power brush off and use the straight hose which will suck up the dog hair. Any ideas on what is causing this? Replacement parts? Thanks.


When you have the brush turned on, check the main vacuum unit outside and see if it is running. If it is, then check the brush and the wand you're using for any clogs that are blocking air-flow. If the suction is not on, you need to determine if the hose or head is the issue.

Carpet Brush Spitting Debris/ Dirt

I have the Beam Advocate motorised carpet brush.Every thing works, but will not pick up any thing. It just throws it.It seems to me that I am losing all or most of my vacuum around the extension handle and swivel handle. Are there like O rings or seals that need replaced. Dan C. Holts Summit, Mo. Unit was in the house when purchased, Aprox- 2yr.old


The brush and/or wand is clogged or possibly, your suction is not functioning even though it sounds like it is on. Check for clogs and physically see if the main power unit is functioning as normal. If it is not, then your Hose Switch Assembly needs to be replaced.

Carpet Brush Stalls When Pulling Back On Plush and Nonplush Carpets

I have a Beam Central Vacuum with Beam Advocate Power Head that stalls when pulling the wand toward the user. Green led flickers red when easing backward, with motor laboring and solid red and stalls when loaded. We have plush carpet and several wool orientals. Symptoms are the same regardless. Bill, St. Marys, GA.


Since it stalls when pulling the vacuum back on both style carpets, the problem is an electrical short. To find the short, turn the vacuum head on and hold it still as you tug on each connection (wand to head, wand to handle, cord connections too). You will find the spot where it is losing the connection and from there you will be able to either fix the issue or replace the parts.

Compatibility Between MD Carpet Brush and AirVac Hose

Can you attach a MD carpet brush to Air Vac hose? Helen, Garden Ridge Tx


If you are referring to an air-driven brush, the answer is yes. If this is an electric brush to an electric hose, the short answer is not always. As there are several factors/variations to consider in terms of compatibility, please contact one of our friendly customer representatives at 1(800) 997-2278 for further technical assistance. Your other option is to replace your existing cleaning tools/accessories with a new complete electric kit. They are compatible with AirVac systems and nearly all other brands of central vacuum systems.

CT600 Disassembly, Belt Change

The NuTone CT600 I think needs a new belt. How do I disassemble head to fix.


Push in the sides of the top cover to pull it off. Under it are screws that will allow you to take the vacuum apart. Remove the top half from the bottom half by pulling them apart near the rear wheel. We have replacement CT600 belts.

Damaged/ Split Electric Hose

The hose split where it enters the current carrying hose handle that attaches to the Nutone model CT600 power brush. Duct tape works for a while but the time has come for a proper fix. Are there kits that can be purchased to repair the hose or must a new hose and handle be purchased. Rick in Mt Joy, PA


You will need to replace the hose, there are no repair kits to repair the internal wiring of any electric hose.

Dirt Coming out of Nozzle

My vac sounds like it is turned on when I flick the switch. It picks dirt up but isn't sending it to the canister. It just builds up in the power head. My husband usually used the vac, but he is now deceased and I need to learn how to use it. HELP


Although it may sound like the suction is not working with the switch in that position, it is not. It is likely that you will need to replace the hose handle switch assembly. If the suction does work in the first switch position, there is a bigger problem. Please use our Troubleshooting Flowchart to help identify the issue along with some tips to help remedy the issue .

Electric Brush Not Working in Some Inlet Ports

Steve. North Andover. My Galaxie Vacumn works at the main unit for both air and with the switch for the agitator head. I have air suction throughout the entire system, but the agitator head does not operate in the remaining 4 units within the house. What can I do and /or check???


Please try to repeat this same problem. If you are able to repeat it, this means the four inlet valve electrical connections are all tied together into an electrical cord junction that has lost power or become unplugged. You'll have to trace one electrical wire back to find where/how they are set up to remedy this issue.

Electric Brush Power Cuts In & Out / Pins Are Blackened

The vacuum has suction - works with the attachment for the tile floors. BUT when attaching the carpet floor attachment (brush) the vacuum will go on and off as you push and or pull the vacuum - also the prongs on the pole which connect to the handle (on/off part) are not the same color one looks like it is burned (black). HELP - thanks.


There is a short at the black pin connection. You will need a new Switch Assembly and to clean the blackened pins (or replace the power head cord - call us).

Electric Nozzle Not Working

I have a nu tone CV450W and I can not get the power head to engage after plugging in the plug to the 110 outlet. I am new to the whole central vaccum scene so am not sure if I need to replace something or if there is a sequence I must go through to get this beater head to work? HELP


This usually indicates the hose has a short or the power nozzle is broken. Test the hose using a continuity tester or another vacuum head. We have Hose Troubleshooting Videos Here. If the hose has no issues, replace the power nozzle and perhaps the wands as well.

Electric Power Head Stopped Working

I have a CT14DX power head with a pigtail hose. The CT14DX was working then 15 minutes later it wasn't. The headlight also does not come on - it was on when the unit was operating (the bulb is good). I have connected the unit to different inlets and recepticles and still nothing. I am trying to figure out what the problem is so I get what I need for the power head to work again. What tests should I perform to find out what the probem is? Thanks, Bill


Either the power head or the hose has been compromised. If you have a 2-pin wall end hose, you can plug the power head cord directly into the inlet valve to see if it works. The hose is harder to troubleshoot unless you can test with a voltage meter or continuity tester. If you are able to test the hose in this manner, please view our Hose Testing Videos.

Electrical Issues With Power Head and/or Hose

NEW POWER BRUSH NOT WORKING-- I have an MS Systems unit in my home. I thought my old power brush broke but after reading some Q&A on your website, I'm thinking its the switch in my handle now. I ordered a new power brush and still nothing. When I test the voltage at the handle on the hose I get 9.2 volts. Is this the correct voltage ?


Which contact points are you measuring to get the 9.2V? For a low voltage (suction control) measurement, it should read over 20V, and 110V for high voltage. Most likely the molded diode fuse in the wall end pigtail or direct 2-pin connection is bad. You can replace these parts as long as the wall end of the hose has the letter P branded in a circle.

Extend Hose Length?

Is it possible/feasible to extend the length of central vac hose? We have a 30 foot hose,which is fine for our house, but we would like to be able to vacuum a much larger area in our basement (no outlets there, we plug hose directly into the appliance). If we WERE able to extend the hose, would it interfere with the suction? Thank you for considering this for us.


It is easy to extend a hose when you don't need a 110 volt connection to the powered vacuum head. Simply use any size Basic Hose and it slips right on to the hose handle end of the existing hose.

Hose Is Loose In The Inlet

When I plug the hose into the wall outlet, it is slightly loose, can turn slightly & it then looses power. My short term fix is to use a bit of tape to hold in place. How can I fix this properly? Cari, Charlotte N


To properly remedy this, you will need to replace the inlet. The process is quick and easy, only held in by a couple of screws from the front. On the back side, just transfer the wires from the old inlet to the new one. Take a look at our inlet replacement video. A quick remedy that may work is to get a layer of super glue dry on the plastic end of the hose. It makes the hose a bit wider and tighter.

Hose Separated from Handle

The vac hose has come loose from the handle. Can I glue it back in or do I just have to hold it in when vacuuming? Betty, Oklahoma City


If your hose handle has no switch (on/off switch) on the handle, you should be able to screw the hose back into the cuff where it came out. Typically it is reverse threaded, so it will seem as though you are screwing it in the wrong way, Before you do that, apply a small amount of rubber cement to the hose end to help it stay in place. However, if your hose does have a switch at the handle, you will need to replace the entire hose.

Hose Switch Not Activating Suction In One Position

My Eureka central vac has a rocker switch on the handle that on one setting turns on the suction and on the other setting turns on the beater bar, but in this setting there is no suction. Do I need to replace the switch or could something else be preventing the suction from turning on while the beater bar is operating?


If the switch is activating suction when pressed to one side but not the other, this indicates a bad switch that needs to be replaced.

Intermittent Power to Vacuum Head

Matt, Sioux City, IA. My vacuum has been shorting out intermittently lately. Sometimes it happens during push/pull and sometimes it just happens when it is not moving at all. I cleaned the prongs on the vacuum itself and that seemed to make it much worse. I know I am going to need to replace something but what is it? Thanks!


Turn the vacuum head on and keep everything still. At each junction try to find the short by pulling, twisting, etc. If the short is where the vacuum handle connects to the power cord from the brush, you will have to replace the wiring harness inside the hose handle. We have some Hose Handle Wire Connection Parts for some vacuum handles. If you are able, please test the continuity of the power through the hose. Otherwise, you may need to replace the power cord running from the brush into the hose handle, or the power head itself, if everything else checks out.

Kenmore PowerMate, Hayden, CT600, CT14DX Opening

How do you dismantle the powermate power brush to access the brush which is not turning? When I turn on vacuum with powermate brush, it starts then stops. It doesn't restart without me pushing reset button. Brush bar has long hair in it and I know from experience that it needs to be removed. Just can't figure out how to remove cover. Thanks, Cindy


To access this brush you need first remove the upper top of the vacuum. Squeeze in the sides of the headlight cover and lift this section off the top of the vacuum. Under it are two screws that, once removed, allow you to remove the entire upper half of the vacuum. Remove the roller and clean the ends really well. Another reason the reset pops is the motor may be bad. We sell replacement motors, new complete brushes, and more parts for it HERE.

Light On Main Unit?

I have a Hayden supervac system. The main unit has a green light, the hose does not work when plugged into the wall unit the light on the wand is a very faint red and the vacuum does not work at all. Diana


As the lights are not pivotal to the functionality of your system, please disregard them and use our Troubleshooting Flowchart to isolate the issue with your central vacuum.

Lint on the Carpet from the Brush

When using the power nozzle, and pulling back when vacuuming, the nozzle leaves lint from the new carpet just installed-why?


The suction is not working in that switch position, most likely. It sounds like it is, but that is just the noise of the vacuum head. You will need to replace the Switch Assembly in the hose handle.

Loud Whistle

my system makes an extremely large horrible whistle sound it is 30 years old will a new hose correct this


If the whistle is coming from the hose, replacing the hose should fix this issue. However, if the whistling noise is coming from the motor, you will need to replace the motor to fix remedy this.