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Unfinished Ports/ Inlet Valves the Cause of Low Suction?

I bought a house with an Aerus ysytem, probably 10 years old. I am third owner. Talked to orignial owner, said system never did "suck" well. There are two connected powered outlets. Power is there. I found two outlets that are just covered with a plastic plate, no powered outlet. Do you think these are causing leakage? There is no gasket or seal. Do you think it would help the other outkets suck better if I hooked in your standard power outlets? Power is there in the two outlets that are just covered.


You first need to purchase Basic Wall Inlets for the two without them. The reason your central vacuum has such low suctioning power is because of all the air escaping from these open valves (or inlet covers ).

Unit Shuts Off After Few Seconds of Running

When I insert hose in outlet on my 2 year old Beam 225A Classic Series, power comes on then cuts out after running for about 2 seconds. If I remove hose & push in again after a few secs. power engages and shuts off again. When unit is turned on manually at canister, green power light goes on but power cuts out same way so don't think it is a problem with connection at hose end. I checked all electrical connections-can't see any break in wires that would cause shorting and all brass contacts in inlets are exposed and appear functional. Breaker is working fine as light and receptacle for connection to beater bar on same circuit are functional. I'm stumped.


The problem is not with the hose, but instead with your motor. You can find the Beam 225A Replacement Motor as well as Motor Replacement Instructions on our website.

Unit Will Not Turn Off

Hi we just installed a new firgidare vac system last night in our new home so everything was already done within the walls, we only had to install the unit and inlet plates and when you plug the hose into the wall it starts to suck (so constant sucking) and I cannot shut it off at the hose handle and it does this with all the inlets. Also, is it normal for a vac system to be loud enough to hear from the third level(it's located in my basement). Thanks, Derek Calgary,Ab


If your inlets have only one contact inside the main hole, then the switch on the hose cannot operate. If your inlets have two contact points inside the main hole, then the switch should operate just fine. If it is not turning off when the hose is removed, there could be another wiring issue. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the problem at Troubleshooting Flowchart.

Unit Works, Valves Don't

If I've connected the two contacts on the hose inlet, but the suction unit does does come on, what is the problem? I can turn the suction unit on manually from the main switch on the vacuum unit.


To get started, short the contacts at the unit where the wires are connected. If your unit activates, then there is a broken wire(s) somewhere in the home. If your unit does not activate, then your transformer is not functioning properly and should be replaced.

VacPan Clog

Hello, This is Lisa I live in Des Moines Iowa area. In my kitchen I have a inlet in my island to sweep the dirt right into. It has stopped suction. The unit comes on but no suction. I took out the screws to tak out the plate but I can not get it out. I can not put a snake in. I can not seem to get in to see what is stuck. What do I do? Thank you


This is generally an indication of a clog in the pipeline. If the pipeline cannot be accessed, you will need to contact a Local Service Center to help locate and remove the obstruction.

VacPan Kick Valve Stopped Working

My central vac is working great throughout the house but the kitchen sweep dustpan. Was working yesterday but when pushed to the open side to turn the vacuum on there is no response. How do I go about finding the problem and fixing? Bryan ID


This issue is generally caused by a faulty lever or moving parts within the VacPan. We have VacPan Repair Kits that make the repair job easy and saves you money. The VacPan should pull straight out of the cabinet, AFTER you access and remove the PVC elbow. Access is from above through a cutout in the cabinet base, or underneath by a cutout access.

VacPan Toe Kick is Loud

I installed a Plastiflex Sweep Inlet Valve. It works but the suction noise is extremely loud... almost unbearable. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Peter, London ON


The way air rushes into a VacPan can be quite loud depending on the power of your central vacuum system. Unless there is another inlet valve open, all the air will be forced into that VacPan and be loud in this case.

VacPan Will Not Start Vacuum

my automatic dust pan will not start my central vacuum. What is the problem?


First, check the wire connection behind the dust pan to ensure the wires are connected. If that looks good, touch the two wires together. If the vacuum turns on, the dust pan has failed and needs to be replaced. If the vacuum does not turn on, the low voltage wire in the wall have been compromised and you'll need to locate the problem within the wall or contact a Local Service Center for assistance.

Valve Hums After Use

One of the inlets makes a vibrating hum for a few seconds when hose is unplugged at any of the other inlets. Is there a problem of leakage? Thanks for helping. Connie from Normal


The hum is not a problem. As the lines lose pressure, a valve may open a bit and the gasket may vibrate. If the valve was vibrating or whistling while the system was on, then that would be a pressure leak. Either way, it is solved by tightening or loosening it the screw on the faceplate. The goal is get the lid flush with the faceplate. Pushing on the center of the faceplate may help too.

Water in Inlet

In one of the outlets we keep having water collect in it. It shorts out the system and makes it run constantly so we have to unplug it when not in use. We use a humidifer in the room do you think that is the cause? We have checked in the attic for any water leaks none found. Please help Sarah in Pea Ridge


The consistency of the issue indicates condensation in the pipeline. The vacuum pipe is going from extreme temperatures in the basement, attic or where ever the pipe is located. Insulating the outside of the pipe can help decrease condensation, the more insulation the better.

Wiring a 110 Volt Inlet

I have identified that all of my operating valves are supervalves. I will be ordering two more soon to fill in two inlets that have a fake plate over them, but are wired and definitely connected to the system. My question is, with a supervalve I would expect to see two little low voltage wires and an electrical romex wire with ground. I see four little (low voltage) wires behind the supervalves. All of them work, however the hose DOES NOT plug in to the little holes at top of supervalve. When hose is inserted, the unit can be started from wand, however the hose cord is plugged into a regular outlet to run powerhead. Does wiring the supervalve with 4 low volt wires make any sense. I cant imagine theres full 110 in two those little wires.


The four smaller wires are all low voltage. They didn't run romex, but they should have in order to utilize the inlets. All the wires you see need to attach to the two screws on the faceplate. Keep paired wires separate. Ignore the black and white 110 volt wires on the faceplate, as 110 volt wire was not run through your system.