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Better Bearings?

Have they started installing decent quality bearings? If not then it does not sense to buy this turbine and repair the head.

The bearings have remained the same. This brush has a full three year warranty though, if that helps. We also urge you to consider an electric hose and power head. They are all compatible with your system since each kit has a pigtail cord version. Check it out here

RD1990 Replacement?

I am confused with some of the answers. I have an RD1990 and there are pieces missing from the turbine. Can I use a China produced turbine, or do I need to purchase a new vac head? there is really not much price difference.

Hi, yours was made in Canada and the production of this replacement part is not from CHINA and doesn't fit the Canada model. Your brush should be at least 5-years old by now and it should be worth it to replace - we hope! Because that turbine is not available for your brush. Also remember that you can upgrade your hose and nozzle to electric for better carpet cleaning. You can do without changing anything in your system! Check it out

Clacking Sound

Hi, can you please tell me what constitues a worn out turbine? One repair shop (without taking my turbocat apart) said that I need a new turbine. But when I disassembled the unit myself, my turbine looks a little bit worn and otherwise fine, but upon opening and cleaning and reassembly my TurboCat head is still producing the same fairly loud clacking sound when the turbine spins -- even though it is working correctly and the brush spins freely and the vacuum head does vacuum and pick up dirt correctly. It still has this clacking sound even when I replace the belt with a new one. The bearings also seem fine. Sincerely, Charles of Massapequa, NY.

Hi Charles, if chunks of the turbine are missing it needs replacing. If the bearing has teeth missing or falling apart replace the turbine. The clacking may also be from teeth on the roller clogged or missing.

China Turbine on Canada TurboCat?

Ok, the answer to Will's question and the product description doesn't seem to match up. My Turbocat was made in Canada. Will this turbine work in mine?

Great question, lets settle it. The new and only replacement turbine for TurboCat is from China and will NOT work right with the older Canadian made TurboCats. The turbine will rub on it, the fit is not right. Sorry to say but if you need a turbine for older TurboCats you will need to buy a new China made TurboCat or TurboCat Zoom. This goes for all versions such as TurboCat II, TL2000, TP210, etc. Also, note that you can take this chance to buy a new electric hose and tool kit.

SA Turbine, part #7213

Hi, Where is an SA Turbine, part #7213, item #3 on exploded diagram, available for a T210 Turbo Cat made in Canada about 1993? Tom

Hi, you can use this one for the turbine.

Need Different Looking One?

I need one of the turbine fans for a Turbocat Zoom. Do you have one that will fit that? This one does not look like the same as the stem the belt goes around seems different.

Sorry, the manufacturer only produces these ones since they moved production to China.

TurboCat RD-1990

Will this part fit a TurboCat RD-1990? Thanks Chris

Hello, since the manufacturer went to China and changed molds, you will need to replace the entire brush or upgrade to an Electric Kit. Sorry! But if you have carpet you will love an electric kit!

Fit TurboCat II?

Will this fit a "turbocat II" rd 1990? Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter, it will not fit. Please call us during our business hours for further help.

Bearings Separate?

Are the bearings part of the turbine assembly or can they be replaced if the turbine is still good?

Hello, the bearings are attached to the turbine and not sold separately.

Need Bearings

Do you sell the bearings fo the turbine separately? If not, would you give me the specifications for these bearings? The upper one has 'NTN 608 LUX' and the lower one has 'NSK 608 Z' imprinted on the exposed side. Thank you.

They are not available separately and we don't have specs from the manufacturer.

Fit Older TurboCats?

Hi, will the Air Turbine fit earlier TurboCats, ones not made in China? Thanks, Will

Yes, it will fit.