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T21 Turbine Power Brush Replacement?

I have a T21 Turbine Power Brush head. Is the TurboCat the replacement? Could you also give me instructions on how to replace the belt on the T21. I thought it would be easy but when I do replace the belt and start the vacuum up the belt tends to slide off and the brushes does not turn anymore.

The T21 was truly an original and good vacuum in its day! No one hear remembers much about how to replace the belt, sorry to say. That said, the TurboCat is the replacement and a much better brush head. Thank you for asking.

Can I Upgrade To An Electric Power Nozzle?

I have the turbocat zoom and the suction is not good. I've only had it two years. Does the stealth MD fit this system? I'd only be interested in the power nozzle. Thanks Nancy - Boston

The Stealth MD would be a wonderful upgrade, however, if you wanted to upgrade from the TurboCat Zoom to the Stealth MD it would require you also upgrade the hose from a low voltage to an electric hose. Fortunately, you can upgrade without the hassle of installation because our corded electric hose only requires a power socket. So if your inlet valves are within 8 feet of a socket it would be a simple adjustment. Here is a link that will provide more information on this power nozzle:

Persistent Noise

Have the turbocat, instruction manual says "turbinePowerhead For P/N 7160,7161 & 7120". The turbocat has developed a noise. I have removed the needle Bearing, and cleared any dust, hair and debris, from the needle bearing cavity. Then reinserted the needle bearing and reassembled the turbocat. But noise still persists. any suggestions? Ken Reno

It could be a tooth missing from the belt or from a gear on the turbine or brush roll, or could be a turbine blade hitting the side wall.

TurboCat Not Spinning On Carpet

My TurboCat carpet accessory spins and sounds fine until you try to vacuum the carpet. It makes a sound like something is loose inside. It is fairly new and so is the belt. No animals in our house either. Any remedies to try?

If it spins in the air but not on the carpet then most likely the gear on the turbine is loose and the turbine will need to be replaced. We have the parts here

Main Vacuum Motor Tripping

My Turbocat power unit keeps tripping the reset breaker and I have to go downstairs to reset it. This usually lasts for only 30 minutes or so, then it happens again.

What is actually happening is your vacuum motor is going bad. It doesn't have to do with what tool or hose you happen to be using, for the most part, but the TurboCat does make your vacuum work a bit harder. You can use the vacuum until the motor completely dies or you can replace the motor sooner than later.

Hose Options

I would like to purchase a 35' turbo "hose" only... please help me accomplish this.

You can order any item any time from our website. Your hose options are here, Just click on the hose you would like.

Turbocat Wheen Repair

We have the M&S version of the Turbo Cat and find it most effective. However, one of the wheels keeps coming off. It seems to "snap" into place when we put it back on; however it falls off again in short order. Is there some way to repair this without having to replace the whole unit? Thank you for your attention.

There is a ring that clips on the end of the wheel stem inside the housing. You will need to open the brush and push the ring on the end of the stem from the inside to secure it in place.

Vacuflo 200 Replacement Accessories

I have a Vacuflo model #200 - serial number 0035648, and need a new hose, vacumm head (Turbocat) and replacement bags for canister. Which one would be best to purchase. I have had the central vacuum system since 1980's.

With Vacuflo, you will need to check the wall inlets. If there are not small holes just outside the main hose hole, then compatible parts can be found here, The low voltage hose will allow you to turn the suction on and off from the handle. Replacement bags can be found here listed by model number

Turbo Cat Belt Life

I have the original turbocat head. what is the average life of the drive belt? I seem to use about 3 belts per year ?

The amount of time a belt lasts is highly dependent on the unique environment of your home. You can check to be sure the belt is in correct position and matches the picture on the bottom of the brush to show which direction the belt should turn.

TurboCat Brush Won't Turn

I bought a turbocat air driven brush less than a year ago. A paper clip caught in the roller near the needle bearing. I removed the clip, and any debris from the brush roller and turbine. I removed the turbine belt (did not touch the needle bearing and did not remove the brush roller) but found that after I replaced the belt with the 90 angle, the brush roller would not move.

Be sure the belt is inserted in the correct direction. There is a picture molded into the bottom of the brush to show the direction the belt should be attached. If the belt is turned the wrong way, the cogs will grip each other and not turn.

Replacement Hose Kits

Bought a home with electrolux BEAM, central vac, probably 2003 model that works grest. The accesories including the floor vacuum with brush is labelled TL2000 , I will need to replace the floor vacuum piece, metal hose pipe, plastic hose pipe and the rest of the accessories. Do you have these in stock? If so, please send ordering instructions and price, thanks. Arvind, Macon, GA

We do carry replacement hose kits and have them in stock. Your air-powered replacment options can be viewed here,

Fit Replacement Inlet Valves? Extra Hose and Wands?

I have an old Filtex (SB-300-L) which is running pretty good. I am going to replace the inlets with Part# 653HW (low voltage). Will this Kit work with the inlet or will I need to purchase an adapter? Also, is the telescopic wand the replacement for the two metal wands in the other kits? If so, can I buy just the hose and wand separately for the 2nd floor?

Yes and Yes. The kit fits these inlets perfectly and you can buy a second hose and wand or two separate metal wands for other areas of the home. Thank you for asking.

TurboCat Zoom Not Spinning

We have a turbocat zoom,approx 2 years old. Brush stopped turning, when I took apart I found the bearing below cover wrapped in lint. cleared out and unit spins free. reassembled but brush turns slow or not at do not hear the whine from the air as much as before.checked for clogs.non found.You can spin impeller easy when apart,brush turns good also. we use hose with elec power head and works fine. air unit seems to have lost all of it's power. Thanks, Anthony, silver creek,ny

Try turning the brush roller around. Also, if the axle was removed from the brush roller, then pull it out and insert through the other side. This roller will only spin free when the axle is inserted through one side, not the other. There could also be something stuck in the turbine that is preventing it from turning.

TurboCat Not Spinning

I have a problem. The TurboCat Zoom Air Driven unit that I purchased no longer works. The brush will not spin when the vacuum is on. What is the warranty on this item? It's only a month old! Thank you. Susan

If the brush roller will not rotate then something is stuck in the air turbine. Turn over the brush and remove the clear plastic cover over the belt. Follow the air channel from the brush roller in the air intake, that's the turbine. You should be able to see the object that is stuck in there, just pull it out.

T21 Replacement or Parts?

I have a Beam (model # 677) central vac system (air powered). The system, outlets and hose all work great. The power head we use is "T21 Turbine Power Brush" we ordered a new "spinbrush" (sorry if that's not the correct term) but while we were waiting on it to arrive the metal bottom of the power head got thrown in the recycling. Is there any way to buy just the metal bottom of this older power head? The system is awesome and still working great since installed sometime around 1986. Thanks!

The T21 is no longer made and the parts are long gone. The TurboCat will be your best replacement. Sorry about losing the bottom of the T21.

Head Sold Alone?

Can I buy just the turbo head with out the hose & accesseries?

Yes, the head is sold alone right here

Shag Compatible?

Does the Turbocat work on a shag pile carpet

It depends on the length of the shag, but yes it works on normal carpets that are blunt cut. Please contact the carpet manufacturer for cleaning recommendations. You'll be suprised how many of them discourage a rotating brush.

Hoover Electric Hose Needed

I own a Hoover Central Vac 550 from 1988. 2 prong with a 8ft pig tale neew to order replacement hose a carpet cleaner please advise which one would fit. Thanks Ken Chicago

Please use the bottom right photo on the Electric Hose page to verify the hose end compatibility. There needs to be two inches from the plastic end of the hose to the center of the metal button lock. If you have that then you need the pigtail cord style hose. It comes in 30 or 35ft length.

Power-Vent Built-in Vacuum

I have a '70s vintage Progress "Power-Vent" built-in vacuum system. The 25'line is beginning to crack and so far electrical tape has worked. Do you supply new 25' lines for this system?

Hi, are you speaking abou the flexible hose? The hose you have should be standard. Please start on this page for help or give us a call

Orginal vs V or Zoom

What's the difference between the TurboCat in the deluxe kit compared to the TurboCat V? Is one stronger than the other?

Hi, the V is the same as the Zoom. Zoom is the updated version of the original TurboCat. It seems like homeowners like both the same but more often they buy what they are familar with, the original. They work the same way and perform the same way. The V or Zoom looks more updated though.

Wood First Floor, Carpet Second

I am building a new house. The first floor is all wood about 2200 sq ft. And the second floor is 90% carpet and 10% wood, total about 2500 sq ft. What head is best for this situation? Air driven Turbo cat or an electric head is the best for us? We are thinking of hide-a-hose for the first floor and regular inlet in the second floor. Thanks for your advise. David.

Hi David, your home sounds wonderful. The Hide-a-hose on the first floor is a great idea. Just be sure to buy a vacuum unit with at least 140 waterlift measurement. That will ensure the suction stays strong as it travels through the older narrower interior Hide-a-hose (as compared to the other hoses on the market today). We suggest the SilentMaster S44 or FloMaster M85 for your main unit. The second floor is where you want to clean the carpets which takes more thought than the hard floors, so we appreciate the question. Hands down you want to go with an electrified hose and vacuum brush. Why use your suction to spin a turbine on a TurboCat when suction should be full throttle directly into your carpet? If only a couple rooms had carpet and you had no kids or pets then a TurboCat makes more sense. For the electric, you don't have to have 110 volt inlets but you sure can, they are easy to install. Either way, choose any of our electric kits and you'll be thankful in the long run. Plus, the price difference is not too much.

Order Brush Alone?

We need to replace the turbocat vacuum portion only. Our hoses and attachments work great. When ordering, do I order the brush portion only?

Hi, yes, all you need is the TurboCat brush alone. If your brush was called something different but looks like this one then it is the correct replacement. But even if you didn't have a rotating brush before, this brush works with all central vacuum hoses. The drop down menu on this page has the brush alone for sale. It is the last product in the menu.

Not Pleased with Edge Cleaning

Many conventional vacuums have edge cleaning. Although I'm no vacuum expert, I believe most often it is suction. It works on carpet and hard wood. The Turbocat that we presently have leaves about 1 inch of dust next to the walls. I hope this clears up my statement. Sincerely, Phil

The TurboCat has weaker suction because it is all focused on turning the turbine. Not much air makes it to the floor. Replacing the hose and TurboCat with an electric hose and vacuum solves the issue like a hero. The air comes directly to the floor, not through a turbine. The EdgeLift Kit goes a step further with edge cleaning by providing direct air channels both edges. No matter what brand of system you have, an Electric Kit will fit your ports and system. Call and we will walk you through any questions you have and give you all your options. All our products have a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out the electric kits here

Replacement Kit for M&S

We have a M&S Air Vac Model # AV525A. My hose head is cracked at the toggle switch is broken and the beater bar belt seems to be broken; little suction. What type of hose and beater bar would you replace this with? Thanks, John in Asheville

Hello John, that question is best answered by the type of flooring you have in your home. The good news is all the attachments are plug-n-play with the system you have, even the popular electric ones. Start here to determine what is best for your home and budget and feel free to call us for additional help.

Turns On and Off, Short?

We own a turbine powerhead for P/N 7160, 7161 and 7210. While using the hose recently it seems as if it may have a short. It will stop working while we are in the midst of vacuuming. We will move the handle and it spurts on and off. We believe the attachment to the house is okay. Just the handle seems to be having a problem. How do we find a new hose. The hose has electrical wires in the handle. Peggy in Danville

Hi Peggy, actually the wires are simply low voltage wire and when they cross the suction starts. If the suction stops then the air powered brush stops too. You may only need a new switch. If not, then buy a new hose. Please look under products and then under hoses in the brand you own. Here is the switch and handle to see if it matches yours,382S