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Another Wear Plate?

The base plate on my turbocat is worn and the cat rides too low on the carpet with too much resistance. Even the three phillips head screws are shaved. Will replacing the base plate correct the low rider effect? Or is there a plastic wearing plate that fits over the base plate? John from Maui

Hi John, this plate is all there is, there is not another one for the TurboCat (etc.). Thanks for asking.

Fit TurboCat EX?

Will this base plate fit the TurboCat EX? AG - Wellington FL

Hello, sorry but this will not fit the EX model.

Fit TurboCat Plus?

Is this base plate metal and designed for a TurboCat Plus?

Yes the TurboCat Plus is just another name for the orginal Turbocat. The baseplate fits it.

Fit Zoom Model?

will this base plate fit on the turbo cat zoom

No, it will not fit the zoom model.